The baby looks just like him and the last name is Roberts; you really can’t make this sh*t up. We’ve seen documents. This man tries to f**k almost all his employees; and by the looks of it has succeeded in doing so.We’ve also seen emails between Chris and Shelly. We could go all in if we wanted. Shelly you remember that red nightgown; showing that dirty p***y. Remember Tanya Stephens ‘it’s a pitty’; because we do.

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  1. He is a dirty man indeed, like who does that mess with your employees and then have the nerves to knock one of them up… What is wrong with these no good men… And the women are not off the hook to even deal with him in that way, he should be in jail or sued for harassment…. smdh

  2. Was wondering what happen to yhe brown girl. She was the manager for smoke house. But i guess baby on board so she stop work

  3. He should be jailed for what? These women are grown. None of them cried rape. He is a womanizer no doubt and very unprofessional with his employer-employee relations but that’s it. At least him have money and can tek care of woman.

  4. Story come to bump! DWL!!.. Can bet it’s a jealous one night stand of his or a friend enemy of one of the girls put this up… Don’t agree with ladies subjecting them self to be side piece but y expose them like this!!!

  5. Sender a who a breed??? A longtime di thief big stinky Shelly a f**k di ppl dem man bout she wah be wife after di man him common law wife start di business she hate di woman a wonder if him buy har di car yet, wooie a yah so nice

  6. Sender a who a breed? Longtime di thief Shelly a f**k di man, bout she wah be wife and hate di common law wife, a wonder if him Mek she stop walk inna di hot sun yuh now, a weak r a di best friend weh him have she a f**k still fi di free drive, she f**k everybody and wonder if the big top man know seh she a f**k him chef right now!!!! Lol

  7. Shelly big and stink and stay bad. She rob up how much money a bank a Jamaica and run come a farrin. Nobody don’t like her. She deh over smokehouse a teif up the money to but Chris so blind and fool him nuh see that. She a f**k the chef and a f**k the ac man fi free drive fi real. Him can’t buy a car but him move her from whey she did live and put her inna basement to ensure him can still get him cocky suck and balls juggled.

  8. Dem seh a one gal a Bronx a di babymother, because we no seh di big whale can’t breed all she know fi do a suck off Chris dead cocky and tek f**k inna har big stinky shitty batty hole?? Sicken

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