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  1. Jamaicans so bad but unnu wudda luv fi b one
    1 bitch hides her face n the other one should have also, :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 looks like str8888 trash


  3. Buenos DiasMetter Y Metty……….Knowing what to expect is half the battle. Speaking from what I hear because mi been ah hear dis fram lang time, love use them head and believe you are wiser than everyone so manipulators are in line, I won’t pick apart the Women (like the Jhankrow that I will be called today) but for sake of arguement, LOOK AT THE MENS BEHAVIOR, you have to buy yourself in their lives, steal and sell to stay and if money everrrrrrrr runs out then they will too…..out of your life that is :tkp
    So users are also in line. I’m guessing the persons that left that on K.Harts timeline are speaking from their past experiences.

    1. Really? :nerd

      morning mi not even a go comment pan u comment because every culture have that..What we are known for is good sex…dem can tek dat or leave it

      1. Yes Metty every culture have it but they are not incorrect in posting what they did. Daily we speak on the using Men and Women on here. Good sex huh, I can also agree with that although I am told the Latina’s are also bad, mad an’ wikkid inna bed :cool

          1. So Quena when u money done u husband ago gone???????
            If mi find a man whey mi can twist n turn n have as me pls tell me y I would not do so everything bad is Jcan but as u open u mouth say u J’can a bare smile n niceties u get so mi no get it kmt

          2. chuet morning…we were never known for manipulation ..back ina di day it was not known for a jamaican woman fi sex a man without that man being able to help her..THAT WAS NO SECRET THOUGH..manipulation is new and not a part of Jamaican women mi neva hear dat description yet

          3. N on the matter of suck n fuxx the Spanish dem tongue longer n stronger than anyway else pon dem body so mi no knw bout the fuxx whey part cho

          4. @Chuetty……….One can never tell….that’s why he has his and I have mine so no need to mine in either direction, I looked for like minded people when seeking a spouse…..there’s levels to this ‘ish.

            I take my bedroom action as a compliment not as a dis……common assault to suck, f*ck, suck……use what you got to get what you want, oonuh say it best! :cool

          5. Met all I know is each nation have dem ways these days everybody a look somebody fi use or help up
            Manipulation is a harsh word fi true

        1. Manipulation………I grew amongst J’can Women and on the outside looking in, yes J’can women maipulate them Merikan Boy’s to get what you want, puppet pan string until they catch on or the girls try to move on to greener pastures and that when them boys go ballistic and mash dem up most times. Yes missus man-ip-u-late!

          1. Just can’t understand how all these years you are happily married to a Jamaican but you are always so quick to talk shit about them, if they are so bad why are you still married to one? I’m assuming the money train still on track , the way you sound you better try your very best don’t let it derail.

            Ricans are no better they are WORSE WHICH IS WHY YOU WITH A JAMAICAN DWRL, that Haitian booty scratcher up top I won’t address . why? Because its clear she jealousy of us Jamaicans which she have all reason to. Hahaha we always left bitches mad

  4. so what him a get pu**y a dat him want so how use come inna dis the gal fi f**k him fi free and listen to dat f**k up yankee accent all night?????

  5. Split the justice because no lies were told….it seems they were just giving him his fair warning…if he didn’t know now he knows…. :toast

      1. Quena always a try dun Jamaican women u fi go weh man. Mi notice u always want fi come dis we bout yah cause yard man a phukk u. U no more dan we memba dat

  6. Dem coulda deal Jamaican women have it lock. We know what we want and we r go getters so yankee’s talk all u want we run the world (Elephant man voice). When it come to bedroom we have that lock, we don’t have to suck, lick the man fi please him.

    1. Battyman use to be behind closed doors and gyal neva bowwwwwwwwwww………all thats in the dark must come to light and we all now know what you will and won’t do…..must be the monaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

      1. Queena no talk because a you bitches turn the Jamaican men into gays , a UNNO introduce dem to anal sex and all that freaky shit that us Jamaican women refused to do at one point, stop you noise, a out the closet you mumma pull you daddy why you full a hate for Jamaicans but married to a Jamaican man. Have you seen the amount of rican fags/drags at the rican day parade ?? Your country have more gays than Jamaica. UNNO accept everything that’s wrong. Children having children at 12 years old . Don’t start . You mad ungrateful . I’m sick of your hate hear for Jamaicans. That Jamaican man of yours must be bearing your ass on the regular why you so bitter smh

    2. Jamaican men always because dem a hate the women and a tief the men. We might be all they say but guess what a we the man dem a pick over dem

  7. As soon as a bad werd iz thrown @ us jamaicans, all the non-jamaicans; speakin and acting like, all of oonu, join the bandwagon, to manipulate the topic!
    GTFOH! :bola :bola :bola :bola

    1. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. When commenting on a topic that speaks about J’cans how is one to speak when they are not…..whether about good or bad, I speak as Quena!

      1. Quena on topic like these please to remain silent because sometimes you do come across as hateful. You seem to be enjoying the negative shit that those loser bitches said on IG. FOH!!! Should we judge Ricans by Evelyn Lozada standard??????/ Whore fah fame, NBA groupie as a way of life for all Ricans, come on get it together…

        1. Evelyn a di best a dem………she and Jlo only mek di man dem lick whey one side a di precipice so dem was able fi get some money before everyting capsize ………………… :hammer

          1. Wait what…..Ev’ and Jlo is the best of who and please translate for my Jamaican ass lick one side off the precipice means what???
            For real explain beecause really I dont understand!

          2. Dont even talk about JLO she. It was said she was only with Puffy to boost her career, is that not using. Every country have dem good and bad however the things said on IG was a stereotypical and hateful.

          3. you know thats whats bad with you carrying on that Quena is J’can ‘ish now you really won’t tell me what you mean and seriously ceeruslyyyyyyy i don’t understand the lick precipice thing……..but goh chooo then Metty not re energized just watching whats said when I left.

          4. Quena a di first mi seh mi tink u a jamaican today?? I was not carrying on at all ..If precipice was not an English word I would have gladly explained it to u but its not patois so mi nuh know how fi explain it to u..but here it is prec·i·pice
            noun: precipice; plural noun: precipices

            a very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one.
            “we swerved toward the edge of the precipice”

          5. Stereotypical and hateful when it’s pointed out in your culture………again all culture’s are guilty and the above they didn’t lie……it’s just how dare them afterall everyone wants to be the almighty J’cans so how dare them.

          6. Almighty JM???? Quena your jealousy is showing. Suh then I guess you r not mad when I say all the Ricans I know is on welfare and breed like rabbits, sit on their asses and dem man work and take care of them. The rest a dem unbalance and stalk dem man or only do housekeeping as a profession we can both throw shade but its very clear you r looking for trouble.

          7. Das y mi seh di argument nuh necessary..Mi waa ask one question if when we dead if di ground hug we up according to race/nationality or creed?

          8. You always elluded to it and I am always telling you I’m NOT JAMAICAN. I know what precipice means I want to know what you mean by jlo making the man dem lick whey on side before they were able to get some money…..what you saying about jlo and the precipice???? thats what i dont get…

          9. I have never eluded to it. Not the time when ive said it because you responded saying you were not. Mi se JLo n Evelyn never mek man done di whole a dem VUGINA dem mek di man dem only mek dem stay to one side a di VUGINA so dem was able fi have di rest for future use and riches

          10. Babygirl you can say what everrrrr the fu*K you want, you know why because you described many of the BX Jamaicans that have drug dealing men and sort out money men as y’all call it to do precisely what you described as Latina’s now add in and leave them at home or in the back seat of cars or in the stroller while they thief in Nordstrom or anywhere where brands are sold because them money men flossing it on many many more women of all cultures…..not looking trouble JUST STATING OBSERVATIONS FROM THE BEGINNINGGGGGGG!

          11. So now Puertrican VUGINA is known as precipice……cho back tuh bready…by the way he wont show up with his rightful name his I’d that he got arrested says differently….he is going to court under that name and they will only aka him with the fake name for court purposes……..on to bready :travel

          12. No my dear…………… those are only 2 puerto ricans and they had their SHARE OF DICKS …so a nuh VUGINA dem have is a far cousin

          13. I returned because I grew up knowing y’all stay running y’all mouth when a bit*ch decide to give y’all space :travel gone to Bready because aint ‘ish change….point proven!

          14. :ngakak Quena when di mouth rent or finger rent due it pay so we have entitlements fi run it until we cannot afford to..The post is quite open and not private u a mek it seem like a behind u back mi a talk or babygirl a talk..The post isnt private

          15. I came onto this topic late and was reading when I made my comment, it only went this far because when people get mad they tell you how they really feel. Tom drunk but Tom nuh fool.

          16. It was obvious that u came late…no magnifying glass neva needed fi see that..Quena saw that clearly so mi nuh know why she a talk bout run mouth like we a some likkle gyal under har..mek mi finish mi work

      2. Dont cuss what you know you same one seh yuh man use to be in the game too. And I can say what the f**k I want this is a democracy. Get thee behind me satan….The blood of Jesus is against you.

          1. Yuh know mi tell di people dem from morning fi nuh follow up the damn stupid argument and look whey di it really gone?? Is it important if we say you are Puerto Rican or not? No man dis a gwaan too much now

          2. You were condescending this morning and you fully well know that so why not take the high way out and apologize for the offense? You cannot define a whole nationality by generalizing . Now to f*ck if I were to go on an American forum and say im Jamaican , then say all a dem nasty and are hoodrats I would expect offense..wedda mi a yankee beneath the surface or not?..Why couldnt you have said well some Jamaicans I have met are like that but others are blah blah..No..when mi seh really you condescendingly said we say this on here everyday about our MEN..The comments were made about a woman so what gives? How dem did relate? For me you must have wanted to create a rouse and I hate the fact that your fellow bloggers allowed it. Dem shudden follow u up ..that was wasted energy

          3. I know you have an underlying problem with JM. You know them always running they mouth. So datz y yuh mad?? If I were you when I hear dem bitch running they mouth and I dont like it I straight shut dat mouth wid a kick you should try it sometime. Just make sure what ever you start u are able to finish. You always have the most things to say on these here topics, its like you have a secret for JM women that u want to dash out but you cant.

  8. Morning Met and All

    You know I’ve seen it and said it over and over again, we WOMEN are our worst enemies. Whether it be Jamaican, Black American, Spanish, whatever how we so friggin quick fi past judgement pon one anneda. Now if she a grine him fi how long and no have nutten fi show fi it, unnuh ago chat how she fool. Unnuh luddy no man cyan get no cratches from me if him cyan do more fi mi dan wha mi can do fi myself. TF

  9. Them lucky, it’s goes more deeper than fux or the Jamaican woman, we have mad cooking skills, we came here and teach the Americans to bathe, ( them pu**y stink like) we come here come wear good clothes and shoes, not just jeans and sneakers, we full a style, we house clean, we love nice things, when given the opportunity we excel in anything we put our mind to do , weather it be bad or good, we are boss, we don’t take shit, we are no fool. When comes down to it we are leaders in our own lane, we are no push overs, a we run tings any weh we guh, suh uno learn that, we a the teacher, not the student , we give council we nuh tek chat, we big and large and in charge. We as a people may have our difference among our selves, but our motto speaks volumes, Out of many we are one, we are # 1 rated as the best in the world, don’t compare or contest, we may be a little dot on the map, but we prove our self to be conquerors all the time. It is biblical principle for a man to take care of a woman, I just don’t understand how manipulation got into it, I don’t forget when it comes to loving we are rated amongst the best. I rest my case.

    1. For the most part, your correct……..cook, dress all day every day…..jeans and sneakers recently but not over done as you all know there is a time and place, excel in bad or good……most everything yes correct. Clean house some can be questionable, teach the yankee to bathe, see prior post of some…..questionable. OUT OF MANY YOU ARE ONE….yes I’ve seen this first hand in many places, you seek out eachother offer assistance to eachother and if ever in a war with outsiders will defend eachother as it should be.

  10. Jamaican woman tongue short, so obvious it got to be some thing else we working with, clean front and good house keeping, we draws wash clean, I don’t want to get too personal with this thing, when these people talk them shit, it’s a personal attack against me as a born Jamaican female, and trust me, we going to defend our own, Suh she must deh wid Kevin, give up her clean smell good pussy fi nothing, a that uno a try say, do you all take a look at how the Americans them both black and white marry in fame, and as the least thing happen is a divorce, and shell down fi millions,( Bitch was you wasn’t with me shooting in da gym) in my Rick Ross voice, so kettles don’t try calling the pot black, because uno blacker than tar and midnight.

      1. So wait, this is it……now it reach weh non-jamaicans r an “authority” on the jamaican culture and its people…wat iz not dis…oonu come aff we bloodclat name!!!! Oonu av a Phd in “manipulation tactics” of the jamaican culture!
        Who manipulate our culture more dan oonu!!
        We ah LEAD..ah dat oonu fi kno. Reggaeton dat!

    1. Exactly bam! Wi nuh quick fe fling wi baggy inna washin machine. Wi soak ah rinse wi draws inna one basin and hand scrub it good. Panty ah puny stay cleeeeeaaaaannnnn!!!

  11. Same suh, Sketel bam!!! :selamat :2thumbup (this from a Jamaican girl holding her own in Europe…Living the life and loving it!!!)

  12. So hold on deh a we one have merican man pon string, most Jam when found in clusters are usually working class ppl, so tht mean tht the so called mrs manipulative women are either working class or a look ‘elp… kmt bexx tunn up….. cause mi want know what the hell the gal dem from next race whey a sleep wid man fi shoes, rent, bill and bags title be… a what a the race a di gal tht did a cheat pon mayweather since week and the next one 50 cent kick down, the one whey get headbutt what a dem job description pl?

    1. Ms. Headbutt has her own money ah mek, however you can classify her as a Opportunist……Users categorized in a different line!

      ACCOUNTABILITY not deflection is needed here :nerd

  13. Kevin been with his girl 4 years now, so if she did a manipulate him, he would have moved on that man got options{kendrick Lamar} voice, such hate we wouldn’t have known she was Jamaican unless she put it on her page but I am sure he knew that from day one, and let’s not get it twisted about any other culture on Manipulation she’s beautiful, she earned the man respect obviously in and our of the bedroom, all mi can sey go honey enjoy yourself next step ring and then what

  14. Opportunist and Users are close in definition but are different. No lie never tell as hard as it is to read. Pointing the spotlight elsewhere when it is shined on you does not change the facts, if you want to say many women of different nations can also be then thats Coo but don’t say you are not when you are too on the lo’.

    1. Quena ur pointing fingers when u shouldn’t if a woman instills that a man takes care of har that is not using I could sy these Spanish women are lazy all dem do is fuxx breed n live on welfare mayb Spanish women need to learn to USE contraceptives no so?

      1. Let me give an example of what I am saying from morning……The description that you have given about Spanish Woman can be agreed upon as I have seen many do as you described so your description is not off base, however, I will say all are not guilty of living that way as I am one that do not fit your description.

        To come say the people that left the comment on K.Harts timelinge is wrong and such is wrong….well thats to be in denial of what we discuss about some of you on here daily.

        1. Ok quena so let’s say some Jamaican women are like this just like how u said some Spanish women like that, that make u feel better don’t it

        2. Oh okay den bytch, well why you ain’t say dat before I cussed yo muthaf**kkking assss out? THIS what you have just stated… Is TRUE…..

          1. Is rude Ms. Quena rude and wanted to show up herself today…since this is what she was trying to say all along then she shoulda go post it right up pon di girlfriend page and said that from the beginning instead of playing this game. I just can’t understand why she hitch up under wi so from her friends straight back to her husband to being on the page if we are so horrible. When u sorry fi mawga dawg him tun roun an bite u.

      2. I really do not understand why you lovely ladies are taking what Quena says personally. As one metter has commented earlier she is categorically always ‘bashing’ Jamaican women. If you are familiar enough with certain aspects of psychology then you will realize that this “bashing” is really not about Jamaican women but due to her own insecurities. It makes her feel better when she belittles them because she either fears them or is unable to match up to certain traits she believes they possess but for which she would love to possess. People usually belittle others they fear or want to be. When you put others down it makes you feel elevated. Her rants on this site towards Jamaican women also speaks volume as to how she feels in her relationship, she is as insecure as she “appears” (although not really fooling anyone but herself) to be confident. Whenever you want to know what a person’s weakness is, closely observe what they use as a weapon or as their defence. My suggestion to Quena (I know you will not publicly admit your insecurities, I wouldn’t either) you should really spend more time loving you (me time) and once you have mastered that then you will see a vast difference in your perception of and attitude towards Jamaican women or any other women you see as a threat. You cannot and will never be able to compete with what (in this case who) you deem as superior, worse yet by trying to demonize or underrate it. If defeated in your mind (as you are), demoralizing and underrating ‘the threat’ doesn’t make it less of a threat, in fact you give power to the ‘threat’ (whatever the threat is). It is really mind boggling that you are not an anthropologist or a “culture expert” yet you have been so caught up with Jamaican women to the point where you want to teach them about themselves- you are obviously obsessed. Furthermore, if you are in fact a “culture expert”, you must have seen merit in ‘studying’ the Jamaican woman and understandably so (they are just great). Due to your insecurities however you have been significantly skewing the results obtained in your study of the Jamaican woman. On behalf of the strong Jamaican women, I forgive you and humbly ask that you deal with your insecurities personally rather than try to project it as ‘confidence’ on the rest of us- it is pathetic!!!
        PS. Your Jamaican husband has a mother, maybe sister(s), aunt(s), niece(s) etc. Your husband’s Jamaican mom, foster mom, grandmother or some other female Jamaican linkage must have done something right.

  15. well well let me tell you one thing @ Ms. Quena, I like you cos you knew the baby daddy but we can always get the likes of Kevin Hart not for the sex they can get that anywhere but the skills in the kitchen priceless!!!. He will love her forever……

    1. Who tell yuh say she can cook :ngakak
      Whatever the attraction it is between her and him, however again the people on the timeline is giving him a heads up from I’m guessing on what they went through in their relationships with J’cans.

      1. De people pon de timeline fi go f**k off. We manuipulative when we have to outsmart a motherf**ker who think dem head bigga. Quena? why yu lock in pon dis shit? Because you know dem would be just as negative if it was a rican chick. Yankees hate exotic females point blank period.

  16. If your not JAMAICAN doe f**kin comment; nutting nice is being said about us, right true me bringle rite yah now, me :salahkamar :salahkamar SLAMS THE DOOR BEHIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. So when bad is being said it means NON JAMAICANS do not comment……yuh know what happen……gwaan tek yuhself and :salahkamar
      Make sure when yuh peek yuh nuh see mi on the outside ah luk in! :ngakak

  17. Skettel bam 10:41 am comment shotttttt… Simply anyway yuh deh rise the machine please. Big up jmg all day.


  18. Puertoriquena pl say when you speak, the Jam women from my tax bracket, the Jam woman dem from my tax bracket different from the ones of which you speak, we nah look nuh body fi use rasta, wi mek wi own opportunity and use them accordingly..

    1. Use them accordingly :bingung
      Luk here Woman in my tax bracket need not use we simply give and take and enjoy life…….if we do seperate we are not at a lost in any direction because we were clearly with our __________……levels to this ‘ish!

  19. @quena we love u an embrace u roun ere; but I tend to agree!
    U r very harsh and verbal in your “description” and knowledge of the “jamaican” woman…and I don’t like it..

      1. Latinos r latinos..u I presume. r a latino, we kno dat. This forum is basically, I assume, jamaican.
        Doe apologise for someting u r not!!!
        How would a “latino” site handle a jamaican “bashing” their culture, openly…tell me, your spanish!!!!!

        Do not presume that you have the “power” to mek ME feel uncomfortable pon fimi JMG..and cease from responding iin your condascending manner!!!

        U tink I doe no wat u doin…keep it up!!!

        1. And that is Quena’s problem London. That’s like having a house guest and they try to rule my house…naaw ni99a…abide by my rules or pack and get to steppin..

  20. quena u r our spanish sista, but talk di truth, u are carrying a grudge for jamaicans (or maybe just jamaican women), cuz one a wi is a thorn inna u side don’t it?

    yeah man one a wi a f**k u man an u juss can’t get rid of her don’t? or maybe one of us f**ked ur man an it devastate u so till all now u no recover? wish wan?

    gud day miss met
    gud day fellow metters, including all non jamaicans

  21. Me figet, u ah tek note, an u ah learn….about, something u r clearly an ‘authority” on..buenos tardes.

  22. Lemme just come str888 wid disya topic because I’ve said it before on the site, I’ve inboxes Metty about it, so I’m gonna say it again….and this is my firm opinion…and I’m sticking to it. I don’t know what PUERTORIQUENA’S reasoning or rational is behind ALWAYS downing and insulting “us” or ” unu” Jamaicans ( as this puta just stated)… But I done had enough of you and your f**kkkking disrespect, and if everybody else fraid fe talk up to you…me is not!!! Why the f**kkk you chose to marry a Jamaican ( and made it seem as if you were doing him a favor)… I don’t know, nor do I care…but this is my question to you chica…why the f**kkkk do you ALWAYS have some negative slick shyt to say about “us” Jamaicans? Is who di pussiclaat you tink you is fe we? Yuh eediat man might frighten fe yuh likkle twist up tongue, good hair and fair skin but don’t get nutten twisted around here bitchhhh!!! And the f**kkked up thing is mi like just about everybody on ya…except for you…just because you have some sort of hang ups about “us” Jamaicans and choose to come on ya and flaunt that shitt as if wi fe jus chew and swallow dat bloodclaat., so guess what.,. AND F**K YOU TOO PUERTO “WISH YOU WAS JAMAICAN”…and by the way…I am totally cool if you feel the same towards me…or no feelings at all… :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck:

    1. Talk ih chuet and always a use Jamaican patios and slang. Mi don’t get de logic behind it at all. If mi hate u and ur culture mi nah talk and mix wid it

        1. Quena u did not comment when di bob marley ting and di spanish people dem run in pan we, u skipped that post. I dont know why dem allow u fi draw dem out but the post nuh need all a this. Nuh yankee nuh Spanish nuh white nah go deh wid no Jamaican fi years and still deh wid dem and have negative fi seh…So if u a nuh Jamaican Quena and mi seh it already..If u not Jamaican, then something is quite wrong..only we style up wi one another pan certain things and ride wid it…And that will be all I have to say..

          1. Metty go back go look and see if I commented that day as I was not here to comment…..period!
            Don’t do me like I run in on your bads and not to defend at times!

          2. You came on in the night….I remember because yeppie did a wait fi u comment I wouldnt lie on you like that and mi never expect u to defend mi tink u did a go translate fi we etc because there was a racial insult in spanish

          3. Quena only God and all him angels can come tell me u not a yardie so that is why I am not insulted and I will not say u dont say truth whey day when we a talk bout immigration it was the truth..but is like u talk todeh fi get a reaction mi tink u have u time so I really dont pay any mind to it nor do I take offense .. And mi nah comment fi u feel no way u see mi type it already so all when mi see di people dem a cuss seh dem offended I dont say nothing because mi nuh see u as hispanic..Nope..Also Puerto Rican nopes :travel ………….when di barrel ting u only give Jamaicans as example so as mi seh u a one a we and mi done deh so..Quena mi nah pay u no mind :maho

          4. Wait, wait…what, so only negative I got to say? Me and my Husband get along because we communicate well….on here I push buttons to get responses, you never will get over me not being Jamaican and on here and thats cool believe what you will or call 1-800-PRIVATE-EYE and then you would have wasted your money!

          5. I hate to go back on my word as I was not gonna comment further on this post…….God will reveal and at that time you will not be able to say Quena yuh anuh one ah wi……will wait for you at the gates though! As far as the Barrel thing I could of only offered J’cans as examples because I was only priviledged with observing y’all. Don’t really spend time with the other West Indians so couldn’t offer them…….If I came on at night I may have missed it and really just look for the more controversial susss at those times….I saw the Bob thing shook my head and kept it moving, this was opened because of the title, thought you meant had it for wi as in wi on JMG and then the truths of some was glaring so I commented not to be negative nor to put down but to say there is some truth in what was posted on the timeline……just the fact that I am not J’can I am found as wrong to comment with what I am opinioned as somewhat true…….mad today happy likkle more!

          6. Quena by now u should know fi me if a true a just true if mi feel seh is not i wil say something and I do try to admit when I am wrong always..All if mi tek mi two eye and see spanish ina u mi still a hold whey mi hold a jus so

    2. @Yep………….No feelings at all. When lie’s are told about you it nah jerk yuh nonetall,,,,,yuh see me?!
      If you call it insulting to say I have seen Jamaican Women and Men Use and Manipulate then here is a twist with my twist up tongue……..If Biatch you are offended then guess what I think of you as one of guilt to this. Next time you are at a J’can Party and see a Latina walk over and introduce yourself as Yep…..if it is I we will discuss your feelings deh soh!

      1. And mek sure mi nuh tear off yuh bloodclaat face bytch cause anyting a anyting roun ere so please don’t pass ya lil idle threats to me cause mi nuh tek dem tingz deh lightly…. BYTCH F**K YOU AGAIN!! Step tuh mi anytime bloodclaat time yuh ready mek a gi yuh a well deserved sawting :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck: :fuck:

        1. yeppie mi talk to u many times bout it…there is no need fi get upset over what dont make no sense and u still…

          1. Happy campers………….Now mi know Latina’s are a authority of it to…..M-A-N-I-P-U-LATORS!!!!
            @5948 yuh nah lie after all

            Dem can gwaaan tan deh deh…….Homie!

  23. So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest (wheeewww)…. Let me now address the topic at hand….manipulative seems a bit harsh…but “we” Jamaicans ah nuh lazy body people and we will find a way in or out of any given situation cause wi set good like ice inna freeza…good morning Metty and all my beautiful fellow Jamaicans :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  24. @quena….shut yuh bloodclaawt mouth ole waggonist likkle Wolf inna sheep skin…..mi si tru you long bumboclaat time yuh fake as f**k yuh tink nuttn good of Jamaican women, yuh diss dem every chance yuh get, weh yuh nuh chat bout yuh own ppl, talk how unu nasty an di wull heap a incest f**king weh unu gwaan wid, talk bout di amount a unu deh pon welfare….a sorry a cyaa si yuh fi show yuh cum drinking rass wat else yaad gyal good at (whooping ass) yuh need fi bill caa yuh nuh know nuttn bout Jamaican woman…..anybody weh broke an dating somebody rich always get stereotype as a USER wedda man are woman it hav nuttn fi do wid where yuh from kmft.

    1. @Anony……Bitter much Biatch. Who can’t get lick down, get buss head and chap up as Latina’s is great at cutting more than cane. Gwaan tawk bruk yuh finga pan keyboard get it out your system cause you could of never handled me hand to hand nor face to face…… blogging badness backa dat!!!

  25. And to voice my opinion on Puertoricans/ Hispanics/Mexicans ( all the same if you ask me)..

    1. Please speak a English..this is America :fuck:
    2. “Y’all” are the worst set of drivers on the road :fuck:
    3. 30 a “y’all” I’m a 1 bedroom apartment…like really??? :fuck:
    4. And what tha f**k is up with the white shoes??? That shyt don’t go with everything!!!
    5. Why “y’all” kids always runnin around the place unsupervised and a tear up the people dem store?
    6.why “y’all” be barbecuing at 3 in the morning?
    7. Why “y’all” women get pregnant every 9 months? Is it a culture thing?
    Why “y’all” women don’t work?

    Any truth to what I’m saying Quena? :siul

    1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tearsssssss*

      Luk here @yep nuh mix mi gud goooooood Puerto Rican_______________________________________________________________________________________

    2. @Yep….Now Biatch mi done laff like iidiot!!
      Defending as we all do for our culture

      1) I will speak as I please because YEP this is America which allows me freedom of speech…..RAJAH DAT!
      2) I disagree you are confusing our good black hair with perhaps Chinese or Indians on the roads 🙂
      3) Maybe so we get along GREAT and will do this for the greater good of mi familia….in order for our 1 bedroom to turn into 30 houses in time and even to add 30 bodega’s wid it!
      4) Mi see dis pan oonuh too…J’can men have dem whole heep in very pointy toe variations…..thank Gad Hubby anuh one ah dem!
      5) Can’t disagree yah soh…..can be because at home……see your #3
      6) See your #3 but also J’can and many others can fit here as the weather is nice!
      7) Proves we are not only using our mouths…….bad,mad and wikkid inna bed….wikkid bad and mad
      Where ma using internet crush 5 star deh…..mi wuddah prove it if mi neva married!

      1. Quena u mek a mistake Puerto Rican dont own bodegas is a Dominican ting dat and if u know bout dat u know Dominicans dont like Puerto Ricans and visa versa..But nuh badda manipulate di post nuh more oo

          1. Metty we own Bodegas….Restaurants……Latin Bakeries and more. If your trying to figure me out or prove a point by my wordings of things…..well good luck….Yep seemed to lump us all as one Latin bunch and to say Bodega would be to keep her understanding of the Latin in line……from past post she seems to spend time in the BX and it is known as BODEGA BY ALL even the corner store black Americans call it such and will greet Arabs who have since taken over many with a Que Pasa or an Hola Amigo.

          2. Puerto Ricans? :ngakak u know dem seh Puerto Ricans deh likkle above di Mexicans ina di Spanish hierarchy dem seh Puerto Ricans love do drugs no ambition and di mexican dem love to drink…and dem always ina war wid dominicans over looks and shape but as with any negative generalization it is absolutely wrong and for me not being Puerto Rican or Mexican it would be wrong of me to say and out of place especially if we nah argue.. mi only can talk fi mi jamaicans wedda we a cuss or not pan we bad ways and we good days whenever mi feel again I will not mind u oo nopes :travel

          3. OK then Metty….I cannot speak on what they say about Jamaican’s because I just hear say and don’t know for a fact…….yeaaaaaaaa and the people on the timeline are not J’can as I gather from the name “Haitianmami18” but are only saying given their observations or experience with J’cans…..nope they not in arguement either…..they just simply saying and I, I should not have commented because……….
            Mek mi leggo this topic because I’m confused…….Suss, rumors, assumptions can be spoken on whether good or bad….negative or positive by any one…..I think or is it because you are one ah dem……….luk here……Girl bye :bingung :travel O

        1. I will do all that if YOU
          Guh Manipulate yuh Bredda
          and Use up yuh Sista!

          Lowering my levels…..purple heart tuh mi ting!!!! :batabig

          Metty mi dunn now……shes BORAAAAANNNNG mi!

          1. Quena when u commented at #2 u said good black hair is ths in contrast to our “bad” black hair whether u believe it or not the mentality to use n manipulate is more times formed in a society that calls for it n u n me know say Puerto Ricans are masters of these skills unnu use Uncle Sam so till him lock dung tidday unnu manipulate section 8 till it full to the bump need I say more
            I said it already n will say it again u cannot b J’can by f**k association n if there is any truth to ur story ur children that u share wit ur houseband is 1/2 J’can so I hope they will not inherit urs r ur houseband traits of using n manipulating.


  26. DWL!!!!

    I had an exchange of words with Bloomberg, as I affectionately love to call Quena, months ago in another post similar to this one. All I can say is no matter how you marry into a culture or hang around/grow up with Ja’cans, you can never be a Ja’can so try understand why we will take offense, I nor any member of my family nor the people I associate with are like such so I will get offended when you agree, yes the nowadays man dem terrible but think about it like this,the Ja’can dem weh work hard fi weh dem have an live good will not be featured on JMG so even when you think you have Ja’can down to a science (language, attitude, culture, etc) you still don’t know the half.

    1. Misty but dis a di wickedest ting bout she now….she come on ya and fling roun ar likkle undertoned comments AS IF “we” Jamaicans nuffe respond to ar, and then when me big, bad ah bold enough fe talk up to she she wa come chat bow approach mi……QUENA I F**KING DARE YOU TO APPROACH ME!!! MI DUN TALK……

      1. Yep! me an har have we words aready cause I am a person can see right through people…true me no deh pan di cussin a di people dem place a business an me no waan upset miself knowing me might neva see an know this lady, me mek it slide off me shoulda..bottom line, Bloomberg deh wid JA man, more likely dan not him siddung an bad talk him own an she comfatably feel seh she more dan JA ooman because a dat…nothing more nothing less cause one person cant a nuff up demself pan di same line a topic dem like dem a expert an dem stuck a level one.

        1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
          @Yep just put the sign around your neck that says I am Yep……I am sure to introduse myself.
          @Misty…….you seem to run in a different circle, so you may be right I may never get the opportunity to meet you face to face, why beat up my chest…..
          And no my Hubby does not sit around and discuss who he does not have to rightfully discuss negatively, after he ain’t no puxxy.
          My opinions are from what I see, experienced or discuss mainly with J’can Women in my surroundings.

  27. A which one a the ole metters dem use to say daily, reading with understanding is fundamental? Memory fails me.. Ppl varied socioeconomic and sociocultural exposure is essential, especially when it come to the pickney dem, pl I beg, ignorance is not a bliss a rass… good day all metters, peepers et al

  28. Bout step tuh mi….if I even entertain this foo fool spic ah laugh til ah hiccup. Girl, have a seat in the back of a white van and shut da f**kkk up :cd

  29. well imma say this….call me a muthafuc-kin manipulator and user anyday, cuz thats a hustler and that i am.

    its better to be a user and manipulator, than to be used or manipulated.

    america, england, spain, france etc, all used and manipulated jamaica and its ppl at some point, so we learnt from the best…….so why the hate from said ppl? why have a teacher teaching and not learning? unno gwaan yaah.

  30. Unno did see the hedge fund manager a Lon whey get leff fi Eryka Budu ex? A use tht? Who nuh like when the gal a live har life a so it set and let fukk be free *tony mattheron* voice in tht order

  31. Yes yep @ 12.02 pm yes do r up yes luv that…. Notice r hypocrite ways and always a wait Pon the perfect time fi jump on the bandwagon n feel like she wah dis we… Nuh know r n mi just have a hate fi har… Sick mi stomach…. I’ve notice the sikes dissing all the time…. But something bad mussi happen cus today she come full force…. She need fi leave bout yah cah stand har man kmt.

  32. @quena likkle fool fool spanish gyal unu known fi a lot of tings but fighting ain’t one a dem, suh mi nuh know weh yuh a guh wid cane cutting reference….social media is di only place you can go in di midst of Jamaican women an style dem an nuh get whop-up an you know dat das why yuh cyaa wait fi topic of dis nature fi runeen….yuh have zero respect fi Jamaican women but yet yuh trying desperately fi be us….like mi seh b4 unu nasty an unu love incest f**king, a prolly 2 cousin f**k an bring you….tap tek set pon Jamaican DUPPY BITCH

  33. If it took this, for US to “represent” then put me on the frontline!
    Quena, its just a moment of “us” “spazzing” out.
    We must however, ALWAYS agree to disagree…and move on!!

  34. A doe finish read the comments dem but..




    1. I didn’t look them they look me and believe it isn’t because I wanna be. Make excuse’s using Nations now and not individual, never said the entire J’can culture is guilty of using or manipulating……..they not wrong for putting it on her timeline, it’s understandable you mad!!!
      I’m puzzled that J’CANS BELIEVE WE EMBRACE THEM BECAUSE WE WANNA BE…..and when you embrace others it’s for what……..

  36. Okay okay mi good Jamaican people….mi jus read one a Quena comment up a top deh suh mek mi translate weh di eediat gal a try fe seh, to which I DO AGREE with THAT particular analogy…weh she a try fe seh is that her views are not stereotypical of all Jamaicans, but that of some ( i.e.. Apple, Jadon, most but not all, of the dancehall fraternity)… or to give a better analogy ( Black women wear weaves…some do but not all don’t)…. The problem with dingbat’s overly opinionated comments are that they come off as insulting to “us” Jamaicans because she ( Quena) is of non Caribbean/ Jamaican descent-I suppose)… Although I do agree with comment @ 11:54am, dat doe mean we cool cause you still outta order, but from that comment I do better understand your viewpoint…..and I still don’t like you..

      1. Quena stop it no fit u smh seriously if u say u can bad up u houseband cocky inna u throat mi will believe n give u props but the badness ting no git u man STOP IT DONT DWEET MAN CHO

  37. This is hilarious….Quena is a top shotta every day of the week on JMG….but if Quena agree that Jamaicans can generally be users and manipulators (as the majority of the posts on JMG illustrate) then Quena becomes everything but a child of God…she should not have an opinion despite her very obvious close affiliation with the Jamaican community because she is not Jamaican or perhaps she is Jamaican and pretending not to be, in which case that speaks volumes…..yeah man this is funny and not so funny…I said long ago on here Jamaicans cannot accept criticism without becoming ignorant and here it is…. :siul

    1. My Name Is who goes dere? a no u ooooooooooo den u nuh did seh Quena have har ways to when it wid worse? Manipulation is not a part of our never was but the long argument ova it nuh necessary because everyone deserves to have an opinion …yeah sure but base that opinion on the handful of people u know.. most a di people dem here always lick out pan di dirty behaviour of some Jamaicans so nuh mek it seem so man

      1. METYY, BOTTOM LINE IS DIS!!!!!!….we are all entitled to our own opinions, and rightfully so, but ME nuh rate SHE ( Quena) cause she always a try runeen pa wi and make her undertoned, demeaning and degrading comments, preferably towards ALL Jamaican women ( in previous posts). If you feel a way about a handful or a few people that YOU know, then say so and keep it movin…but don’t walk into a packed stadium and in essence, yell out “F**K YOU”, because that is when the entire stadium is gonna yell back ” F**K YOU TOO”.. Be more specific, and keep that shyt moving son..

      2. @Met…Yes I called Quena out on her ways from the very beginning and that is precisely my point….despite her “ways” yourself and other Jcans on this site continue to laugh with her on other topics, perhaps because she’s somewhat subtle with “the shade” but when she comes straight out with her opinion, an opinion which should not surprise you based on her numerous other posts all of a sudden everyone is up in arms…At the end of the day it is her opinion and in this case I happen to agree with her opinion, albeit based on my experience with a very limited portion of the J’can community. I am sure however, Quena’s experience with the J’can community upon which she bases her opinion far surpasses mine.

        Clearly people here “lick out”on dirty J’can behaviour but the problem is that they seem to think that other people (non-jamaicans) have no right to an opinion about said behavior. Even someone like Quena who you seem to believe is a Jamaican who for whatever reason prefers to not identify as such is cursed out for voicing her opinion on such matters.

        So, you know I’ve been riding with JMG for a long time, a very very long time. You know that I am not Jamaican and never claimed to be. But I’ve seen it said many times on this site JMG is “our site” or why don’t you leave etc…So Met, I’ll ask you straight out…would you prefer that JMG be limited to Jamaicans only? Are there posts that you agree should be only open to the opinions of Jamaicans?

        1. My Name Is maybe its another Met you are asking and not me. The other day someone asked about Guyanese men and how they were..there were very few answers and between the descriptive responses you had a few people who said they were like regular men..why was that? I think I know where youre headed but I am not on that highway. It is me who has said from day one that we are to welcome same one whey nuh join ina ina di bangarang when more cussing used to gwaan wid quena and me same one who has always had my arms open …youre driving but im not headed to your destination at all

          1. I have seen it said on here by your “regulars” on several occasions and in this very post and I have yet to see you address them directly when it is said. That was and is the entire motivation behind the question. Furthermore, if it were truly the case that all opinions are welcome then the whole bangarang in this thread would not have happened correct? Nevertheless, I do understand your position, even if those that express such ridiculous notions don’t …. the space between a rock and a hard place is extremely uncomfortable :malu2

          2. My Name Is……. a u waa be uncomfortable..when quena and americangirl or whatever name she used did jus come I said it over and over….I cannot stop anyone from arguing about what they feel comfortable or uncomfortable with I only can assure myself of my stance.. nuh mek it seem like se people nuh welcome other nations here why dem a cuss..if u have a child u want to be the one to reprimand them and even if u call dem a name u dont want anyone to assume that position just because u do be fair..Most of my friends are Hispanic and a few white..I have very few Jamaican friends even though mi roots and mi patois deep..

        2. luk ow much time wi address each odda pon yah an still talk di nexx day KMFT suh mi neva noe seh wi fi bex wid internet variables smh :travel

      3. Quenas’ opinion is based upon the above mentioned caption where a group of non-jamaicans are name-calling jamaicans; we nuh join in an say dem right…caws we nuh c it soh. Quena move een wid d quickness wid r comment, more than posing a question to her jamaican JMG family and letting jamaicans formulate”their” own honest opinion, from a jamaican point of view, she went into attack mode and ebbrybaddie pon yah, c it!

    2. :thanks2

      Manipulator’s is paining you huh Metty…….sorry there is a handful*** of manipulators Man and Women in your group. Every culture has it and since it was said on the timeline above about J’cans then they were discussed.

      1. Quena paining me how? I said what I had to say from morning and explained myself later ..Like any human being if something untrue is said about them they may not take offense but they may defend it or correct it..To me, those people commenting on the woman’s picture seem pathetic as if they have lost something they know they wont get back…..pain me nah…u along with them would have to try again

        1. I can agree as I have been saying from start, they are speaking as to experience or as I observance. I say paining you because you seem to not get passed the manipulate part and restate that you (J’cans ) are not known to manipulate……I will point out your manipulaters as they are placed here on JMG then we can discuss further…….people are people and in all cultures as long as it takes time have many of the same. Battyman, Women that use there front, back and mouth, Users, drug abusers, Doctor’s Lawyers, prostitutes and thieves……. Love that song that I constantly hear, something along the lines of how mi fi certain when mi nuh know weh gwaan behind curtain….I continue to speak whether good or bad of what I see if they had said Puerto Ricans in the thread I would of said yes I’ve seen and experienced and there would be no arguement even if Yeppie observed us as being!

  38. k-hart was married to a BLACK AMERICAN woman and he left her.

    so all the black american woman are throwing shade right now, cuz homie had dat, and he scrap dat, don’t want that.

    so now he is with a jamaican, the black americans are mad cuz he upgraded, he moved on to a better pu-ssy and a better personality.

    keep hating, its our oxygen.

      1. Hahahahahaha stretch till it buss n ano muss dem pussy dem need it fa cause them inna di roadworks ting bad dem teck a one way one lane street tun it inna 3 lane highway MNL pon dem non tall

      2. met mi believe u lol, a bet u har spanish fren neva did a go can give har dat boost.

        wi jamaicans good fi every rass ting!! dats all

      1. u cyaah shame fi mi, shame fi urself an ur hatin ass.

        pussy is di oldest currency and it neva fail yet. unlike u, mi know di power of mines, like many many jamaican women, an a dat a mad unno rass cuz unno don’t know how fi use fi unno own right.

        any an mi mean ANY yard man have a woman of any other culture, him always have a yard woman inna him front right pocket, roga dat! dats all

        1. I can confidently and proudly say I have never had to use my pussy as currency a day in my life, if you’ve had the misfortune in life to resort to that I will say it again….MI SHAME FI YOU.

          1. no baby luv no misfortune here, only fortune. keep telling urself that u didn’t use urs. cuz when u was with that guy that u claimed was in di drugs gang who went to prison, i’m sure u weren’t with him for his looks.

            i am also sure, u used that pussy to keep him so u could keep getting all that u were getting.

    1. You don’t wonder if this is forever………….I wonder if his next pick will be Latina :ngakak Some where I read he loves kids and since we are always discussed as Breeders :cool

    2. As a born American to Jamaican parents this is sickening. Black American Black Jamaican Black Puerto Rican, at the end of the day its BLACK. Jamaican women its not about “pussy” at all. “…content of your character” and as a young black Jamaican American I saw a lot of bad character. Pure Prejudice and hate.

      1. thank u very fin much mi nuh know why the us government even put hispanic when the spanish from the islands are really black people..u have puerto ricans who are very dark…dem have a big problem because they do not want to be called black..i dont know if a ignorance or stupidity

  39. Bway ah was peeping but ah affi comment. Quena have di patois slang dem down to ah T. She all use “of” instead of “have” (2 times) as some Jamaicans are wont to do. If you “Quena” a noh a Jamaican mi Nyam my iPhone right yasso. Big up @Yeppi, u a gyal of my heart…get straight to the point and noh business who waa vex…. With that said, let’s all make nice again. JMG wi seh 1 love!

    1. You should work for law enforcement in some capacity of investigating…….tell me how many time did I then use “have” and there is something else I have trouble with and try to correct as much as I can Their and There………English what a language when using in haste…….by the way in what context was “of” used. Was it as many uneducated use?

    2. chocolateeeeeeeee and that was what made me say she is not spanish so mi nuh have no time fi debate and get upset chups :travel

      1. ___________________________________________________________________Metty, mi seh you and Chocolate yeye site good eeh ma. That’s like a Jamaican speaking that proper New York Twang and then in the midst of the conversation, dem slip ah figet seh dem is suppose to be from New York and not Jamaica..” Ho my goodness hit his really ot hout ere today, Lord of is mercy”… Tek off weh belong ah put on weh nuh belong… :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  40. aye sahhh mek a gwaan peep caw met gud fi block mi tideh if mi unleash



      1. Quena betta put a leash pon dah man deh caw clearly she seem to be still threatened


        1. Reading over some of these comments I think deep down you all know I’m not Jamaican……I’m not threatened he does not look y’all way.

          perhaps your threatened by me after all your married to a Latino…..maybe your a Bleacher to keep him.

          1. Quena u nahh done look whey u gone now
            Latino man a no hard man fi get much less keep, when u get a J’can Man U haffi can keep him n if ur man nah look pon woman him is not J’can so don’t dweet pls just rest the ting man

          2. I’m not saying myhusband don’t look at woman, I’m saying he is not interested in leaving me, he’s not reaching back nope he’s happy with the Butter Pecan Rican!
            I left this topic, left y’all to believe that I am J’can and decided to discuss with a friend the behavior on this thread and as she said y’all still ah chat the spanish, if you don’t believe i’m spanish hop off of evelyn and Jen’………discuss the statements on home girls timeline thats the topic why discuss us, like you I won’t stop defending mine, anytime anywhere…..boricua to the death of me!

          3. So wat exactly r u arguing for now cause hubby love u ur from the most honest n great nation so y mad chica? U love argument oh otayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dem soon come done u agen

          4. quenyuh betta glad mi neva c dis comment til now caw all weh a gwaan mi neva she a wurd but I wudda dip up unda yuh nicely but mek it gwaan ooooooo caw it not evn dat seruss

        2. Quena it obvious you a look fi trouble or you just like drama. Yuh man a Jamaican nuh swear fi no man none. FYI because yuh deh wid a man from a country nuh mean yuh know the whole country. A nuh everybody from JA bleach and nuh matta how unu think unu have the yard man lock am yet to see one wah deal wid another nation wah nuh still deh wid a yardy behind unu back. Same like yuh a defend yuh nation we are doing that too, so why yuh mad though???????? Yuh need fi rest it because ina yuh head yuh think that yuh betta than a JA woman and yuh nah admit it but news flash yuh aint.

          1. a real spanish dat cah nuh Jamaican woman nuh stupid so fi maek dat de statement over a Ja man a weknow dem best cah dem a we bredda uncle and father . She know the whole incest spanish man dem best maybe ah har father tek wey har innocence. a suh dem live father haffi sample the dawta before the husband. Nasty incest f**ka dem.

  41. @Metty if a was using d laptop muma mi shake u hand long time….ah d phone mi have….Quena noh bada wid me…yuh have more fi worry bout dan wether mi a investigator….how bout try making nice with ur country men…

    1. Chocolate u know how many times mi tell dem stop the arguing over nothing..I have not said nothing because everyone entitled to be who they wanna be on here..and mi come outa it jus sake a dat..Yep mi tell almost di whole day nuh fi ina no argument..Also no American or Spanish whey deh wid a yardie cannot reason pan certain levels insulted? no

      1. dats y mi sing caw guh c wi a cuss smaddy pon jmg wid multiple personalities :travel

        mek i guh bak guh sing :kr

        1. Not multiple personalities doe se dat because one ting she neva switch name and cuss me nor anyone but people are entitled to be who they want to be on the www. Just like how me and Chocolate pre unno cudda do the same..Many people sidung and watch and add up who dem feel is who here so I do not blame anyone fi switch up dem ting..

          1. Saying multiple personalities, I did not imply she changed her name. I too picked up or as she saying “assumed” that she isn’t Spanish. No matta weh Quena a guh seh a dat mi seh

        1. Mi tell u nuh ina no argument when u inbox mi wid it almost di whole day and today the same u nuh pay any attention to mi..I cannot spell out everything every time because I feel if I did I would be out of place

    2. If you believe it your free to do so, I can do nothing to convince differently as I am behind this computer. You would be shocked I can assure you. It may cushion the fall to believe I am Jamaican. Won’t try and prove otherwise :maho

      1. Quena Wat fall it would cushion whether J’cans r manipulators or user it dont change jackshit cause best believe KH nahhhhhhhhh lef him women fi dat so a which fall u a tawk bout u houseband Eva carry u go dunns river fall yet?????

        1. Chuetty……It seems to me that to believe I am J’can makes all feel better about my comments and me being here. What a mad person to say I am Puerto Rican and what a mad bunch of people you folks are can’t wait to discuss this with my sisters. I’m in shock….. of instead of have, unbelievable, whatever blog on……Boy if the dead could talk, Kemar, Pioneer, Pringle Mention, Dwayne…….I am in shock

          1. Quena frankly it don’t matter Wat r where ur from one ting I know for sure u ain’t than nobody cause we are all humans with our own faults n mishaps
            Mi still think u is a J’can tho n u can’t change mi mind bout that hunty chile

          2. Alright then….J’can by penetration and moving on.
            Metty please if over looked at them gates ask before you enter, this has been an experience……on to Breaddy’s disaster because I am excited a response there.

          3. yes please mi nuh know why u itch yasso and u have la suss pan lock…….. mi cannot find bready ina di system

        2. Chuetty????? Are you stating what I’m thinking??? TAXIIIIIIIIIII :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2

      2. Quena you throw more shade than a Mighty Oak….I can’t decide if you are truly a crazy latina or if you’re a Jamaican in disguise….for their sake I actually hope you are Jamaican….for your sake…I hope you are not … because if you are….~In my yankee voice~ Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile…. :ngakak

        1. Unbelievable……Who know’s have known and died with knowing. I have one thing to say and had I an IG it would be to add on the timeline…..J’cans are easily blinded by what they perceive as the truth……

          1. alright quena u is puerto rican..back to regular programming now please thanks :kiss :peluk

    1. Chocolate, I can’t offer anything further than I have been since my blogging here to prove I am not J’can. People will look for any glimmer of hope when trying to prove what they believe as fact……..Keeping calm and carrying on! :maho

    1. Chocolate that is why when di argument used to jump of mi se mi ting and cut..and hold no grudges unless di smaddy really return and return with it but from morningggggggggggggggg mi a tell dem but dem nah pay me no mind

  42. @ Ms Met, I don’t believe any group is better/worse than the next. Every sector of society has its sores. Enough of this argument. Next juicy story.

  43. met i have seen the “of” many many times in quena’s comments, but thought she was clowning around. cuz u know we clown around with the spelling of certain words used by the dancehall graduates.

      1. yes metty, i must say even when quena is being serious and speaking in standard english, she uses the word also.

        and not only her, i have seen many of the bloggers use the word, even those deemed intelligent. i began to think it was an american thing, cuz i’ve seen an american celebrity use it on twitter too. lol

        1. which american celeb dat? lol no is a jamaican ting oooooooooo thats what i know from way back and when mi see it mi shake mi head

          1. met i can’t remember is who, it was a while ago i saw it, but i know it was female, i don’t remember if it was keyshia cole.

          2. nuff a dem always round jamaicans…but that bit a we it a come from..its not american no time at all

  44. Us Jamaicans are a proud set of people so the slightest shade we see coming our way, we react. I think everyone now knows that our toes are tender so step lightly……PLEASE GUYS LETS ALL GO BACK TO WHAT WE DO BEST…dissect d people dem business, laugh awfa some a dem and give advice to some.. GROUP HUG…PLEASE!!!

  45. Like mi seh up top b4 wen yuh hav a situation weh a rich person deh wid a person weh poor dem a guh always stereotype dem as USER if Kevin did pick up an American strippa from di project wid 6 pickney she wud be called a gold digger technically di same as USER suh it’s not a bout wah country yuh from is more a bout levels cuz ppl general nuh love pick up ppl weh beneath dem

  46. afternoon met jmg metters

    quena mi nuh bizniz ow yu waan tek dis but…..YU ARE A LIAD!! not a spic or spanish yu are! yu are 110% yaadie! hevrie av dem opinion an dat a mine even di newborn baby of israel kno seh yu is a JAMAICAN. fool sum ppl but yu caan fool all di ppl

  47. @Tawchute, I am very familiar however the best way sometimes to win an argument, is not to respond to the ignorant statements of which often times are the base of those making stereotypical statements.

  48. I sketel just coming back, and I made I read all the comments carefully, Quena I am not going to fall under your manipulative tactics, obviously a J’can woman is getting under your skin weather you want to admit it yes or no, something a plague your mind, your are insecure when it comes to J’can women, so every chance yuh get to bash us u run in to do it, well if it makes u feel good about u self, more power to you, but to your own self be true, some times the shoes a bun uno and uno force ono foot in deh a smile and nod fi save face, and bare the pain because uno smile fi she the shoes nuh fit, suh uno cross and miserable. With that said, Quena, of all the culture yours is the worst of all, and I am not talking about you guys being # 1 as the welfare rescepients , but when father a teacher them little 1 year old baby to suck some thing other than lollipop it wicked, remember the fathers in your culture first sex off both son and daughter , and don’t try come defend this, because me as a Jamaican was living in a Spanish community for 2 years, suh mi nah chat weh mi hear, mi talk facts, my son was 2 yrs old, when the little Spanish 8 & 10 yr old girls take turns on giving him blow jobs, and when I found them doing it and reprimand about, they cry and tell this what daddy and bother Carlos was doing to them every night, I would rather to be called a manipulator, than be robbed of my innocence by the ones who are suppose to care and love me in the right way, so Q GO TAKE A MILLION SEATS, AND DON’T THROW THE FIRST STONE, BECAUSE LIVE IN THE GLASS HOUSE, AND WE JAMAICAN LIVE IN A BOARD HOUSE, LOL

    1. Eye SAH!!! It HOT!!! ( inna mi very manly Macka Diamond vice)… Sweet baby Jesus :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  49. @ Lundun correction…..K Hart did not leave his wife. She left & divorced him due to him cheating and that is from his own mouth!

  50. But here Sketel Bam though!!! Lord I cah tek it. But if yuh eva see some a de dutty bungle dem wah a comment to. No body did not use dat likkle Haitian gyal wah a comment dem a hate har because she cute and har man a big har up all the time. Mi rep Jamaica any weh mi guh mi nuh need fi manipulate de likkle man dem because we got it like that.

  51. From mi deh a work mi couldnt wait fi comment pon this post!
    PUERTORIQUENA from you start comment pon this here site name JMG u always a diss up JAMAICANS and gwan like u better .. Always gwan like you GOT IT as in money wise (ref to the LA POST DEM ) U dont live there yet eva deh dere .. IM speculating ur man is in the DRUGS BUSINESS fi all me know u a one a dem weh always deh pon the wall ya! lol i have been paying close attention to you for a very long time ! I agree with YEP u are not a friggin puerto nothing! U is a yaaadie and I know you are you coulda chaw fire!!!!! U know from when mi mean fi call out da girl ya she isnt puertorican. All this spanish talk your browser mussi tired fi go a yahoo translator cuz u is no panish. You just a comment under sikes thats all to it ! I just know i dont trust you from day 1! Mi say just put up a negative post bout jamaicans and see who first comment and agree …I will never forget the day u was like ur not BLACK ! lmfaoooo dwrcl guh see yuh to ! (in person) mi na loook!

  52. cho dat a one real spanish fascinated by the JA culture get hold by the Ja dick and know everytime she turn har back him a run fi de wickedess slam cause him tyad a de aye PAPI inna him ears . We dun know how the man dem tan. Them love dem yaad slam but cant manage de yaad attitude cah dem cah rule we like how dem farrin gyal de. But anytime cocky stiff yaad dem gone! str8

  53. The man want him home cook ackee saltfish escovitch curry goat not bloodclaat arroz con polla wey full a powder seasoning sazon goya.

  54. one more ting Quena was the lucky mule way give the man him papers ,we Jamaican nuh ungrateful so him still a show some appreciation and make she keep the title and the ring.

    1. I stand corrected you Bytch is no user, you get used up and you luh’dat….one of the bytches that is contented with a man fu*kin out your precipice puxxy and returning to his home….as to anything else I’ll leave you to assume because only the truth can hurt you…..not ungrateful huh, tell that to the man miners that got left…….

      Hey Scammini or better London5948 come elaborate on the grateful Sir Leash………..I’m feeling very mixxy tonight!

      1. Mi tink u haunted..Londy gone a har work or gone sleep fi work..u neva seh Leash ungrateful before so why u waa dash dat pan him tonight?

      2. I was waitin for u u f**kin hater. Gwey stinkin dutty quena. Me nuh f**k wid u an u come now .
        MET ME AH WARN U EVERY TIME ME C R NAMEJ ah suck u muma to r ting, which mean u affi guh ban meMM

      3. dutty spanish incest bytch what a way it bun yuh nastiness dem have a site fi peopke like you its called http://www.IJUSTGOT F**K BY MY DADDY. Bitch unnu a fcuk from uunu eye de a unnu knee and then spend the rest a unnu life pon unnu knee. Dutty spanish spic a rican dog shyt any Jamaican Man de wid u must be one that NOOOOO f**king Jamaican woman would want. Know yuh role MULEEE . The amount of condom yuh swallow yuh throught whole smell like latex.

  55. *Screaming* MET a wonder wah them ago say when birdman put a big stone pon me finger and start moggle with me? A mad them ago mad waiiiiiiieeeeee Pink Wall ago be the number one blog but you cah go done me eno cause we a Friend

      1. And before I go, that BS about Fathers and the sick incest ish the mentioner’s are sick individuals go seek help…..Metty your friends are mostly Spanish wich of them can attest to that BS………FOH! FIWB!!

        1. Dunno about incest but…To be honest an older friend of met married his wife who was Puerto Rican when she was 14, her parents gave permission for them to be together and he was 6 years older..I dont know about the incest thing but the argument went on way too long and went overboard..all of which was uncalled for

  56. Puerto Rican Woman is the best and most loyal women I have ever dealt. I would take them over ANY Jamaican woman. Jamaican women don’t know anything about being loyal. They are definitely users and in it for what they can get out of it. PR women are better lovers too!!

    1. So I guess Kizzy, Yak, Candice and all the adda one dem wah tek care a dem man a lie people a tell pon dem. Because if dem only in it for what they can get. Lord if yuh nuh busy.

      1. You are confusing loyalty with taking care of a man or a man who is dependent on a woman. Real men don’t put themselves in that position…get it?

          1. Met that is what I have been trying to say. You will defend your people and catch feelings if someone sterotype dem in a negative light however you want to come over here and deny us the right to do the same. This could be an amicable argument if she talk about people she know that is this particular way. Met I dated a Latino guy briefly in ATL and him stalk me and tek one peice a set pon mi, him all message me threat if mi nuh talk bak to him wah him a guh do. He was a leech mi haffi change mi school and guh stay wid mi Aunty and him nuh gifted ina him waist neither. I dont go saying all a dem mental/ and need medication now do I????

          2. Babygirl if mi fi go dereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. mi doops have one that is a sick stalker now so mi know whey u mean .. I se dat one need medicine :ngakak but mi wud never generalize.. A friend of mine from Spain a date a Puerto Rican man and mi tease har bout har cheating ways all di while…………..a she mi haffi buy di alum she can accommodate him smallness..we jus laugh it off though and mi tell har seh di Spain man dem lil tuh ..we just laugh.. I have chinese friends also and dem tell mi se dem tink black women VAJAYJAY bigger dan fi dem own because a di size a di black man dem ting..Mi jus laugh I know they did not say it fi putdown or belittle us.. .. so there is a big difference with getting across what you want to say without offending people

        1. You dont get it!!!!!!! you said they are in it for what they can get? You must be refering to material things or financial gain. I address a part of your comment, so dont say get it as if………

          1. Life is really not a bed of roses nor a circus.. u si mi call jlo and evelyn sinting precipice and quena was offended even after I said I was only talking about those two but………… she was still offended by that ..mi understand bout the incest comment and I would feel a way but…….if she got offended by that why weren’t we to take offense at what was said? Det mek any kinda sense to u?

  57. Me read till me eye dem sore..@Met meck unu bad suh ova yah??? @Met, me dun scope out Queena and har sikes fi a lang time now..Me neva see one gal whe know bout every dancehall yaad man/uman business. Some transaction whe BADMAN FROM YAAD PERFORM WHE CLASSIFIED queena know, U R AN INSIDE UMAN, A “SLEEPER”, Dem fi fear u cause u blen rite eeen wid ulterior motive.Queena, me know a dung a WEST u come from, whe di 2nd best weed farm dem deh..I know u know where!! SO galand wid u high yellow self, gwaan chue yah mumma, u tink u eazyyyyyyyy @QUEENA. Waieeeeeeeeee, what a gal gud??

    1. THANK YOU HIGHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….. Listen long time mi pree di ting! she knows a little too much about ppl she’s so called better than … she right in the circle

  58. Not a day goes by that I don’t visit this site. The exchanges today are saddening. I find that black people in general are harder on each other than any other race. I come here to this site to share in and celebrate your culture which is so rich and interesting. Little did I know the general consensus is that you all taught us how to wash our pussy, clean and cook (news to me). I often don’t comment for exactly the reason some are offended by the comments of others. Iam not Jamaican and don’t feel comfortable making general observations, about something I know nothing about. All races and cultures have embarrassing members, that will never be corrected by tearing each other down. My man is Jamaican and I love him to death but we have very distinctly different ways of thinking; I have learned from him and he has definitely learned from me. Let’s build eachother up. Every win , every achievement and every proud moment for Jamaica is shared by many black American’s #FACT

    1. Thanks for that and I do understand and feel where you are coming from..we will be more welcoming in the future..Yes we know most black Americans love Jamaicans and we love them too…

    2. One more thing..There is a saying in Jamaica that goes like this ”cuss cuss nuh bring good wud” today was a war for nothing and we as a people have words from our toenails right to our scalp fi tell people when tracing a gwaan..It will not happen again! Because I will not let it.

  59. I don’t care who gets offended but Puertorriqueños are racists they think they are the best and they first to say they started something and they didn’t they are copy cats! They quick to say they started reggeton and they didn’t few of their artist will tell u it started in PAnama my country! Spanish reggae started there because of the big Jamaican influence from when the Panama canal was being build and this why majority of the Panamanians have Jamaican decent we don’t even get along with them because of there cocky nature that’s why Quena talks the way she does about Jamaicans even though she’s married to one! Why do u even write I’m the language if u have the negativity a Jamaican women ur man with u because he can control u and a real yard women not gon stand fi certain shit! I love both Spanish and Jamaican men!

    1. Spanishgal ..U saw how the American woman commented just now? And now u?? There is no person who will date out of their nationality and den try put down..if u feel seh jamaicans a use people why deh wid one?? And mi running off mi fingers right now

      1. please met dont hold back .. ah ur site mek u finger dem run weh like bolt. she is very friggin out of order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mi say every time she open her mouth mi just vexxxxxx tru cuzen mi know di gal a use pare sikes. Met long time me comment enuh guh tru a few name changes but guess what I is are here prippsin. I believe mi call her out before also and how much mi cant stand “IT” Just the way she speak as if she’s the best thing since sliced bread negro puhlease

        1. Mi know but I have always said mi nuh want har feel uncomfy.. never and she funny when she a give it to di people dem and she surely entitled fi feel how she want ..Todeh mi likkle freny text mi and ask how mi do it…mi se wha…she seh u se har comment bout she will be here till dem pull di plug? Mi laugh and se mi ansa n seh God…Quena MI NUH LIKE WHEN PEOPLE DEH ROUND MI AND UNCOMFORTABLE INA REAL LIFE so many times in accommodating someone mi will ALLOW DEM FI MASH ONE TOE UNTIL DEM TRY DI WHOLE FOOT..or till mi mind tell mi gwaan choo because it nice fi see wha ina roach belly

  60. @Met -I neva seh Jamaicans use anyone! I’m responding to Suena she’s married to a Jamaican so she shouldn’t even have nothing to say but there’s what they call free speech inna America… I love my Latin men and I love my Jamaican men, I woyldnt talk bad about Jamaicans because I would be talking bad about my grandfather…. I’m here defending both cultures not all Latin country feel the way Quena do ,there’s lots of puertoricans like her. That’s what I’m saying I didn’t not once say anything about Jamaicans please don’t mix me up with the ignorant people! It doesn’t after where u from u response fi what u do not the whole culture! That’s the bottom line…

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! powwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
      and thats the bottom line as u seh..u cannot generalize about a whole culture of people like that

  61. @Met, you know mi nuh really comment pon some topics but when it come to people bashing my country and fellow country men it draw mi out, BAWN JAMAICAN RIGHT HERE AND VERY PROUD!!!…@DONNA IF YUH MARRIED TO A JAMAICAN YUH WILL KNOW WHEN WE ANGRY ANYTING CAN AND WILL FLY OUTTA WE MOUT, MI MEMBA MI TELL MI OWNA OICKNEY DEM IN DE PAST FI GUH SUCK DEM MUMMA, AN AH ME AH DEM MADDA, we all haffi drap ah hrung an laugh…the point is QUENA really always has been saying very negative things from she drop over her about us, and for most part mi si de people dem ignore her, ME even inbox Met bout it one a way caws mi neva like it, but Met is a person whey gi people rope…is not like the mass neva notice har an de shade dem whey shi throw, but dem tolerate har, so today was the day THE CUP RUNNETH OVER!!…..AND I DO AGREE WITH MET, I NEVER FROM DAY ONE BELIEVED THIS PERSON WAS SPANISH..(WID HAR ELEMENTRY SPANISH) ANY HOW I for one am not cussing her, but QUENA IF YOU HAVE AN OPINION THAT IS YOUR RIGHT BUT YOU CANNOT COME PON A JAMAICAN SITE COME CLASS WE AND DON’T EXPECT WE FI NUH SEN YUH UP BACK INNA YUH MUMMA…AH SUH WE TAN..EVEN ME OBARA MEJI!!!

    1. Obara u know how many times people inbox mi and mi seh low it..U know mi love seh low and doe pay no mind but no man..not because

  62. MET if yuh memba ah long time ago mi sey Met sinting nuh right wid dis ooman and she not no Spanish, but mi nuh care bout dat, what I do not like is how she very much DISLIKE US, den why is she here!!??..mi guh look over de bob marley thread whey shi really shudda deh fi translate fi wi when de costa Ricans dem come ah cuss we, is ah lucky ting yuh talented and cuss dem back inna Spanish…if she ah really Puerto rican married to a Jamaican den de two ah dem match caws is ONE OLE FART SHI GET..DE BATTOM AH DE VARREL, AN QUENA TRY NUH COME CUSS ME, CAWS AH RAW PEEPA MI NYAM AH DAY TIME AN AH DOE WANT MET BAN ME,..

    1. Mi say all a now she no say Met a dis r that dem did a say
      Quena something tell me dat if dem rite u name pon bulla inna Spanish u will turn round nyam it off clean clean

  63. nobody not asking the question that i think is important! @quena u seem to say u r a rican and everybody dont think so my point is if u r a rican or not a jamaican how did u come to know about this site? ur husband into d mix up ting? him a big gal or supn? me confuse cause all me read thats the only question that need to be asked! weh u knw bout dis site! nd even if u rnt ja’can u nuh suppose to have nuh bizniz ina dis site frm ur husband pic nuh go up? yah follow me?

  64. Metty good night, yuh so right, donkey she the world nuh is so true, but every body feel offened, every one is on the defence, but I will say this, put it like this we the Jamaicans can say we are very opinionated, we are a strong people, if them want to terms it as being manipulative fine, but can the Latinos admit that incest run pre dominantly in their culture. So if getting what we want from a man, which the right way, the gloves is off I throw in the towel I am manipulative, good. admit fi uno dominate fault, he that is without fault cast the first stone, I just admit ours, what is yours?

  65. And Quena really know bout the Jamaican business more than we Jamaicans, not a dam Puerto rican gal tek a Spanish name and believe seh a Spanish, like mi seh mi a Sketel mi tek on the character and act the part, suh di same for her, but it has become a reality for her, s like she has a dual personality, but this thing went out of control today, we have putting up with her and this putting down of j;can women too long, and we are not known for biting our tongue for too long. So this was Quena judgement day.

  66. I don’t think she’s Latin nor Jamaican because she writes mostly in the Jamaican dilate then in Spanish nd if she says anything in Spanish is the common words everyone knows the meaning of and I do recall her having a lot to say when certain things hit the fan even how she was going to los Angeles to investigate, that was suspect so she knows more than people think!She’s suspect and now the cat is out the bag, things soon or later will come out to the light nd it looks Luke it’s unveiling now!

    1. Escuchame, no tengo nada negativo que decir de nadie. Soy de mente abierta para todos me aclare todo esto antes Y aun las mismas preguntas. Dime por que iba yo hablar espanol a hablantes de ingles……Hablo unicas palabras que se que ellos puedan entende. Al principio hice mi mejor esfuerzo para no ofender a las mujeres con solo hablan de los hombres y todavia todo esto.

        1. it mixup quena mi cudden understand a likkle but di google seh u tried not to talk about women only men? dis need a whole day oo noh soh

          1. metty really I am typing and so a typo on leaving out an e’ makes me not Rican….you know what to bed my thing was to apologize and I did and I’m satisfied. Ask your Spanish friends to translate.

            I said I have no hate for anyone Jamaican or otherwise I deal with people according to how I am dealt. I went on to explain my very first post on this topic, I tried not to offend the Jamaican women because y’all always saying I try to put yall down and so I purposely used Jamaican men I know of as an example and still.
            Metty good night I have an early day as you do rent to collect before my day job. Tomorrow I plan on being mindful. Google translate to translate an entire conversation, I doubt that!

      1. listen i took spanish fi 7 yrs n still nuh get it much ! dis look like wen me did ina sch and a write spanish…u cnt write spanish how u speak english !yuh get me? sum times in spanish d first word u wud say in english cum ina d middle !yuh get me?

        1. wen i got spanish was wen me wrk a spanish hotel n got a spanish man! so i picked up on a few tings!weh u write nuh look read-able! nuh worry yuh ed wen me did a learn fi write spanish me get it wrong like you to!you can not write it how u wud write english!yah follow me?

  67. suh cuz me nuh say good nite uno nah ansa me! *side eyes* good night every body …*picks fingers* me question important enuh! gweh uno ugly like lol

      1. @quena me glad yuh fawud bak suh ansa weh me ask up a top! and quena plz dnt say a ur ja’can parri yuh knw bout d site from <<goin by ur word u r not a jamaican! so hw dis nice u suh n u give detailed input on some topics! even if a ja'can shw u d site y u follow it up if u r nt a ja'can or yuh man pic nuh up !yah follow me? most ja'cans dont knw bout jmg nd those who do knw its nt off the bat topic of discussion! a mostly a set of ppl tht r close to d ppl pics tht go up or dem inner circle etc etc yah follow me? you quena jst nah add up!yuh number nuh belong ina d equation? yuh get me?

  68. My very first comment I came on being negative, generalizing…..Given what I observed I based my statement on that never saying the entire Jamaican race is like this, just saying these people are not wrong in putting what they did on the timeline because they too can just be saying it according to what they experienced or observed…..throughout the day i tried to clarify and still all this. I can never say enoughI have not hate for J’can……you all have me as such! SMH…..I can’t believe the feelings you all hold for Puerto Ricans but as you believe I am not Rican with my elementary spanish……and for the record I never evenopened the Marley topic as my day was hectic, unreal.

    1. DEM WRONG! What do they know about the girl personally to make such an assumption? Would you like someone to run up on your page and say that about someone ure dating?…Whey we hold fi puerto rican????? If you had once said u know i was wrong…mi know a jamaican whey do dis but not all jamaicans are like that but how the hell u a go base what u say on people u know and u dont know all jamaicans? If they experienced and observed Jamaicans dem wudda neva se we a users because if your f*cking a man and him a let off dats an even f*ckin exchange so how using coming ina dat? What we using for? Mi cannot believe u really a go play victim after being condescending no star …why u neva come and seh mi know 3 jamaicans whey love use? Most Jamaicans stick to dem own nationality so if we are using we a use we own people..WHEN DID THAT BECOME SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM? Yuh have Spanish people who will go in a work place and use up dem body fi get to the top..we dont make that our problem we know a fi dem ting dat..isnt that using and manipulating? u never had absolutely no right fi put any kind a input desso none not even a half pint and fi put it in condescendingly on top of it

      1. If the girl was ugly and out a shape then he could have done better but because she look good and tek care of herself she is a Jamaican user and manipulator..What part of that could ever be right??

        1. Yuh think if dem did have real Jamaican friends dem wudda eva se dem tings deh? And to be honest that is the first time Ive ever heard Jamaicans described as dat!! DI FIRST!!

      2. Well mi peep one more comment weh she mek todeh…” Purple Heart to mi ting”…**WARNING**- to any Jamaicans who spar wid disya gal, be VERY VERY careful cause she works very closely with law enforcement and she seems to know a lot about dancehall going ones before met LINKY dem even drop a dime…..

        1. Your an unfortunate individual, PURPLE HEART…….The FEDS you think…..please use google prior to typing or opening your stinkin’ mouth, now go peep that and have a dentist peep your sh*t up mouth!

      3. Which bring me back to Evelyn, a.k.a ms. Headbutt. She is a manipulator and user. Look how she mash up Chad’s career and a use the headbutt incident fe get contract with PETA, start up her clothing line and now all of a sudden, a lick out gainst domestic violence, while in the same breath, is condoning BULLYING. Why wasn’t she promoting all a this when she was trying to jump Jen and throwing bottles like a drunken sailor?? That’s because the right opportunity wasn’t there at that time but now that she has created the perfect storm, this is her opportunity to try and “manipulate” and “use” what and who she can…..all while still playing the victim role… And that she plays very very well :siul

  69. @quena me glad yuh fawud bak suh ansa weh me ask up a top! and quena plz dnt say a ur ja’can parri yuh knw bout d site from <<goin by ur word u r not a jamaican! so hw dis nice u suh n u give detailed input on some topics! even if a ja'can shw u d site y u follow it up if u r nt a ja'can or yuh man pic nuh up !yah follow me? most ja'cans dont knw bout jmg nd those who do knw its nt off the bat topic of discussion! a mostly a set of ppl tht r close to d ppl pics tht go up or dem inner circle etc etc yah follow me? you @quena jst nah add up!yuh number nuh belong ina d equation? yuh get me?!

    1. Kay……I gave this answer ages ago and by this time I’mdone explaining. I am here and enjoying and partaking and agreeing and disagreeing and commenting on what I know or observed. I am sure Donna and many others that do not miss a day to look on……came to know somewhat as I did.

      1. @quena mam i doe knw who donna be mam !i doe really follow up ur comments i jst mainly read on here and comment on who i know! and joke if i c supn funny or ask question where question is due mam! so i wudnt knw dats y me ask…one day smadi ago explain to me..if it shud arise again

  70. But Kevin naah holla nor complain suh wah di problem??

    suh basically dem a try seh nuh good looking woman cyahh want kevin inna real life? suh ah muss use dem a use him?? If I was Kevin I would feel insulted if someone said that to me.

    Nuff more American celebs going to wife Jamaican women mark my words :travel

  71. Met, and all others, see u in the marrows, a over time me a do , my bed call mi long time, easy Quena cuz u good, as mi say b4 to your own self be true, walk good yuh hear mi luv, and any time u think about bashing us Jamaican ladies think twice u r bashing your half breed Jamaican daughters if you have daughters by your husband,it’s in their genes and how would u feel to hear some one describe them as being manipulative when they grow up and demand what they want from dem man, mi gone a my bed, cuz I am comfortable with who I am, and that is being very manipulative to the 10th power.

  72. You know what metty I am wrong, my intention was not in agreement that all are users and manipulators. I have had the opportunity to meet and see many in MY surroundings man and Woman and so my comment were based on that as we went on today I tried to clarify and still I guess my first expression was all that was needed….I am sorry for my part, I will chalk it up to the low life’s I had the unforunate oportunity of being around. I have many many others I call friends in your culture that has never used nor manipulated.

      1. since yuh say that sigh look like me affi leggo me question den!alright mam ! thats the end of that then! met blow d blow blow supn weh sparkles cum out

          1. she acknowledge her error! ______________________________________________________ cum go fi d bike lol

    1. Now I will comment caw fi dip up unda quena wudda mek mi bruk mi computah suh now dat yuh apologize mi wi tek dat chica 😉 on behalne dem weh gawn a dem bed..i’ll say have a good night quena :peluk

  73. LOL I made my dislike for that spanish dirty dishcloth out in the open from long time. Yall sit here and “tee hee” with her/him all the damn time and mi just go roun har cuz mi no like har/him period.

    BUT! I would have never mek she draw mi out like she did unnu! From she deh pon a JAMAICAN BASED GOSSIP BLOG/SITE, from she deh wid a Jamaican, from she gwanny gwanny wid di patois like she’s a rass yaadie, mi know from den she envy fi wi culture.

    For all we know, she married one pop dung, low life, scumbag Jamaican man. Cuz no true Jamacan man weh prou a him culture and the women that brought him up wopuld let yuh likke nasty self try diss we. Or maybe yuh neva try it yet wit him an dats why yuh haffi come a JMG fi get u rocks off cuz u know him will box u backa PR! Look how she say up top she have her own and fi him have him own. So him nuh tek care of she. She hafffi brng har 50% or even more to the table.

    Quena been a envious hating slob. And I would bet my last damn dollar that she is a sloppy body bitch with a low ladder Jamaican man.

    She could never get a rise from me. I don’t go on any hispanic or latin based website for my entertainment but look at this f**king mop who eat, sleep and all the time even come shit on JMG under bloodclaat sikes! LOL

    Unnu should have scrolled right past her comments. Fi har comment dem nuh have mo merit. No credit. Nothing. She no have no place fi chat bout Jamaicans in a negative way.

    I hope in the future none of u true Jamaicans ever let this dust bunny rile u up ever again. She loves the attention. The attention her slack ass Jamaican husband, as she claims, obviously don’t give her. Bout u a try diss Jamaicans yet u damn sure type like one. U always have been and will be A WANNABEE JAMAICAN WOMAN. You wish u had the spirit, bad or good, of what makes Jamaican women so damn special. OH! Nasty Quena I can only laugh cah mi kno deep down inside of u u wish u had it like a Jamaican woman. The source of ur envy.

    I love that u, and other non Jamaicans are on this site. Stay here and drink wi like wata dat cyaa quench yuh thirst. You wish u were Jamaican QUENA. Yuh cyaa fool mi no day.

    1. Brightie, I endorse this message! I just ignored her because I’m a Jamaican woman and, whether she is Puerto Rican or not, she is not in my category. I discern that, whatever she is or is pretending to be, she is just common fowl! Dwl!

  74. metty mi luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvssssssssssssssssssssssss u mi gal, a thousand cyber lion paw fi u yah mi fren. a long time mi seh quena is no puerto rican. my family a jamaican and panamanian(still by way of jamaica) an a nuff time mi see di gal a mispell word and use di wrong verb conjugation in spanish an mi haffi wonda is who she a hype pon. mi nuh finish read yet, but a long time mi see seh she is one big ol pretender!!!!

    bwoy met, u call it good….mi nah lie

  75. Mi seh! I am so excited unu see what I have been seeing. Listen up she know too much & I know she’s a dutty dancehall teggareg like someone say on the west coast .. Please nuh badda write back no Spanish paragraph and chat patois thanks we don’t understand that shit neither do you… As someone say sikes nothing but sikes .. QUENA know bout Dwayne platinum she run down Sharon ride bout bready n where he was picked up. Oh & oh how u know flippant business like a bible .. She know bout plenty NY dancehall ppl a whole lot & like Kay said what led you to this site???? Eeh chameleon Kmft yuh can’t fool a soul only yuself! Mi laugh so till pon d train reading these comments & glad how unu done this pancoot .. Like met said why bash Jamaicans if u married to one a suck one dick a grine one a cook fi one .. & if u Habb pikny dem a half Jamaicans make no sense girl .. Wheel n come again. WHICH DANCEHALL CELEBRITY ARE YOU QUENA.. Mi wah know!


  76. @Brighty you are so correct!!!…but ole time people use to sey yuh play wid dawg yuh rise wid fles!..or better yet PLAY WID PUPPY HIM LICK YUH MOUT!!…many times Quena come here and dis de hell outta many regular or dancehall people heading de topic, her favorite it seems is Yakini whom she call scamini….aldoe she identify as Spanish married to Jamaican oonuh mek she pass. and shi real facety when she ah class de people dem, an de bloggers dem laugh and get comfortable wid har, thus giving har de pass fi do DIS VERY TING WHEY SHI DO TODAY..BUT SHE FI KNOW SEY ALL WHEN WE CUSS BATTYMAN, IF WE OUTTA DOOR AND SEE ODDA PEOPLE NON JAMAICANS AH TEK SET PON AH JAMAICAN BATTYMAN WHEY WE BUN FYAH PON, WE HELP DE BATTY MAN TRACE DEM AN BEAT DEM, AN HAFTA WUD WE CONTINUE FI FYAH BUN UT HIM BAXIDE…WE TEK UP FI EACH ODDA…OONU NON JAMAICANS DOE TRY WE!!

  77. she coulda apologize likkle more …. NOPE NOPE NOPE …. not accepted funny enough you are right she have a personal vendetta with yakini and nuff connections to queens ppl let me find out u moved to LA fi all mi know u are dirty dancehall mule traveling back and forth and NOT A MARRIAGE U NUH INNA marriage mi rass ! My speculations are you with a dopeboy! YOU try to come off as some decent person but thats just your face for JMG ur the total opposite in person i must say u did good for all the idiots who cant figure you out. Just be careful and watch what u say now cuz you now see PREEMENTS TO U TING doh?! You know mostly about NY LA PHILLY .. when it comes to florida and dmv u are shut! Oh and i translated that paragraph and um .. yea DOH DWEET AGAIN please.


  79. yes to rasss, mi read till mi blister, flatline…revive….only to flatline again. jmg a di bessst to rhatid cup. well at least everybody sight di rake…

    mi caan stop laff, so reali weh all a dis pretense did fah?

    tek di case, tek di case mi seh an gimme di pillow now, now, now

    p.s. di trini accent ‘weh di ass is dis’ i don’t kno why but u comment mek mi drap rite offa di chair

  80. ahhh bwoy, last comment fi di nite. thanx yah met, :peluk my day was gruelin an dis tek mi mind offa every rass ting. mi seh is a long time mi nuh laff so hard.

    met u haffi go start up a psychological/mental health component fi di page cause a bare haunted people leggo pon di pink wall. but no man, mi haffi ask….sittin can reali go so? u can live inna glass house an throw dem deh stone deh? thank goodness fi cyberspace eeh man, be anything u wan be…smh

  81. Mek dem know because dem see we cuss each other dem think it ok fi dem follow. Anything bad is been said mek we say it about our fellow yardy unu nuh follow. We nuh play that shit mi tell yuh pon topic like these it better if yuh skip it. Nuh badda apologized now when Met seh yuh wrong up top yuh still a act mighty… Kmft!!

  82. Good morning Metty and all others
    .Jetlagged and tired and sey mek mi come read a little before me go sleep and come buck up pon dis. :marah :marah :marah :marah :marah
    This is one bloggers font on here i never digged at all.

  83. Good evening Metand all others.
    I am now refreshed wide eye and bushy tail. Time to play catch up on what i missed the past week.
    Met i have to give you a lot of credit for keeping your cool and accepting that lame ass too late apology from this wanna be. :shakehand2
    I am finished reading the whole 404 comments and :travel to other areas of JMG land.
    But before me go, mek mi sey this. :mahongintip
    Quena mi know yuh nasty ass shame tree a buckle cause mi shame and anuh me.
    Lmaooo i remember sitting back and watching your font and saying to myself ” Hell Naw” this person is no spanish ,this is a yardie.
    I even posted a comment and said you know too much patois and too liittle spanish.Hahahaaa BLOOPPPP as Nene Leakes would say.

    1. Mi cannot hold no hard feelings because Quena cool when she cool. Mi nuh business wid whatever she want to be but if she want us to hold that be cool man. Also she never yet hype up and dis mi so mi deal wid har jus like she deal wid me..If she did a gwaan bad wid me that would be another matter but she cool wid mi certain ways

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