Hello Ms. Met for awhile we have been seeing the Stacy/ Jblacks saga unfold on ur site. I just want to know what all the ranting and raving was about if in the end this is what come backs to. I mean we all go through our relationship mishaps but don’t make it public to run right back and make yourself look like a fool fool.



  1. If I am tired of unu sending in the people dem imagine dem… if yuh chat back to him that’s ur business nothing nuh out deh…plus we di judges and jury here did tell u give him a chance…

    Am fb friend with most of y’all and to me really Polly is having a nervous breakdown not one day these two don’t cross her mind….get a life woman and stop it don’t look good…

    You know the next ting yuh ago hear seh u jumping from man to man like the rest of them….dem say live ur life and that you should do..

      1. Right unda har bumboo yes Met. She too smart fi har own good. dwl.
        Is the last name of the ip registered to Green , a restaurant or Johnson? roftl
        Dem come a meck dis wild buffalo looking madda sucka famous.
        Stacy if you was my family I woulda teck you same punni tongue and twist like the Elastic it is and beat you fi have some pride. Go meck some moneyand stop run dun brukkness…
        :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Stacy u must of love that Likkle cheap outfit so bad u send in this again. Dwl Mi look at the hd version on my iPad of the outfit it’s very cheap material your hair Is dry and dem knockoff Versace shoes gonna give your bunions . Da man is 1 ugly bloodclot monkey ,unno can’t be serious dressing up for nifiji senda dwl and stop sending in this trash Tonks

  3. Pollllyyyyyy Mi see you put up smaddy a stalk ur phone call history. Is who dat mums? a cah Stacy or di man frame weh she a dead ova. From 9 am dem a call you back to back. No man dis is HIStory. Jay Blacks a call you fi cool u dung ar wah ?
    Stacy tell Jay seh him fi stop it cause dat is harassment and him no wah him PO come haull him een fi violations. Can yall please stop making Jblack famous now cause from di looks a things him dowww worth it
    :hammer :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Stacey just tryna prove that J bLacks stalks her and she is “the man” in that relationship. Instead of she ah run behind him him ah run behind she and look like an eediat. That’s all. She just tryna prove shit. 😎

  5. The only females that want JBlacks is thirsty hoes looking for a come up just like Stacy. She had to take JBlacks to get status in the dancehall cause you never heard of her until she get with him that’s why she never left him. Cause only a fool would f**k behind Tyesh or Polly. So Stacy next time you make post about how nasty polly and tyesh is don’t for get Jay f**ked you all so whatever is in their holes is surely stinkin up your hole too

  6. Yuh and JBlacks=0 , I have never seen anything like this, you really had the nerve fi publicly pose wid him and then pretend as if that isnt something to talk about..You aint shit and he aint shit neither. Man done pan u and everything done pan him; shame, pride, self respect manhood, masculinity and the list goes on :travel

    1. You humiliated ..publicly someone u want or love. What would have happened if u never loved him? You could have saved all of that and kept it behind closed doors but as usual with people like you who want to look better than what u really are…Your true self will always come out no matter what..Attention seeking wannabe

      1. Metty you are going in!!! Dem nuh know yuh comment pon certain things but when yuh give it, its gotten correct…Wooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Blonk!

  7. Mi have betta story than j blacks an Stacey. Shining yuh nuh vex seh bobby breed Shana an not you. Shining star Shana tek yuh man a Gwaan wid him. Barbie stop throw yuh words pon people bout you an Diddy happy. No bitch yuh unhappy an a cry fi Diddy most a di time. Chrissy stop talk bout yuh bf when we already know your bf name is Gregory yes Shana gregrory weh seh use tuh deh wid.

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