After mi si video a Alkaline a run ina car from woman di Trini dem fix up dah nice likkle video yah fi him..Di lady seh Alkaline nuh want no ooman

27 thoughts on “DEM BATHE AKALINE OO

  1. Gal go suck u mumma. Attention u a look. All them loud one deh bout rayyy. Move unu naa get no forward. 90% a di trini them me know waa act like jamaica. Move unu nasty skunt

  2. Why is this big sour woman worried about young Alkaline. Also, why she need to bring his sister into anything. She and her fool fool friends need to go find someone else to take set on. Alkaline continue doing you “gwuan build youth”.

  3. Dem fi lowe di artist alone him come a loooo0ng way and him get mi respect! Pure Alkaline mi listen yah now! Suppose di man nuh want unu

  4. Alkaline trying to stay focus on music and school, it must be hard doing music and trying to get a bachelor.

  5. Bad to bad,alkaslime is not my cup of tea per say but this big trinijunju fi go siddung her damn disgusting self!

    Go support unno mumma n lef the yute,how u a go war with the yute fi ignore the likes of unno??

  6. Alkaline only perform in Jamaica like 2 times at mass camp n sumfest n I hear people saying he is on top off the game..I keep asking what game bcuz is him alone playing..this youth walk round for years now saying he tattoo is eyes come on tv n lie his management even lie to the newspapers n now we should look the other way bcuz he can sing in a studio with autotune..lady talk yu mind tell them how u a Jamaican I will not give any artist that use shock value to get attention no ratings look how many good artist a try mek it n bcuz radio disjocky a producer them corrupt the thing..Alkaline fi move with him fake career n gwey gu dead a bush.

    1. max, I agree with you somewhat, I do believe that the music field is saturated and some feel like they have to resort to gimmicks to stand out. American artists do it too, look at GAga, Nicki Minaj, even Beyonce? Even kartel, wid the bleaching and tattoos. After a while if the artist is all gimmick and no talent the public gets tired of such artist an move on. I think Alka is still a ting in dancehall because ppl like his music, and he has a few hits, so now he can leggo the gimmicks. member tommylee and his unkle demon shtick, where is his career now, and where is he now but on the most wanted list. not really an Alka fan, but he seem to resonate with many in dancehall, let see if he is here for the long haul.

    2. Y get sidetracked tho she did not speak of his musical talent she is degrading him because he chose not to mingle with har she fava methuselah kmft not a fan of Alkaline but success is not a one way in street he got there differently but he’s were he wanted to be. She toooo out a order di man say these days him “PICKY” a don’t wrong him

  7. Alkaline is definitely bi. Said it on here before and this is a fact. I am very LGBT friendly so it’s not about throwing shade.

    1. Xoxo Ms.B…I guess I get where u coming from cuz that’s a rhatid disclaimer u just put out! Again I overstand enuh cuz I burn battyfish to the grung but I’m kool with my lesbian frenz.They kinda harmless to me,so when me a chant brimstone n fire I have to be specific that is gay men n butch me a talk!

  8. #tawkchuet then alkaline nu sing song seh foota hype a battyman fi DJ chrome n chrome come n tv n defend if the lady feel fi seh alkaline a battyman who r we to judge

  9. @max….didn’t kartel seh him naa bleach all wen him white like chalk? Him guh as far as seh a cake soap and cake soap start sell like hot Bread? Are wat about di club weh him did own come to find out him Neva even have keys to di place I cud go on and on a bout his lies, is him most a dese young artis get dem behavior from. Das y wi need fi be better role model fi di Yutes.

  10. Jamaican people…smh,regardless of what you think of the Artist, talented or not.He’s a Dancehall Artist and the music represents our culture .DONT support them a diss up our artist cause I’m sure if it was a soca artist … we diss like that, we would not get their support especially TRINIDAD!!

  11. Yes is kartel start it n Jamaica buy it so other people will think it work’s but where is kartel now..mi si man with horn man with mask seh him name noface unknown..our music starting to sound just like how the artist who sing it look weak n stupid..look at chronixx n protoje a tour the world n media not even look at them but if alkaline sneez it make the new…what we really need is get rid of all the radio diss jockey who r producer that have conflict of interest..we need them fi stop water down wi music

  12. Mi nuh listen him too tuff but dem gal ya fi move as soon as man naah pree dem him a fish. Before unnu tek up the bwoy n boil some hominy gi eem, deworm and lamp oil him, them come a cuss like that can help d yute. The yute need nourishment now more than eva like Jesus and unnu tek up unnu self a cuss him. Hat mi fi some woman weh nuh know how fi get man attention yet a try hard. Cook some food……dwrl

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