GQ DWIGHT , you really cash out you 401k so you can buy name brand i dont understand where these clowns comes from trying to justify themselves with some foolishness , of course people can feel confident in whatever they wear , wither brand or no brand you fool, this fool dont even say , get an investment , who would do what you’re caption said , guess only you . I dont even know what you look like in this . Trust me .

20 thoughts on “ONE MORE FI GQ

  1. Sender a him affi go pay it back so what’s the problem? If him did a tief you woulda find fault , imagine he using his OWN 401K that he paid into(a feh him money) and you mad…do you own a 401k? Smh

  2. He’s so f**king BLAAAA!!! All this fool ever talk bout is name brand this and that. I feel bad for this guy because he sounds so desperate for attention and nobody naw pay him nuh mind!!! Fish nobody gives a **ck about u with your size 0 looking Ass!!! This nigga urksssss me yo!!! Annoying Bad!!! Shut ya mouth because nobody cares!!

  3. People people people, GQ is just an attention seeking gay hoe with a
    “Napoleon complex” (term describing a theorized condition occurring in people of short stature. It is characterized by overly-aggressive or domineering social) who uses the www to stay relevant. Damm fool-he needs to study Dougie and take a leaf out his book.

    1. If him study dougie him bound to fail dougie is no different from him they both love attention 2 lil gyals

  4. Unno too dunce. No 401k she have. She throwing words on people saying dem need fi cash out Dem 401K and buy REAL things and stop wear Fake. This is the most annoying battyman ever. Sick stomach inna dis clown outfit. GQ get no ratings from anyone people cannot stand this crawny fish. She always compete for attention once Robbas and Apple in the news she run go post something so she can get on Pink Wall. Nobody sees you. Too nuff fish.

  5. Mi and mi fren guh one party and somebody bounced into her,and she almost spilled her drink on him. He told her,”be careful cause a rent dis rent. ” Mi nuh know if a tru wi a nuh regular dancehall ppl or if he was being funny. Everything in dancehall is smoke and mirrors.

  6. Ah Dougie Platinum him ah chat. #facts :ngakak :ngakak Dougie stop badmind di ppl dem fi boots and clothes cause di world know seh yuh live ah China wid fem FAKE f**king sneakers and pieces yuh post pon instagram Dougie!! Yuh not fooling nobody round here. Level up nigga :ngakak :hoax2

  7. He fool a shit…him scamming self always come to Macy’s, shop with store credit gift card Not looking. Fake ass wannabe rich people.

  8. Yea clearly he’s throwing shade toward Dougie cause that was his one time friend dats why him throw in I DONT EVEN NEED FRIENDS!
    Well in all fairness Dougie do throw word on him an his fren dem all the while. It is what it is when GQ did a wear H&M him and Dougie a bestie now him start get few credit from Robbas and turn her runner him a wear Gucci suh feeling change and GQ act like him to good for cheap & clean ppl. Dougie soon ansa him with a “When u can travel the world and Have a legit income” blah blah blah just now. He always delivers lol

  9. Douglas him a banton everyday but I never see a man cuss people bout fake and 401k me wonder which worst fake life or fake bag do they know the Gucci bag dem mek in the same factory do they know that it’s the same material uses do they know that gucci factory are in china that’s where the replica company get the material ! Do they know that the bags are produce in China factory and shipped to Italy so it stand made in Italy and shipped from there also do they know that gucci has a factory in New Jersey !! It’s funny how these people worship material than substance !!

  10. First off Dougie cares zero about GQ. They were friends and GQ badmind because Dougie can travel all over the world and he is stuck here cannot travel and getting free apartment from the government because he is sick. Dougie has a job, he is a businessman that goes to China and buys and sell. So what if he wears fake? Dougie and his circle have goals in life and they want no friends from Dwight who live for Instagram fame. GQ always badmind the yute because he is a Citizen and him focused and positive. Dougie not into the fake hype Instagram lifestyle like GQ who think him and him friend Dem are celebrities. If Macy’s and Bloomingdales ban GQ then it is back to H&M GQ. This nigga forget he use to wear only H&M and Zara. Robbas teach him bout good clothes and shoes and now he is Mr. High and Mighty. Thank God fi Robbas who tell him bout Gucci lifestyle. Nigga was a nobody that run into Dougie looking a bus and get badmind.

  11. meck him gwey dam scammer come with ur receipt bitch cant stan him ,chat bout bran when u use ur own money to but it, n pls show where u live gq let see if it add up to ur clothes only gucci star n brenty show where they with their clothes so come show us gq since u so rich dam fool

  12. GQ Dwight is a big FRONTER!! him bruk baddddddd no money fi save him own life. This fool don’t even know what a “life insurance policy” looks like. :cd :hoax2 Dwight don’t be like those ppl who’s family have to walk and beg forbhelp when yuh dead and gone. Scam smartly not stupidly. #imjusssayin :cool :cool :travel


  14. So what if Dougie wears “fake” brand atleast Dougie has a 9-5 & when he gets old he will have a social security check to collect & possible a pension weh Dwight and Brenty aguh collect wid Dem Aids baddie my taxes affi a pay fi Dem medication leave Dougie alone brand is not all Dougie smart not a fan of Dougie but him look neat Ina him fake labels damn jackass bout cash out 401k fi buy white people clothes weh hate we battyman GQ bye

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