Det/Cons Shane Francis 30 yrs old attached to the St Ann’s Bay DIU and resides in Tower Isles, St. Mary was shot and killed by a licensed firearm holder; Kevin Harris 40 yrs old of , Ocho Rios in St. Ann. Reports are; Det/Cons Francis was leaving a party at the aforementioned location when he had an altercation with Harris (It is alleged that both men had a prior dispute). It is alleged that Francis pulled his licensed Beretta pistol serial # PX184007 and approached Harris who in turn pulled his licensed Glock 17 pistol and fired two (2) shots hitting Det/Cons Francis to the left side of the chest and right hip. He was rushed to the St. Anns’ Bay Hospital by other police personnel who were present at the event. He was pronounced dead at 11:50pm by Dr. Taylor.

Implicated in shootings of policeman, civilian

Constable Shane Francis, the policeman who was killed Sunday night in White River, St Ann, was before the Coroners’ Court for his alleged involvement in the shooting death of a colleague, Constable Sheldon Williams, in Ocho Rios in the parish in 2010.

The Coroner’s Court conducts inquests into sudden or suspicious deaths.

Williams had earlier been reprimanded by one of his colleagues during a boat excursion after he discharged his weapon in a gun salute.

licensed firearm

The police reported at the time that while he was being processed, Williams – more popularly known as ‘Sylvan’ — grabbed his firearm and fled the police station. A police team reportedly gave chase before Williams was killed during an exchange of gunfire.

And nearly a year later, according to police investigators, Francis was implicated in the shooting of a male patron at a dance in Paggee, St Mary.

Francis died after being shot, allegedly by a licensed firearm holder during an altercation, while at a party at White River, on the St Ann/St Mary border, just outside Ocho Rios. He was stationed at St Ann’s Bay and had given 11 years service to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Lorraine Jackson, Francis’ aunt, described him as someone who loved life, loved his family, and who loved education.

“Shane grew up in the family house here in Breadnut Hill with me and his grandmother,” Jackson told The Star yesterday.

“He was a fun-loving person, he loved life, he loved education and was always studying something new. He loved his cousins dearly and is always with them, they always go to parties together,” she said.

Meanwhile, one man, who declined to give his name, reminded The Star that it was just over a year ago that two police officers died after an incident at a party, also at White River.

“I don’t know what’s happening, a strange coincidence,” the man said, shaking his head.


  1. If you are going to pull your gun on another man, make sure you shoot him first. No way another individual should pull their firearm after you and you end up dead. Pull and shoot.

  2. It sad, And people on fb don’t have anything good to say about him. But Miss Mermaid put up the face of the man who kill the police officer and me comment that unless it’s public knowledge it’s irresponsible of her to do it. Couple people agree and before me know it she block me, lol.

    You sad bad Mumma Mermaid. Coz me know you come ova ya come peep. that’s why you follow and post the same video wid di singing fish wey Met put from weekend.

  3. Boy mi tek it hard that Shane dead i spoke to him Sunday morning no one dont have nothing good to say about shane smh but who know him know that Shane wasn’t a bad person there is no way i could see some one gapping for air and dont get/find help they could even b my enemy every one at the party stood there video and took picture of him laying on the ground motionless your heart cant be that cold Shane was wrong in every way but take in mind he was also drunk.

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