1. DEM REALLY CHARGE THE FATHER? what kind of stupid headline is that, dont you know the difference between disciplining a child and physical abuse.

    1. You nuh know the difference u can’t see what the man is seeing .. she get pregnant with another gun man and wen at man a beat ar wid cutlass police se dem nuh involve … and took a do worse and nutten nuh come out a it dem neva haffi arrest they could give him community service

  2. Couldn’t even undastand wah him seh a di end. A man yawd she deh?? A one slap dat still, but afta hunnu see wah happen to di ooman wah beat har picney wid di las dem nuh learn… suh whey har madda? If a man yawd she deh inna uniform mi hudda mad tuh.

  3. So here is the thing, we don’t know what this child has been doing at the internet cafe, who she’s with and why she’s even there. Based on the video, it seems as if the father has been trying to tell her to not go to this particular place. Look at her body language when she stepped out. This is a frustrated father. If anything can the necessary authorities help this man and child? He’s a father who is present in his child’s life and he needs help. Instead of locking him up, help him please.

  4. The man sey teacher send unno home and police send unno home and yuh stop a rum bar come go yuh yard..but look how she come out big and bold to nuh..

  5. Which is right…slap on 44 more charges pon top of the other charges because it’s simply barbaric to beat children with machete!!!

  6. man charged for disciplining his daughter and to this day, not one politician charged for the crimes that have affected the masses.

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