This wah happen she came to the game to fight Tiffany and got beat up. They said Tanisha set it up and ppl told her where Tiffany was sitting,she pay her money and they said kerryann was standing at the door and she came to fight Tiffany and got beat the f**k up! Idk y don’t ppl tell the truth & bald head was in the corner laughing at the whole situation. And kerryann (jue gal) jump in and purple beat her up and they was all outside waiting in them to chm out with they weapons and yes Lisa thump off Shushana face


  1. @ YARDY MORN! Metty MORN! Good fi dem geigo lizard Shauna u think a u roll thunder. Old tuff turkey Kerri oonu feel sey oonu can step to people as oonu have a like oonu gwey cause oonu man love to lick it before them stick it. A di skrum gal dem look a trillion time betta than oonu half human half animal BITCHES! A cud bald head too him look like scarecrow mi wouldn’t want him fi neither looks r money him crawny baddddddddd him couldn’t even pray btw my legs.

      1. I’ll take the money and dash weh everything else…times hard…morning girls :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  2. Mi nuh wrong the skinny fellow he would be wrong fi jump inna girl fight after me hear the skrum crew a walking veneral disease carrier

    1. Dats true but if him woman a get a beating him should atleast try to break it up, not laugh at her. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak


  4. Ah lie sender a tell the whole a di scrum dem get beat uppppppppp wiggggg every where lml this sound like s-Kay send this in get over baby girl

  5. Aye I remember one time when shushanna waah fight the brown offa Kerry Ann skin cawh dem did tunn one big enemy and Kerry determine say shi nawh go fight shushanna but look how shi quick fi fight for shushanna a really you name ride and die guh chue Kerry :hammer

    1. Me nah like me like kerry, a she say ride or die but me did think them say ppl nuh loyal like one time. But Kerry stay home and mind your beautiful Pitney dem please or is the endless promotion and beating just to raise the hype for jue dance where he may be missing from

  6. A lie the dutty sender a tell,tiffany crew get a ass wipping from need fi stop walk and f**k from bronx to jersery to miami and back wid har nasty tuff bloodclautt…

  7. Senda Section 5 inna JMG Disclaimer speak about lies (beg smady wid sense fi read it tuh yuh). Mek dis be di last lie yuh send een, cah yuh ass’n might be waitin around di corner in di form of Kerry Ann and Shushanna. Mi ah warn yuh…”BE WHERE” :ngakak

  8. Why is Kerryann wasting her time on these little girls? Girl you should be worrying about Jue ass in jail!!! Make sure you don’t go in there W| him! Xx

  9. LOL black people and claiming other races.. on purpz instagram she claims she is Jamaican and Irish confused…

  10. I keep asking the same rass questions!!! Dem so called dancehall celebrities, wha dem do fi a living??? Which job dem have that allow dem fi have enough money fi go every dance, plus have energy fi fo work the next morning??? No muss some drug dealer or shoplifta dem?? Met, stop gi fame to dem waste man and waste gyal yah!! Bout dancehall celebrity. Dem a celebrity but dem always a cuss one anooda bout who bruk and who tief and who illegal and who a walk a beg and borrow! F**ken set a iglers!!
    Real Talk 😡 😡

  11. Unu love tek said fair is fair. That was not even a fight the girl dem Neva get beat up idk wat was dat going on do all these writer needs to shut the f**k up cause all a unu sound like unu don’t like dem

  12. gnu please to leave the dancehall celebrities alone…SELF DESTRUCTION is the name of the game..ssssssshhhhhhhh!! :rain:

  13. Unu please to leave the dancehall celebrities dem alone…SELF DESTRUCTION is the name of the game..ssssssshhhhhhhh!! :rain:

  14. Met i was there ah lie di sender ah say. Shushana come in the game and beat tiffany barbie with a slippers, beat her bad like how a mother would beat n abuse a child. Tiffany barbie welt up from her face come right down. Lisa she did sprawl out all over the floor cause shushana and kerryann did ah deal wid dem. Purple run in and dash a box of food inna shushana face and did get 2 punch off of her but shushana dem never get beat up ah tiffany dem get beat up

    1. u nuh jus email mi di same ting? mi nuh really business wid dem because sushanna jus come from jail and fresh ina di foolishness same way..They never learn n God nah go stop teach dem das all

  15. Howdy metty…Shushanna sick dawg stomach she and Kerry Ann those two bitches will never learn. Deh pon di same ting yr in yr out mi just don’t andersandts how Kerry find time fi war fi sushanna.

    1. She find the time oo.But I just hope dem know say when God’s word is made final dem nuh fi shed a tear. Sushanna get a chance fi start a different life and come back pan di same careless living. She come back and look like she waa go back agen, prison life must be nice

  16. No one cares who get beat or nah dem bitches fi stop it now dem is like Tina and Angella inna dem days cawh learn and inna every fight.

  17. The hate is real for the 4 a dem not because yall dnt like the lil girls that mean you should tell lie on them. Met i was there tiffany did not get beat up lisa did not get any hits only purple from kerryan and baldhead stand up and laugh. Kerryan and shushana had females outside waiting to jump the 3 girls. Met its sad how these grown ass women are intimidated by lil girls fighting over man. They need to be locked for preyin on younger females sad

  18. tiffany and dem deserve the beating .tiffany dem neva win no fight cah tiffany cannot fight and thats a fact cuz she get beat nuff time . people need fi talk truth cuz mi did deh tifanny neva win no fight

    1. okay we get it!! NO ONE CARES!!! why can’t you females stay outta the club and stay home or guh find something more constructive to do than run go a club every damn minute? soon as unu hear tin can knock unu run go a store go teef weh the people dem belongings just fe keep up bare f**krey. ya’ll deh a foreign a skylark and not contributing nothing worth while to society. one big bunch of nuisances to society.

  19. Unuh come offa dis a gwaan bout who win fight. Met a whey dem ppl yah come from? Sass crise man.

  20. Met mi Neva know u cuss bumbo them Mek u head hotttt with the nonsense. U know wa MET a u win the fight belt goes to u. Dem ludddy mi gone c if mi inna di power ball pot!

  21. Dem seh tanisha call dem y tanisha sexy tt call Shelly belly and seh she a duck her good good husband a dat unnu fi a talk bout dasha

  22. I dnt know none of these females personally but from what I’ve heard sushanna can fight. All she do is walk an fight from 2000-now. She must go have a seat now. From back in days she a walk an fight an can’t stop. She always a beat everybody she fight and she always a bring frens to gang ppl. She soon meet her match.

  23. duty lisa did you know that tiffany did f**k cuban,while you was f**king him too,that aint yuh fren,cuban talk say a nuff f**k n suck him get off a har.him seh one day him call fi lisa pon tiff phone n him put words to har n she fall fi it.him say a tiff him really did like from marning but dutty lisa nuff up har self so him jus mek shi suck him off n use har. cuban say lisa too insecure him could even like tiff pic cause lisa mek big deal out a it.tiff a di boss.nuff time him n tiff deh a hotel a f**k.a wonda who suck di cock better,tiff tell cuban say she wanted to see why lisa was so into him, him say him luv tiff head game better,a bare bite yuh bite

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