Congratulations to Met and the Pink wall massive. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Our “dear friend” Bossy Dolly stepped up her parenting game. She’s now doing homework with her son, she even took him to the dentist today. Now this goes to show that Met isn’t here to only “bash” people she’s also here to “enlighten” and “encourage” people. Thanks again Ms Met 😙

18 thoughts on “YUH TOO BAD

  1. Someone stated under a previous post that shorty resembles dolly. They also said the reason for this is because we are from various tribes and some of us still carry similar features. However, this is not a resemblance due to tribes this is simple the use of bleach Weh swell up dem face and Mek dem fava bobcat

  2. So if she’s helping her son with his homework, who’s helping her? Lord, deliver us. I hope her mom can triple check and make sure it’s error free. It’s great that you are trying though D.

  3. dolly yuh make up 4 shades off muma,head to neck look like it can be detached dwrclllllllllllll

  4. from she being a good parent mi naah knock har. thats one of the most important roles in life. Stop fcuk battyman now and get your own place

  5. But dolly still nah listen to met fi move out of her mother house and go get even a 1 bedroom apt fi she and her son. Because she grown.and all adults must live on their own. Especially if them Rich like dolly wey can afford every brand name booth, bags and clothes and all those vacation. Time fi yuh move out a yuh mother jungle into her living room full of elephants, because you and yuh rich man kewsi must can pay $1000 a month plus you get welfare and food stamp. Grow up some more dolly. You said everything you have to be in and you a trend setter please set the right trend you and your sister is too grown to be living in 1 small room into your mommy house.shame on both of you the entire america is laughing at both of you wannabes.

  6. Dolly next time yuh post pic please cut off your head off the pic
    U have a big ugly head no lye girl

  7. Love it when they listen to constructive criticism n improve their lives. Dolly, Apple, Kerryann, Bobeisha, Rosie, i’ve seen them all improve.

  8. Dolly nah learn all she a think bout is the batty boy how man fi a do de kylie jenna selfie no sah so she a risk fi r health fi bag and shoes me know nuff gal weh a f**k fi mortgage money fi dem house and dem work dem a f**k really money man Dolly dem a f**k wanna be money man she a travel pan plane a go state to state a sell pussy and still live ina r mother house wid sweets ina one room so weh r son sleep aid him granny well she proble a help pay bills

  9. You people should be thanking God for your flawless lives Thank god for your perfect everything I guess that’s y u find all the time to watch other people lives. Di people dem don’t give a f**k half the people them that came here don’t read all the comments. Go feed the blood laat hunger and homeless people. And I hope seh non of unnu don’t have no dutty draws inna unnu house a wait do laundry. Nasty blood laat hypocrite people. Some a unnu pussy stink all when unnu done bathe and have the nerve to come a criticize. All of u perfect people don’t had up to one complete stable human being

  10. So wait dah! All the rest of time the lady pickney ago dentist a never she did a bring him? Lord unu miss up bad! And coming on this bashing people and hiding unu self with unu fake name, a unu really need something fi do! Go look a life low life mf and leave people and them business alone kmt

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