Aidonia cayman side chick. When he came here last week she stayed at the hotel with him every night. She is also associated with other entertainers. She a big whore. F**k at least half of cayman and she love people man. Deh wid a whole lot of married and even dash whey several belly. There is even WhatsApp convo with she and Aidonia. It stink a cayman how she is his cayman wifey and they spend a lot of time together when he was here. Someone even posted on her Instagram big up aidonia wifey but she quickly deleted it.

Below are pics of her with him and of her liking up him picture and him manger picture. There is a picture of her when she was younger the one with the mic in his hand.


  1. No surprise here
    A wonder if people nuh listen to him song whea him sing we get gyal any whea wi guh,Cayman won’t be the first and I guarantee she won’t be the last it seems he has a specific type though

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak an soooo a dat yuh pick???? Kim a get some rassclaat bun unda har bumbo….pussy prabley soon stawt scratch har dwl…hunnu neva know seh she just get di ring fi seal off di bun… dwl

    2. and that is something good? Look what society come to. What’s the sense of being in a relationship and d persona cheat all d time? no money can comfort heartbreak .

    1. nopesssssssssssssss


      had to block him out my dms

      so i know this is true


      kim have baby for him so she shame to leave

      and him have a little name and hype so its the best she THOUGHT she could do

  2. It’s the season for bun,suh maybe him a start celebrate early. Marriage or a small package neva did a guh tame him.

  3. A wah 2017 ting? Gal Get Ring….Tun Wife…Den bun…. an trust me hunnu nuh want di cheese wah go round… Hey!!!! a wah ring an marriage gone tuh.. hold dah bun yah unda yuh bumbo gal wifey…. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak f**ka yuh mi naee too like yuh still cause yuh seem like yuh raw like yuh smell fishy or yuh carry green arm or foot tink….mi nuh know sumting bout yuh.

  4. Dem guilty to rass. Mi go pon har instagram go look. Every picture with Aidonia gone. If she was just a fan why delete?

  5. When is Kim never getting bun???? Lol he does love her tho but he’s just being man that no matter what he will cheat

  6. That is what wrong with some women weh nuh want to work, when adionia go round a sleep with different woman and come back come sleep with you, and den you start walk round with stinking pussy don’t blame nobody

  7. While Kimberly always inna people business she need fi look pon the ants inna fi har milk. The world know seh Aidonia eva a cheat pon Kim. She wanted to have this extreme wedding and she got it. Dat nah slow dung di bunning weh she a get. This man Aidonia is a rebel in the streets. If she never know before, now she know.

  8. Man will be Man…but when will these women learn to respect people Marraiges…at the end of the day many of these men will NOT leave there wives for uno, so all when u ketch feelings for the man..him nah lef..then it sticky pon u..learn to respect yourself and DO NOT DO WHAT U WOULD NOT WANT FOR YOURSELF…everyone know his married so even if he step to u run him bk to his wife…u just gonna lay down n tek di F#*k n duck..Women of today lack Morals n self respect..

    1. I agree some what but u ever know some ppl weh married to the wrong person … u see them with some one else like an old girlfriend or bf and them just look like a perfect match?

    2. Stop it, stop putting it on other women, before some a ooun married the men dem ooun know from day one say dem did a one dawg and now h say nothing bout it true some a ooun wan ring.. And as soon as ooun get the ring ooun change..

    3. This is the dumbest shit I heard all day, I can agree with you that woman lack morals and self respect though, both of them do. The wife that sit and allow them man fi give bun and come bk can’t respect herself either. And maybe that’s why her husband don’t respect her. It darkens the heart watching the one you love share his body with another. So no woman that truly loves a man would just sit back n take his infidelity. Bout man will be man, so you r saying its apart of a man DNA to cheat. No accountability no wonder he always cheat, so if u waiting on every woman to tell your man no, since he can’t help himself cause he is man, u always ago get bun, somebody always gonna say yes. How about you find a man with good qualities and not known gyalist and try to tame them.

  9. Some females only get married to show off on their friends, other girls and model pon dem matey… Alot of women are in relationships and want to leave but scared or just embarrassed based on what i was told by a few who said they respect me for my actions (including my sister and cousins)…

    My husband was and is a notorious cheater;every teenage girl him affi get into and was so disrespectful to me and i left my husband crying say him never know i’d really leave him especially since we have 2 young kids and he is very wealthy…(not rich but,wealthy) and i walked away with nothing but my dignity and self respect! everyone says im stupid and fool but no1 knows how sweet it is to pick up z pieces and start over by yourself.

    No1 has “self esteem” anymore;the phrase dont even exist especially since Instagram!!

  10. Kim not moving, she is going to pretend until the end. she’s under everybody pictures expect her mate.

  11. Cya give bun in peace ??? This nigga not hiding all her mates or people he looks always talks up and hype pan her. Mi nuh feel sorry fi her tho cuz she clearly only using her looks, she cant even keep up with a frickin online cheap shoes store she need fi guh do sumn wid her life, nuh gyal nah aspire fi be housewife inna 2017 except she. All dutty big pussy Reenee sixthirty a post him an a talk bout him a her man crush and she soon see him at work, nuh bloodclaat dancer bitch nuh suppose to have me husband name inna them mouth much less a post him. A night now and everything dun gone bad, good luck. Her mom jus getting a degree now.

  12. Kmt. Kim don’t care if she getting bun. She is used to it by now. The man a tek care of her. If you choose to be with her certain men then you know this comes with the territory.

    But why she fava Kim suh though.

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