The whole world is reeling after a milestone referendum in Britain to leave the European Union. And although leaders of the campaign to exit Europe are crowing over their victory, it seems many Britons may not even know what they had actually voted for.

Awakening to a stock market plunge and a precipitous decline in the value of the pound that Britain hasn’t seen in more than 30 years, voters now face a series of economic shocks that analysts say will only worsen before they improve. The consequences of the leave vote will be felt worldwide, even here in the United States, and some British voters say they now regret casting a ballot in favor of Brexit.

“Even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and I just — the reality did actually hit me,” one woman told the news channel ITV News. “If I’d had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”

That confusion over what Brexit might mean for the country’s economy appears to have been reflected across the United Kingdom on Thursday. Google reported sharp upticks in searches not only related to the ballot measure but also about basic questions concerning the implications of the vote. At about 1 a.m. Eastern time, about eight hours after the polls closed, Google reported that searches for “what happens if we leave the EU” had more than tripled.

The run-up to the vote was marked by a bitterly divided campaign, one that was as much about immigration fears as it was about the global economy. But despite the all-out attempts by either side to court voters, Britons were not only mystified by what would happen if they left the E.U.— many seemed not to even know what the European Union is.


  1. me belly!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    This will be America come November morning! Dem a hi Google who name Trump! Damn Brits got hoodwinked by xenophobic politicians. White noise of hate got their asss :ngakak

      1. Ebarrassment too easy a description : ngakak :ngakak

        The pound go bloop…me glad me brit family dem vacationed with me a few weeks ago a yard cause imagine having to a secure the shortage a dem slumping pound today a sea side when a fish n festival dinna all around? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Met!!! Me rass! A wonder if dem going to revive soon to ensure that $50 million pound prison punting bunting sign fah! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :sup2:

  3. Victory to get away from the New World Order project which is the EU… This is good for all in including Jamaicans. Them stop caribbean people from come to the UK cause them can’t stop the EU people from come and the place overfull… This stop the dominance of the unelected bureaucrats in EU from controlling the nations… The £ will rise again very quick… Blessed day… Vote Trump and you will be safe, if you vote Clinton aka New World Order then look forward to world war 3…

    1. No getting away from things to come…nope; not at all when Britain is one of the main architect. Notice England NEVER did away with their currency :shutup: Britannia going no where, nor will it’s offspring- America.

      Trump somehow wiggled his way into the fraternity, but trust and believe that the grandson of a poor German countryman will NEVER fully infiltrate the halls of true world power architects.

      Xenophobia gave him wiggle room.

  4. Same thing going to happen, then you going to hear all di various states that has been saying for years that them want to be independent coming up again…then we going to have in fighting in the not US anymore. Lord help us all.

  5. The leave vote is not the disaster people are talking about. After any major change you will have a time of transition. To have the EU regulate over the UK is to have someone making decisions for your home despite not living there and without account of what that means for you. The bank of england made a contingency for the just in case. We need control back in British hands. Article 50 has to be initiated to start the formal process of leaving, that is a good couple years of work to actually be out.

    We have work to do but it is far from insurmountable. You will find ill advised people wherever you go who regret a decision. 1.269 mil people tipped the scale for the exit. Countries in Europe are already considering following suit. Our borders are haemorrhaging people the time for change is now. We give far more than we get from Europe.

    The white populous realised what migrant trouble was when white Europeans swamped the uk. A far cry from what they experienced when Caribbean people arrived on their shores ready to work and contribute. The leave vote was successful for a number of reasons and the uk will manage through the times ahead. I won’t bore you with some of the real issues being in the EU presented. I for one am glad to leave.

    1. It’s not boring… please, share more information. It sounds as if you are a UK resident so, please, continue.

      I’m trying to gather different perspectives in addition to following BBC and AP.

  6. I neva know I woulda live fi see this. All me know seh british did worship dem place, nuh weh neva betta dan dem UK and dem queen. They were so inlove with their laws. Time fi live some hard rass life. Dem shoulda skl the people dem betta, and the people dem shoulda stay vigilant , yah vote an nuh know wah the hell yah vote fah.

  7. The vote is basically for xenophobia and racism a step back in time,no other explanation. Don’t care how eloquent you are with your hate and racism it is still hate and racism.

  8. I personally feel it is the persons who did not vote that are doing these searches on google… That would be the younger generation because they did not care so they did not vote… Now it has happened, they want to kno what actually has happened…

    P.S from my personally research I have gathered that the younger folks are only worried that the wont be able to take their spontaneous vacations to the other EU countries without visas cuz we all know Brits love vacationing…

    1. Good Afternoon Side C.

      From what I’ve gathered on BBC, the younger generation turned out in large buckets to support “voting to remain.” There’s also a lot of unrest amongst 16 and 17 year Olds who feel cheated because they were ineligible to vote.
      I know that polls can be skewed but BBC is normally neutral so with the data they provided, I respectfully disagree with a portion of you statement.

      1. That’s fine Lurker, that statement was based on my very own opinion. If you’re bringing forth facts, I’ll humbly retract my comment… Thanks though I appreciate the time you took to let me know :thumbup

  9. Pp said it best I was talking to a family member who lives there said she feels like the older ppl voted for a future that the younger generation didn’t want. In today’s globalized world self isolation is detrimental. Farage is a racist bigot and one of the main campaigners for the Brit exit.

  10. Based on what you wrote you are also a racist xenophobe.The campaign was about Muslims taking over the UK not one single poster or ad mentioned white Europeans. They appeal to your racist feelings and even talk about Africans with hiv.Is Africa part of the eu?
    Stop acting like you treat black people good when they arrived or now.This will be the end of the UK,Scotland now want to leave.

  11. Leaving the EU will be a disaster ,so said every single major economic organisation ,every single economic experts and thousands of businesses ,every single bank and building society .
    Who support leaving ?The BNP,UKIP,Pegida,Marie Le Pen and other people who basically worship Hitler and live for racism .
    The fact that there were black people and even recent Jamaicans who supported leave is absolutely sickening when nearly every single Jamaican who got to stay in Britain in the last ten years were allowed because of article 8 of the ECHR or some ruling from the European Court of Justice .
    One of the reasons for leaving was their continued inability to deport families including children who are British citizens ,they speak daily of their frustration in not being able to do so .

    Freedom of movement allow EU citizens such as British ,Polish, French or any other of the 27 states to move freely and settle freely in Europe ,this also applies to Norway and some other countries that are not part of the EU ,Switzerland and Greenland also ,I think .
    The UK wanted to be exempt from this freedom of people coming to the UK from Europe while two million old British people are living in Spain and millions living elsewhere in EU.

    The fallout from this will have major effects on Jamaica and other Caribbean countries as the ultra right are taking over the UK and speaking of commonwealth ,something Jamaicans with grade school qualifications think is great .These people mean Canada and Australia when they speak of commonwealth and since Canada is closely link to the USA they mean Australia .They do not mean Jamaica,Nigeria,Ghana,Antigua etc .

    These people are very racist and operate on the fringe of society ,mainstream Britain was shocked when they actually won, something America should take notice of in their upcoming election and having a similar demagogue who appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    The negotiations will follow a trigger of article 50 of the EU convention ,this should happen sometime after October when the new Leader of the current governing party is elected .It however may start sooner as the EU ,Germany mainly, are keen on making an example of Britain in order to deter similar referendum .This week they are having their first meeting since the vote and even though UK is still part of EU ,they are not invited .

    The EU has been great for UK ,in 1974 when UK joined ,it was like a recovering alcoholic ,now the UK is thriving economy when a very large financial service and a booming middle class .However the class system is entrenched in the UK psyche and there are those who will not rise economically or otherwise because of their class, despite education being technically totally free (University was free until a few years ago and is still free at the point of entry -repay the small loan after leaving and earning above a certain amount ) majority of the ”working class” will leave school with little or no qualification .There is a great adult education sector which is even freer ,yet they don’t take it up, entrepreneurial and apprenticeship courses and sponsorship, still they don’t .

    All they do is sit and take part in the UK’s favourite past time of blaming Johnny Foreigner .

  12. Flames, you do no have a clue of what you are talking about. Which educated or clever person, especially a black one would give up access of working; buying property; starting up a business; bringing your family over if they are out of the EU area and travelling without a visa to 27 countries would give that u?
    Don’t you understand that it is the selfish and racist people of England that wanted out? They are so sick minded that their focus was mainly on immigration and the money that that were giving to the EU to be part of it, the small picture. They with there small island attitude are not focusing on the fact that security wise they are exposing themselves. Neman is an island and no man can stand alone and be truly successful.

    The original concept of the EU was that all the countries should come together and work together, by trading , free movement of citizens without hindersnce, where they could live and work in each other country etc.
    This was because both world war were started in Europe.
    The UK wanted out for the main reason of , because signing the EU treaty they have to respect the decisions of the EU courts and their courts would not be the final court of appeal. In my opinion, this was good because, has breach many people’s Human Rights and it is only after appeal to the courts in Europe these rights were recognised.the Human Rights Act 1998 which gives a little protection can be repealed by the Uk legislature at any time and there is nothing any court in the UK can do about it as the parliament which enact laws are supreme, meaning no court, after the law has gone through the process can interfere and say the law is wrong. This is the main reason for those opposing EU membership wanted out. When someone rights has been breached or their rights are not recognised The EU courts would say that is not the correct way to go about things and the UK just like all the other 27 member states were bound by the E U rulings.
    It was a very sad day for the Uk citizens when they voted to come out, not understanding the protection of their human rights that they handed over on a platter after listening to the views of nearly 3000,000 Racist pigs which included some misguided blacks, who themselves seem to not have risen from the house niggaz and Stockholm syndrome.

  13. Propaganda is one hell of a thing. There will be no strong EU and a simultaneously strong UK. It is plausible that there will be more exodus from the EU and if that is the case, the EU, as we know it, will cease to exist. Northern Ireland and Scotland are bent of remaining in the EU and if they remain vigilant, that might spell trouble in the UK–ultimately leading to the demise of the UK.

    From what I am gathering Nigel Farage was not the most sincere, when it came to his pro-BREXIT messaging and depending on his level of embellishment, the British have to pay dearly, especially since they were not counting on Scotland and Northern Ireland siding against them.

    1. Northern Ireland has long held a bone of contention against UK, the Scots as well so they don’t mind the “sinking” of Britannia once and for all. …exclude the royalist.

  14. Good fi dem. Dem vote fi leave and don’t know leave fi wah

    As the UK is no longer the power broker between the EU and most ACP countries, will the EU strengthen its influence by out-negotiating the UK with the 79 ACP countries? Will developing countries strengthen direct bi-lateral relationships in Brussels? How will BRICS as a bloc and in particular China/India move to take advantage of a weakened UK place in global trading? Will UK have to expend even more resources trying to protect its interests from the solidified direct relationships between other blocs/countries and Brussels? Questions Questions. #Schadenfreude #whenyoucheckmateyourself #whenyourenemiesunite

    these are some of the questions they should have asked and the list goes on.

    Now as Scotland Wales Northern Ireland and England forms Great Britain, Scotland is looking to become independent as they want to remain in the EU. Set of intellectual fools

  15. Btw, it is GREAT that England can join and unjoin as an independent entity as dem please. Mean while, Palestine can’t declare a sovereign border THANKS to England and company.

  16. All they have in mind is ‘visas’ and immigration. Which is ironic eh? But their situation will be worse. The Afro-Caribbean community had better protection for their rights in the EU!! They could petition the European Court of Human Rights. With Brexit, the scrapping of the Human Rights Act is now highly likely. Those same Afro Caribbean people will start complaining of how difficult it is for them and their families in the diaspora. And those who think they already have their book or were born Brits don’t realise they have reset the achievement bar for their children and grandchildren. When the deportation rate start increasing at high speed they will start complaining. And they will also complain about how their children are treated differently at school. They will need to be reminded of their vote in 2016!!

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