Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams today admitted that the police’s communication arm, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), blundered when it disseminated information about the arrest of four men following a major drug bust off the coastline of Belmont in Westmoreland on Saturday.

The commissioner said the information from lawmen on the ground during the operation was that four men were arrested subsequent to the interception of a 28-foot vessel laden with some 798 kilograms of cocaine.

However, the information disseminated by the CCU on Sunday said the four men arrested were observed abandoning the vessel and running off in different directions. CCU said then that the men were pursued and taken into custody.

The original report did not however say that the men were seen abandoning the vessel.


Since their arrest on Saturday, the four men have been released.
The police commissioner said investigators were sufficiently satisfied that there was no evidence linking the men to the vessel intercepted and seized, hence their release.

The cocaine seized has an estimated street value of J$900 million.


  1. Rules Of Law… They might be Guilty but a lot of innocent goes down for what a situation might look like so in that case .. Release them yes! Only if they’ll do the same with a person who they suspect of a crime such as killing or having a gun .. Rather than kill them in cold blood let they have their day in court.

  2. Hmmmmm…..look like “they” are afraid of who these guys might implicate in the seizure. The entire episode seems ludicrous to me, since there are ways to link these men to the boat. Did they do any fingerprinting of the boat/men? Were there any DNA work done on the boat/men? Were these men seen running/abandoning the boat? Is it a coincidence that these four men were just so happen to be in the vicinity of where the boat came ashore?

    Jamaican police have to be the most incompetent police force on the planet or are they incompetent when it suits them? We will soon find out that the 800 kilogram of cocaine and the gofast boat has disappeared from the face of the earth.

  3. KMT, the drugs reach exactly where they want it to reach. Corruption at its finest. Pay Off and Play It Off.

  4. Met…it nuh simple suh. No one that is shipping that weight would leave it careless. Four man jump offa di boat and police nuh hol even one? Come on! Dem four man deh had to have some serious legal representation to be suspects in this bust and be released so quickly. Police a Jamaica NAH release yu inna suppn big suh. Yuh nah even get release if dem hol yu wid 7 poun a weed muchless dis cuhcuh. Bout question and release. Tek people fi eeediat. Lawyers showed up en mass, Minister call or house money run.

    1. Willie all mi seh is that the police messed up which is the case because the deputy commissioner admitted to it on the news last night

  5. Met come on now..A nu joke money move dem kinda drugs deh yu nu..politics to the fullest…do remember the x5 shooter what become a him??

    1. Mi remember but mi a seh agen…the deputy commissioner admit to a mistake pan nationwide news last jcf shake up

    2. max dem dismiss di case gainst him from 2014…dem use di kartel case when di jury did a deliberate an all di excitement did surround di court house an neatly drop di case an nobody neva know bout it

  6. Mek mi tell u this met I have a police nephew n him tell mi seh police corruption is the biggest thing a Jamaica…him seh all the judge in on it..lawyers n judge control that that money making skeem…if u kill 40 man n yu money tall u a get bail..look at tesha Miller police freid a him like puss cuz if dem kill him them know seh man a gu kill police..wen bullbie bead a bobsey grange co sign fi him car n she still inna politics…su who a di DON politician r the man that pull the trigger?

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