Hi Met,
I love your website and I read it often. Keep up the good work. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I believe that GOD will continue to bless me. I would like to let this woman know that I saw all of the messages and pictures that she sent to my husband. And I know that they are more than “friends.” No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
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Thank you.






  1. Wife stop it. Yuh shoulda send d man pic too.. Fed up ah uno protect uno wutless man but whaan blast d other women.. She seems like a cool chick tho dwl at least she’s concern about u wifey

    1. :2thumbup Agree. Them always quick fi dash up di next ooman pic..But not di careless man. Which rightfully he is who she should be picking her battle with. She seh she neva know seh wifey was preggo…. An she was telling him not to stress her out… So she was being considerate.

  2. bloodclaat story addi fukkin yr and also mi life…mi get set up like dat b4 ….as a man dat went thru that..i swear i felt like i was gonna die ….so dat mek mi analyze mi life an change a whole heap of things.. but seriously you have some women who knows your capabilities and what you represent in your household and go out their fukkin way to tease you and push up on you ..i seriously believe it when ppl say woman nuh wah yuh til you wid smaddy..

    1. Like the understatement of the year. That girl can get any man….mi like! Now that Dwayne is busted, she is free to come my way…I wonder how I can touch base with her?

  3. Mawning
    Di dutty man say stress is whey him do …. Germs

    Wifey Rinse Dwayne picho deh ….di same way u do the woman

    Him and di bun a gal a germs kah it look like a only di pregnancy she claim she never know bout but she was very aware of the wife

    **Fyah wife**. Soon sign in

    1. The man never say dat a the wife a talk to har, this wife lucky anno mi she buck with dat nonense . Bout she can have the man one lil conversation and she ready to give him up . That mean she never want him in the first place which could explain why he’s looking. She using her insecurity to run the man.

  4. Dwayne wife run in pls. More details me a look. Hope u put he out mek he tan a a her place. Nuh badda stress yourself and endanger the precious life weh god bless u wid. Dwayne u ole dirty dog you’ve got some explaining to do yasso.

  5. Good morn entrepreneur MET, also all independent bloggers not the mean ugllly thieving ones oonu gwey! Mi na lie from week jmg pon fire, matey get ketch big time woieeeeee mi working body!

  6. Honey came home and caught me red handed cheating with the girl next door.I wonder if your husband if going to say it wasn’t him. But wifey your matey cute tho. Wifey you soft. You should have dig up some real dirty out of her. Because you know when the husband cheats they are real real freaky and nasty..


  8. Shame shame on such a pretty girl . That’s the only way u can get a man come on :cd :alay exposing ur property

  9. Good morning Met, I dont see weh wife duh wrong and she nuh hav to send een any pic of herself either.The pic of side ting is enough.Knowing the fact seh him ma rried and live with wife its enough for her to step away….Now step to him if u nuh already step to him and tek care a di situation, figet bout side piece now and move it along

    1. Good morning , why should she? Di man tell di mate him have a wife and she still on him so this is what she get

  10. Pretty girl but not smart…Ppl need fi know if u a tek sumady man especially husband dont send no picture just text.Mi know uno nuh care, uno a show uno goods fi mek di man lef him wife, its gonna take more than that especially if is not nuh green card ting.Where assets and kids are concern its not that easy tekkers

    1. Smh she no need to show no goods to get the man stop being ignorant and act like you have sense. You must be a wife. You have any idea how many married( ring on and all) a try look me on a daily basis? They can’t even see my ankles. More married men cheat than single men and this the reason UNNO too ignorant for the mates UNNO hardly paying any attention to UNNO miserable husbands. MOST A DEM SEXUALLY DEPRIVED. FK UNNO HUSBAND, PAMPER THEM GOD DAMN IT MAN PUT ON A WIG, A MASK A CROTCHESLESS DRAWZ AND F**K HIM ON THE KITCHEN TABLE MAN , IM GONNA STOP SENDENING THEIR ASSES HOME AND TAKE HIM FOR MYSELF UNNO NO DESERVE THE HAPPINESS IM SENDING BACK HOME UNNO UNGRATEFUL BAD.IF IT WERENT FOR MATES YOU BITCHES WOULDNT HAVE NO HUSBANDS. START THANKING THE MATES ANS SHUT THE FK UP.

      1. so quick question do clean the kitchen table with disinfectant wipes when you’re done…right? :malu2

  11. Seems like any man name Dwayne gi nuff trouble lol!! On a serious note wifey yuh shoulda dash out him picture too because ten chance to one is him go look the girl, him have a responsibility to his marriage and his home. So if this ants is in your milk is him put har in deh. I’m tired of us as females always cursing the other woman, granted I’m not saying she’s right for still sleeping with him knowing that he’s married because that is not acceptable either. However some of these men will not let a woman know they are married either so I place the blame solely on him. He could have brought some disease home to you and your unborn child, and if it’s not this woman it will be someone else, wifey you need to wise up and make sure this man does not bring you something incurable.

  12. Im so disgusted in us women!! The man just told you he has a pregnant wife at home…. She made it go over her head as if this man isn’t in a commited relationship.. given it takes two to tangle but us women have so much power… after he drop the bomb that his wife is expected you continue to tarry. What exactly are you looking for in this man?? The pattern rarely ends… after his wife divorces him (if she does… given she has a newborn) and gets with you… you don’t think that he will find a space filler that will be 2nd to you??

    Why are women okay with being #2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You don’t think you deserve to be #1 in a man’s life?? My goodness!!!!!

    To the wife, everyone is saying you should have put your husbands pic up, at the end of the day it boils down to him being your HUSBAND! You all have children together…. and I am sure ppl will know who you are if you posted your Husbands photo…. Why would you bring shame down on yourself? You are going thru enough!

    I wish you all the luck in whatsoever choice you decide to make! Everyone will have their input but you will ultimately deal with things in your own way…. Continue trusting God and loving up on your new bundle of joy!!

      1. Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh mi never did ah catch on.. I thought the wife saw the messages and then replied and said this is his wife…. Now I understand why she said thank you for giving me all the info!!!

        I catch on ya now….. in that case… WOW!!

  13. Di man never said he causes stress……a weh do unnu dis mawnin?
    Good Morning Pink Wall College.

    1. Dem so hot feh the mate they not paying attention. The damn wife get har feelings hurt. Good for her ass for snooping lmfaoooo

  14. Why call the woman out of her name? She actually cared about your well being wife! Who knows what manner of lies the husband tell to get her.

    1. really? u must be matey have several seats unu sick mi!!!!!! care bout well being and a send nudes??????????????? u got to be kidding me thats why when unu ready fi settle down unu suffer like dog

      1. Smh yes mate wrong to be concern. She fking the man which should be her only concern. If the man clearly no care bout his pregnant wife why should she? I hate her for that dwrl

        1. When since yuh get so self righteous? You have said on this same site that you sleep with more than one married man…yuh remember?

          1. me??? not this wicked a different one my girl. Met can pull up di comments #FACTSSSS gtfoh!!!!

          2. no is not the other blogger this but why u use the name knowing that one a di metters dem did a use it

          3. And I just did again further down what’s ur point?? Idiot I was being sarcastic , read again dwrl . Hop off a mi yah

  15. Most likely this would have turned out to nothing. I have these flirting games every now and then and they always turn out to nothing. People sometimes flirt and none of the parties seemed serious.

    1. If it weren’t serious she wouldn’t have send those pics! Do you flirt as far as to send out your private parts?? That’s beyond just flirting base on the pics he hit it and she sending him reminders. She too much knowing it’s not her man, idiot lol

      1. yup u stay deh ppl a exchange nudes all before the relationship lead to anything nowadays “LUST” ah dweet

      2. Yow every now and then I delete dozens and then delete number .Nowadays when you ask a girl fe pics she know what you a ask for .You a gwaan like whatsapp no have nuff of yours a overload dem

  16. Good morning Ms. Met,
    It does look like Nicky, but if a she this girl is a known tekka so har picta fi get dash out.
    What mi nuh understand is why wid her looks and popularity she canot find a man fi har own and leave ppl marriage alone. Memba how she was a torn in the gyal side ova Shavar

    1. Some women love married men, I know women who only date taken men. It sad but everybody is different. Not everybody want the same things. Just like some wife not married for the marriage but for what the man can provide them with financially. It’s most of those men cheating because the wives not into them they lack the love and respect they should be getting from the union. I can’t explain it but in either case there are reasons for each persons actions

        1. Because dem sad bad how can you not desire to want your OWN LIFE!!!!!! Who takes pride in being a home wrecker! Thats why shit will never get better because of people with dem mindset here. Unu fi stop tek ppl man ..unu just a wait till one a dem crazy wife or husband stab unu kill unu DEAD ! One reason mi nuh cheat or tek ppl man mi nuh wah dead nowadays a deathhhhh di lovers dem a deal wid no fight no talkin … the devil leggo inna some a unu mind him lock up in deh and di key dash weh !

          1. Yuh see how the 16 year old girl get shot and dash inna river a may pen tru she wa next man????? unu seet ??? unu see how the pregnant woman got beheaded cuz she a tek next man ??? u think dem heartless obsessed lovers ya will spare the mate???? especially the women .. Women are certified crazy for real that is no joke im not messing with nobody property.

          2. Wicked in regards to yu 10:52 am post …human beings aren’t properties. A parent has custody of a child until age of independence as dictated by law or culture. No woman nu own nu man, and nu man nu own nu woman…unless a slavery.

            Me nah defend no body marriage but my own and if a gal tek me man then de marriage/love weak from jump start.

  17. you know seh mi nuh blame matey. unu say she wrong but in this day and age wife and mate ah the same thing. at least she did know seh him married. and fi di people weh a seh how u feel comfortable fi come in second place, there is no second place nowadays mate a get same treatment as wife and yall can say my name is on this my name is on that.. met mi know a girl did deh with one married man and just two months ago the man dead from heart attack.. he had 4 houses, 1 in jamaica and 3 in the us, he leave the girl 1 of his house, money fi start a daycare, and his kids the house in jamaica and the wife get the next houses. As long as the mate defend what she want out of the situation be it love, money, respect etc, and he gives it to her i dont see the issue.

    1. yuh nuh blame matey? it look like a she a nuff up herself that girl have low self esteem yuh all hear he is expecting look how he disrespecting his “WIFE” why would u think u gonna get better treatment from this dirty johncrow!!!!

      1. Wicked calm down and read the ting. A THE WIFE A CHAT TO THE GAL ANNO THE MAN! Why would you blame the girl ? After anno the girl married to har, the damn wife could be lying talking bout she married because she know har husband minght left har feh the gal. I’ve heard it all. Some a these wives a bitch to. BLAME YOU MAN IF HE NEVER BRING THE WOMAN SHE WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE. The wife seek her out she just as bad . Wah she a do inna the man phone in the first place. ” an insecure bitch is a problem to a man”

        1. UM its his fault why she a investigate cleary he cannot be trusted cuz this may have not been the first time! So if hse wanna be insecure and check mek she gwan the man is a evil bwoy .. ol wutless fukka bet yuh is a dead beat puppa him not even care bout him pikny the woman pregnant and u atalk bout “she say mi stress her LOL” who does that u nuh see him a evil and di gal a wuss evil tings fi reach har like one big glass bokkle inna her neck! sick mi

          1. wicked you sound hurt. just because she like the man she has low self esteem? wouldn’t that mean the wife has low self esteem too? and how is she disrespecting the wife, by asking if she is okay? she never call the wife the wife go fast in the man phone. how can you agree to be a ‘wife’ (whatever that title is supposed to mean) and i can guarantee di man a do road before then… in a lot of these situations its either the man greedy or the initial relationship was never established as being monogamous. the wife never want to share but she never say that to the man she just expected him to be a one woman man. thats why mi mek sure fi tell di man if mi wan share or not from mawning.

      2. Lord wid de self esteem angel…That girl in the picture look FAR from having self esteem issues. The man and him wife have the self esteem issues.

        1. Husband have woman a road Why?
        2. Wife security shattered till she had to search the phone and pretend to be Dewayne Why?
        3. Wife go so far as to send the ‘met’ here Why?

        BTW, matey mek me wan cut me hair…lol De girl even considerate fi de wife…odd that she didn’t even go into a long text about wife pregnancy. I fell she never really into dewayne….lololol WIfey, yu husband not really wanted…dwln

  18. sender go check your husband might be on their too, look for you friends and family husbands too, nuff deh deh a seek any attention they can get from a woman not just sex smh

    1. He told her he had a wife because he only wanted sex from her and nothing else. Women must read between the lines. Who to say she don’t have her man? We don’t know the full 100 at least they had communication . How the wife no reach yet? How long the man did a see har etc,.?

    1. Not in every case. Remember it takes two. The woman no take the man it’s his willingness to go why he left.

      1. Come on man DWRL____ Yuh know wha mi mean. LOL. If u tek a gyal man, karma will mek a gyal tek him from yuh. Even in this case, if him willing leave him pregnant wife for her, she nuh too special fi him leff she too. What kinda woman would want a man dat leave his woman for her under these circumstances. Mi jus a respond in regards to the topic at hand.

      2. @ DWRL I hate to admit it, but a the facts yuh a talk, yuh might a touch a few nerves and crush some corns, but the truth is the truth. As women sometimes we tend to hurl blows and venom at the wrong person (the mate) while still cuddling the culprit (the men/husbands) but I have grown pass dat, there is absolutely no sense in arguing with the side chick and still hold the man near and dear, mi use to do that but mi stop dem f**kery deh, that only gi more power to the side chick and mek she feel like she a run yuh head hot. The only way I would be calling another woman I suspect that the man Im with is having an affair with is to just confirm that they are involved, because sometime insecurities can get the best of us, and we accuse others wrongfully, if I identify myself as his significant other just seeking enlightenment and she want to get smart with me I would an find har nasty raas and chop har out a har kin yes, but other than that you aint catching this girl fighting over no man. Mi nah fight no gal fi no man, a the man mi would an blood up. The last time I saw two chicks fighting over a dude, 1 girl broke a bottle and stabbed the other (who she and her friends ganged her) in her eye leaving her permanently blind in one eye, while the other was remanded, and funny thing about it thought the dude was there with his woman watching it all, and he walked away from it all like he never even knew them. Mi nuh seh a wont fight a bitch but not over a nigga, she mus pass har place and diss mi or my kids, and then all hell will let loose. My dude was being unfaithful once and a put his ass out (although we had 2 beautiful kids 2gether), and him move in the woman a think a day or two after, yes it hurt, but i pretend like it meant nothing to me, and after taking abt 3 months to get over the breakup, I met this cop and we started dating and he heard and almost lost his mind, he cleaned up his act, starting going to church, beg bawl and beseech mi, all call the guy phone, starting spending more quality time with the kids, and I made up my mind that I wasnt going to take him back all him mother call a beg mi, seh har son is losing his mind, but my babies (4 & 6) ask me to give daddy another chance, i decided to give it one last try, and can i tell you that man is a changed man today , him seh when he couldnt bear the thought of me being with someone else it destroyed him, and he realize that a minute of pleasure wasn’t worth giving up a lifetime of happiness, and bawl and tell the girl seh him nuh want har him want back him baby mother. Mi seh it been 2 year since, and if we go out and see a cop or a cop car, him start get nervous and talk bout him cant believe i was dating a cop yada yada yada blah blah blah yuh see how fi wi f**k bun dem and when dem a fling fi dem dick left right and centre, dem want yuh fi accept it cauz a man dem name. Yow mi nah inna a argument over nobody and dem cocky , a one man me own and thats my son, if a guy feel seh one woman cant satisfy him and him need another hole to cool his cocky them mi wi open the door fi him and help him back him bag, because mi nah get nuh infection or disease because of no boy wid dem straying/roaming cocky. I rather be alone than be unhappy a swear!!!!

        1. Real thing you a talk!! Sometime we give man too much credit and respect more than we respect ourselves! We fight over some people not even worth it and make them head swell!! Know ur worth! No man or woman dont belong to you! Them choose to share dem self with you! If you choose to step outside the commitment we make then gwan but no fighting nah take place over your cocky. Times sticky! Sometime you can fight and war some gyal over some cocky and that be the same cock that kill you!! yo know your self worth! If you a good woman and that’s who God want you to have just hold your corner and chill but know your worth!

  19. Which Nikki?..Kameisha Ice fren Nikki.A nuh she dat.Nikki have a more tuffer look, dat mate ya look more refine looking….and even if a Nikki, u think she would have dem deh response deh

  20. Ah dat dem fi get mi nuh sarry fi none ah dem all dese idiots do is mine man gi threesome mek dem abuse dem body an di man still gawn suh tek unuh stress idiots!!!!!

  21. @ Ms met, I agree. While it takes two to tangle, I am old school, I believe in marriage . As women, even if the man does not respect his vows, we should respect ourselves and let him be. There is no honor to be found, attempting to destroy an institution that God created.

  22. I never understand how some of you come on here and talk about the wife should not be mad with the mate if course cussing the man at home but them women here to Ras dry eye cause she know the man have a women and the man all seh him give trouble and she still lol like a idiot !! The man wrong but if women nun put up with men dogging out other women then probably man can start look in themselves and realize seh dem fi respect women !! My lord all the man seh she pregnant all me gone him would not even get a text response a relationship built on lies is sure to fall . We women need to stop thinking we can come change man and we should owe the mate no hurt yes the MATE is a big contributing factor In the turmoil of the relationship she is not the sole problem but condoning his disrespect of his home . We can’t change a man behavior but we can sure respect ourselfs enough to honor the bible yes all sin is sin but where this world come to when we can respect the sanctuary of marriages


    2. If we were living in a society where 4 wives are acceptable would you still use the bible fi make yu point?

  23. All nuff a unu man just thirsty suh. If him have him pregnant wife at home and ah seek a little more action that wifey is not capable of at the time yuh mean fi tell me say him couldn’t find a firma body play ina Since unnu sey a sex him short of? Come on now, this girl body nuh ready, set, nor good to go!!! Notice it’s not him ask har fi nuh pic. Wifey nuh mek she mash up yuh marriage yuh husband don’t seem very interested a tall a tall. Send that lonely bitch back to bed by damn herself like she is in the pic.


    1. Sweet mi lubb yuh a nuh. Cho!!! Dwllllll. Long time mi nuh hail u mum. Howdy mum. But u so right. And as someon say more women need to start saying no to ppl man an mek dem gwaan bout den business.

  25. Him nah request eitherrrrr!!! Obviously, you’re a concubine as well. Him Neva even want FaceTime har…y’all ain’t a shit but Outlets! Nuff a unu mate breed without even going on a date. Nuff a unnu dignity and standards get left ina after birth!!! Get a man and a life of y’all own bitches. People only share when they have to!

    1. Bitch go suck yourself, anno my fault you man naw stay. You sound miserable a wonder why? Learn to keep your man so him no affi find comfort in other women. Why you mad though?? A man never cheat pon me wet and if he did he respected me enough not to made it known. If UNNO no love and respect unno self how the BUMBOHOLE UNNO expect anybody to respect UNNO?? Why you mad though? Him never come home lastnight? You a wife and feel like a single woman don’t? A your fault. No go pick up dogs if you no expect to get fleas. Most a YOU know the man a cheater but UNNO feel the ring and paper gonna change shit. You accept the shit before the wedding continue after. Once a dog always a dog ring or no ring

      1. you doing the most right now and you need relax son. if you allow man fe dun pon u and then them go home to them wife and kids then don’t be so defensive. you a tekka gal but you always seem so angry. man really led dem ooman fe come deal aid demya type a hostility from a broad like you? i woulda even allow you to zip down mi pants front much less goggle mi balls inna fe u angry bloodclaat mout. yu too bitta man. go in your time out corner and don’t come out tip you’ve learned to behave yourself and play nicey nice nice

        1. you doing the most right now and you need to relax son. if you allow man fe dun pon u and then them go home to them wife and kids then don’t be so defensive. you a tekka gal but you always seem so angry. man really leave dem ooman fe come deal wid demya type a hostility from a broad like you? i wouldn’t even allow you to zip down mi pants front much less goggle mi balls inna fe u angry bloodclaat mout. yu too bitta man. go in your time out corner and don’t come out til you’ve learned to behave yourself and play nicey nice nice



  26. a so man wicked and lie that’s why me will never believe nothing weh them say! it hard for me to believe them even if them a tell the truth when them a lie

  27. The same way some woman get man a the same way them a go lose him.. the world is a circle… nuff woman was side chick before them tun wife.. the man is a dutty man

      1. I would divorce him for that, just because he laugh at the fact that his wife said he is stressing her and a laugh with the other woman.. it look like a regular him chat the wife with the woman .. Him don’t care what the woman say that is why it is a joke to him.. she should leave him like it’s funny

        P.S this post is no way suggesting that the wife should leave her dutty man but if it was me.. I would divorce him

      2. met ah him seh starbwoy him know seh him a hurt up di wife head mi want to see the picture ooo some ah dem face/body nuh too right but the pockets a dweet!

      3. Shani but u know mi a wonda if di wife start di convo or just finish it. Dwll. I doe know where hussy end an where wifey begin. Lol. Lol. Weh wife deh fi come talk.

      4. He never said it met she did……. The last convo he had with the girl was when he said” gn sexy baby” the other messages were from the wife which was why she refuse to FaceTime her. I don’t even believe this story because based on the wife thank you at the end she was setting a trap for the man. Who confront a woman and telling her how she miserable and a breed ? It sound like the girl have her man and she a try win him back. The girl never trace her or anything from what we see so her last message weren’t warrant. That girl don’t even sound like a woman he’s with the convo too friendly and calm. He warned her about her which is why she respond the way she did.

        Weh the wife deh? You can tell they either just met or them a sex buddies which is why she never flip when the wife( pretending to be the man) brings up pregnancy which she clearly had no clue about. Smh

        1. Is the woman husband she free fi do what she want to do mi nuh understand di argument at all why?? di girl and di man fi put pan blast that a di wife choice so why the beat down??

          1. She can do what she want and so can he. Her problem is with her husband not the girl. The girl is in his phone not her house . I’m sure if she sending him pictures he’s also doing the same. Trying to disgrace the girl won’t change the fact that the man not happy with being married to her

  28. WICKED, you on a roll Mama. You said it best though, LUST ah dweet. People tend to go where they are lusted after. How you know wife was no mate at some point in time? Wifey drop the ball nuff time by not keeping the fire burning and if you know you man have a huge appetite yuh better make sure you can forever fill his order. Why wife always looking to expose a girl pics to the web. You think exposure will let her stop deal with him? You better worry about having a safe delivery and leave the girl alone. It is clear that she did not know you were in the pregnant way.

  29. @dwfl yuh no hear she say she use to him bad behavior already? Why yuh dont go help har file down har football shoulda dem so she can get a man of her own and lowe di gal husbsnd yuh ova yah a condone f***kery. Wifey Listen, she a probably just him headmaster right now cause him nuh want you a do di tings dem while yuh pregnant. Him nah hide yuh or put har before yuh a rass. Trust me it a kill har. He cares 0 about her feelings it’s very obvious. Dem hate when man mention them wife

    1. What am I condoning?? Point blank I don’t believe the story because it makes no sense. Why wife no come give us more details? This girl might be innocent, she saw a message in her man phone and jump to conclusions. It’s more than this the man a dog from morning

  30. @ Dwrl a how u in a di post ya a act like ms bloodclawt know it all and feel the need fi a correct people so

    if dem read and wha write pon whey dem read why u feel di need fi a run behind dem and EXPLAIN

    calm di f**k dung man and go sid dung some whey

    is mus a married man dick u a tek cho or a must u a di raas wife gu whey man

    1. You no like it bite me! Yes a married man mi a f**k, hopefully him belong to you cause I see I have an affect on you. Bitch do you know where your man at?? Go suck a egg

      1. simp bitch mi know him no in a u dutty, rotten, stinking dun out std pussy bitch

        f**k outta here wid u special ed self

        pussy have more milage than I95

      2. dem deh married man weh ya tek mus have a fetish fe batta bruisement fe deal wid a miserable c%*t lakka yuh. no we don’t like it but mek di married man bite it yuh facets bitch..AS IF!!

    2. dwrl needs anger management. sometimes mi fraud she ago jump chu mi laptop screem come attack and batta bruise mi delicate body :takut

      1. I do that’s why me can’t have mates but I can take all I want. Everyman me deh wid know my heights a ignorance so dem no play the ass with me or my feelings. I’m not angry at all I’m just expressing my honest opinion it may come off harsh but a so it go

  31. was he sleeping? does he not have a locked pass code on his phone? like she don’t have no business going thru his got damn phone and i don’t give a shit if she is pregnant. i can’t stand snooping ass people ( me being an exception ). lady i hope your husband set rat traps all bout huh when time come and yuh start snoop chue im tinge den again yuh finga den get ah raaaaaaaaaassssss pinch youda neva figet, damn disgusting 😡

    1. Yuh right Yep!! Snooping a violation fi real. But u nuh hear sum body say is not di mate pic that, a so di big girls use slim girl pichos an catch man. Dwl :tkp :tkp :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :hoax :hoax

      1. hey Cita :peluk …i hate snooping ass people. mi dawta guh snoop inna ar fiancé phone wa day ya while the man ah bade…mi SEH one piece ah stylements inna the house til mi haffe duck fe cova. make a long story short, i told her that she was dead ass wrong for going thru his phone ( despite the fact that he was flirting with a co-worker ). if she don’t like it when i go in her wallet and borrow money without her knowing then she should not go thru his phone, period!! that aint right at all!!!

  32. Us woman r our investigator.Maybe wifey suspect husband was hiding something and she snoop, I do not blame her.We nah guh just get up suh and seh it dun and lef.It can b many reasons:
    1)All of a sudden him a carry phone inna bathroom wid him
    2)Sleep out till a morning and him nuh work graveyard
    3)Phone a ring, him nah ansa and bill collectors cah call after 9pm
    4)When him a talk, him a move away to another location from u
    5)All of a sudden him a guh supermarket and him is a man weh nuh like duh dem tings deh
    6)All of a sudden lock deh pon di phone.
    7)All of a sudden him a guh Jamaica, and him doh have business or immediate family still there without u
    She have all reason fi investigate the situation first before making assumption

  33. matey look good where is wifey pic n di husband pic….sound like wifey have a self esteem problem it look like matey a beat r bad so far matey on point wifey expose urself

  34. unno low the man…. every man cheat!!!
    wedda u like it or not a so we tan. some more brawling wit it dan others. look into it and ask yourself if u daddy, uncle or bredda did a fling bun bout the place?
    memba a she breed fi the man so if him a dawg shit she no further dan dat, a she pick him. some a unno woman like search up phone and look fi proof all wen proof no deh deh and U WILL FIND IT IF U A LOOK.

    1. True -True. had one woman who was always searching the waste basket in the bathroom until one day she found a used condom and try to make a bi deal of it. Man muss have nuff gal, now and into the future. Woman just need to settle and get their piece and move along. A man run things.

        1. No, we will cover up. We practice safe sex to protect all concern. I’m sure you do the same for those 1 to 1.5 hours marathon you are known to demand 🙂

  35. This matie don’t sound too interested in the man at all. Not like shi want him for herself. It sound like shi know him is a DOG and is using him for whateva shi feel like shi want from him. The wife know di man a DOG too, I’m sure. Because anuh one day yuh just get up and decide to chk fone.

    The fact of di matter is that nuff women out here nuh want no man fi demself because dem feel seh most man a DOG. and jus like how it easy fi shi tek a gal man, shi figure some odda woman can do the same should shi decide to settle down wid a man. So dem cut and go thru and gwaan do dem ting, taking what dem can get. It is a lifestyle that I don’t agree with, but it makes sense when you look into it.

    Wifey, before you try shame and disgrace dis woman, you figure out what is going on in your marriage. Figure out if a something that can be fixed, or you just happen to marry one a dem dog deh that even after vows mek, dem still waan run rd. If it is the latter, either yuh kick his ass to the curb, or yuh tek yuh bun (and whatever else yuh are getting that made you feel THIS man was fit to marry in the first place). Stop search up di man phone, because you know him and how him stay. What more evidence yuh need? Sort out yuh marriage and stop try embarrass the girl. Because if not shi, is somebody else…..

  36. good day met,metters,peepers nd others..

    DWRL mek yah galang a gwaan suh,a suh yuh cum heated tideh fi jus have a cuss out wid smaddy no man yuh ease up likkle bit wi knw sey yah MATEY advocate from yesteryear suh yuh nuh affi a behave suh de case nuh reach courthouse yet mama it nuh barely deh pon de pink ol’ gud wall mama :nerd

    1. The nerves hahaha wait you tun comedian over night? Advocate feh wahrah? Simpli put the bottle down and step away. I don’t pick sides right is right and wrong wrong. Up til now wife no tell we what she angry at mate for , we don’t even know if the gal a mate and not just a innocent bystander in her man flirt box.

  37. THE WIFE BEX TRU SHE A BREED AND HAR EMOTIONS A COME OUT MORE SO NOW. mi know it wrong fi violate the vows, especially during pregnancy, but my excuse for cheating wen my woman a breed is dat she neva look like the person before, sorry ladies…but it was a likkle thing fi gwaan wet di whistle.
    wat kill me is when dem will war wit a nigga tru him have gual a road but she herself all have a man. mi did a play the Joe role one time and my gual have ar husband wah tek care of her and the house and her kids, all pay all the bills and dem thing deh, she did feel like him did have a woman and the woman beat up the poor likkle man and she neva have solid evidence. the man bawl to her modda seh him naw do a thing. wen her moda tell me (mi deh bout long time and the family luv me) how she handle the man mi hurt/shame as a man. MI SEH MET MI GI MI GUAL A BEATING FOR NO REASON ON MY PART BUT MORE SO FI HAR MAN, LOL… SOME A UNNO WOMAN TOO WICKED..

    1. Lmfaooooooo you beat the man woman for him? This a feh story book to rass. She cheating and causing the poor man smh her guilt

  38. 2 things a woman should never do when it come on to men:

    1. check his phone
    2. go in his pockets

    2 things a man should never do when it one on to women:

    1. check her phone
    2. go in her purse

    with TRUST and RESPECT, those 2 things will never become an issue

  39. So what if trust is lost should you leave or find evidence before you go?I think a check should be done if there is suspicious behavior.Overtime technology will decrease infidelity.

  40. @WICKED that stupid stigma is what ruin relationships. Not all men cheat just like not all Jamaican women are loudmouth bitches. As I said and I repeat if my man cheat I don’t know I never see or heard of it. I’m not swearing for no one. Why should I lie to a bunch of strangers?? Smh I hate stupid naive women!

  41. Dark you keep focusing that the wife sent the text but bottom line the pretty face but character bad gal did not know that..She thought she was chatting to the husband so it still stands she is grimy.

  42. Some ppl a born mate & ah guh die as a mate (in my michy boo voice)

    Don’t see what’s in this for anybody at all to agree with!
    Do not run in pon ppl relationship ah suh some ah unu dead !
    All when di man a dog! & I don’t see the wife cussing anyone either
    She put that hoe on blast !!! Exactly how it should be hope she get rid of that motherfcuk nigga!

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