GYAL LOVE LIE AND SEH MAN AH MINE DEM AND NUH STORY NUH GUH SUH. Bobby we know SEH ah u ah buy di Tings dem with ya theifing credit and ah mine daffy at the same damn time all di front Weh u and yuh sister Weh ah work ah walmart ah put on need if STOP unno love wear and buy and send back. Put a pic up of your closet so we know it’s real. B4 u GO ENCOURAGE YOUR SISTER TO SEND HER CHILD TO SCHOOL YOU RATHER TEAXH HER ILLEGAL SHIT ROLE MODEL MY ASS. CLOTHS AND SHOES DOESNT MEAN SHIT ONCE U HAVE NO EDUCATION NOT EVEN A HS diploma. Show the diplomasssssssss and degrees or even your place of employment. We’ll waitttttttt. Cant show nun Huh y’all act like y’all better than Ppl and y’all not better than no 1 y’all have nothing in life to show off but boot and clothS GET YALL LIFE

0 thoughts on “DEM SEH DAFFY DID NOT BUY………………

  1. one time i went to a bar…..inna mi sweater, t-shirt jeans and ting wid mi chucks….walk in a bare old white man inna sports coat, blazer and dockers wid slip ons di whole a dem a wear…..mi say raas….mi dress wrong fi dis place……so anyways mi deh deh a par wid two chick……next ting mi know mi see a bag a man walk in and a bare suit and tie and shit……mi start say to misself…..why di raas mi haffi be one of di only black man inna dis raas place and look how mi dress…..jah know it look sticky bad… mi start consider wedder mi shoulda just left …….one a di chick say fi what??….dem bredda deh a some car salesman whe deh pon a likkle company ting….mi say wha?….car salesman??…mi nearly dead wid laff to raas…..cause mi know say wid few exceptions dem salary and education is just average…… mi stay and enjoy misself…..what is the point??……. i tricked myself into thinking i was not worthy and that somehow because of the surroundings i had to prove myself to be their equal…..and dats di problem wid dese dancehall ppl….dem feel dem have to prove themselves worthy and equal to di next person…….therefore di showing off of name brands and tags…………but why waste time trying to prove yourself equal to another person?……nothing wrong with wearing name brands…….but in excess is ridiculous….and ppl will hate you for it… they pile hate for you on top of your own insecurity and shallow self esteem and it feeds the monster inside you………and in the end when the monster has chewed your soul to bits, and you look and feel burned out…. you will sell whats left of it to the lowest bidder for scraps… show off your name brands on the outside all you want…..we can see the monster inside…..

    1. DRH, I’ve always known that Insecurity is a MONSTER. This people need to learn “LOVE OF SELF” first.

    2. Bullshit. So if the men had above average education and salary u wud leave the bar. After u made that reference, nothing else u said make sense

      1. If this were in regards to someone who earned a legitimet paycheck weekly/biweekly/or monthly I would agree with you DRH. However, it’s in reference to someone who scams.

    3. Boom! Anybody can go on Ebay and see that a lot of people buy then sell. If you can’t be comfortable in your own skin, what’s the point? You are right, nothing wrong with name brands, but come on, NONE of these people like them one anedda, despite undercutting their children’s legacy, tiefing, selling front or being gay for pay.
      Lack of integrity and low self esteem is a serious thing!

  2. She put a seat belt on the bag and da shoes dem hav this paper inna dem why no box or receipt to show bob you trying to hard don’t get caught stealing again dis time you not getting out k

  3. Bob Unno soul is tore the f**k up inside her conscious is insecure don’t know no better ole ugly dog face pit bull mouth looking bitch

  4. bobby need fi wake di f**k up. she guh prison an firstting har batman decide fi o is ek pic wid tiffany she call an she bawl an holla poor she daff abatty man from England di whole lot a dem from di ugly face mumma come right dung dem only kno how fi mine man

  5. These people are very sad excuses for human beings. Absolutely nothing valuable they are able to contribute to society

  6. sade need to go find a man to take care of her child I don’t understand how these so called hot girls are comfortable tohave the government taking care of yall kids but u sit and atlk about name brand shit all the f**king time and how much is spent give it a rest how about trying to get a job, I don’t think that’s possible cause dirty body sade have a rap sheet the length a brookyn , tonikay haffi smuggle helf inna walmart an bobby him justdunce and know how fi tief… so what is yall future plan???? sooner or later unu haffi guh find somewhere else fi thief cuz all the stores have ur pics, rite aid or cvs perhaps???is this the life u want ur kids to see you living. you are a sorry bunch as for the sadamite one “peter-gay” have you forgotten you are here on a visa. gwaan f***k ur self and see what will be the outcome. then again u can file immunity over here with the gay and lesbian community . this is so embarrassing but its because of the families and the background you are all from you all have the crab inna barrel mentality bobbete dem use to dutty south life and sade has the attitude of a project bitch sade is like dem bull dog yet still when dem cuss she class dem like dog den dem sey family, bobby with out sade u feel empty tricia drop unu in a “rush” and she happy even if she a thief she has an actual job and a profession bitches is mad lame oh well lest see where yall lot gonna be 2 yrs from now

  7. @ judas………lol…..i understand where you are coming from….however, did you miss the part where i said i had tricked myself.??… should have inferred as i implied, whether they were average in education and salary or Phd’s and millionaires, the outcome would have been the same……i would have stayed because it was no longer a question of being equal or living up their worthiness……..

    1. And that is what a lot of these people cannot do. They cannot, for one minute admit to their folly. They have no self awareness.
      There is a reason why celebrity culture (not based upon talent, but hype, over prevalence and consumerism) will not go away. A lot of Hollyweird, Rap, reality t.v and dancehall is reflecting the insecurity of those that inhabit those industries right back at a lot of the insecure people in the general public.
      These are the first people to scream “HATER” if you dare admit that you are not a fan of the celebrity idols that are put before us. It’s all projection and those who aspire to or have a healthy psyche are hated for not falling for the okey doke.


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