VYBZ KARTEL LETTER PAGE .1. To the media. From ADIDJA PALMER. Before I begin to talk about the real issues as to why the police are taking a set on me. I must first say that the Jamaican police are the worst inefficient set of police in the world. Who say they act on intelligence when it is completely the opposite . If roach was killed on Mannings hill road Sunday morning. What kind of intelligence could have led the police to horizon remand centre Sunday at mid day? I have never spoken to roach or anyone associated with him nor do I have any altercation with him. I was laying on my bed on Sunday at about midday when I heard my cell door shaking. It was the police without giving me a reason for the search about to be conducted. They ask me to step out of my cell. During the search a hammer was used to tear apart a section of the wall between my cell and a cell occupied by “zebra”. They took two cell phones out of the wall which was immediately claimed by “zebra” as his cell phones. A subsequent search on Monday led to the officers finding a SIM card from said zebra. In the initial search on Sunday the police and a high ranking officer from the department of corrections asked “Shawn storm” and myself if we had a permit for the D.V.D & mp3 to which we replied yes and furnished the documents. We immediately got back the items. On Monday they came back (the police) and told us that they were going to check out the items but we should have our lawyers called them back. VYBZ KARTEL LETTER PAGE .2. This was relayed to us by the woman from M.I.T in that instant , a police called “brooks” took a paper from cell containing instructions …. Instructions to one of my banks saying that I hereby authorize my baby mother to withdraw five thousand pound sterling. Which would then be given to my lawyer for his stamp. G.P Spanish Town , Tamarind Farm, Richmond Farm, and Horizon are institutions where hundreds of inmates accused & sentenced, have permits for various gadgets such as DVD MP3 etc and I like the others have a permit. This is not the first time the police have told lies on me since I’ve been here and like the last time when four cell phones were “found in my cell”, I will be contacting INDECOM . Because mi tired a dem police ya . Police!!! Come off mi back now!! And for once , GO DO REAL POLICE WORK!! Unuh come in like a crosses inna mi life! Mi nuh member bout roach and mi nuh remember bout unuh, A. Palmer. P.S everybody in the streets knows what took place in the “PARTY” between roach and “DEM” so all a who a use dem police friend to try frame me, remember this….. Unfair game play twice. Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


  1. Gm Metty

    Yuh done know people chat & if addi wah find out ah wah Gwan he an cuz he know ppl but I believe him that him & roach nuh have nothing. Mi nuh think Kartel that stupid to Mek shit so obvious

  2. I don’t believe kartel is guilty of killing roach. it seems to me that everytime kartel got a court case coming up the police always doing a raid on his cell to link him to some type of crime. I know met always come off bias against kartel, but even the blind can see that the Jamaican police is out to get him one way or another.

  3. Wednesday do not swear for a person who has a history of sending out death threats to people, giving the go-ahead for the beating of a FEMALE by four men, sending men to house occupied by his former music producer to remove even the very posters of him and in the producers own words “the man dem say, the general say only the bed fi lef inna de house”, giving the order to burn down the house of one of his former label mates. I strongly disagree thats the action of a smart person!!! Gaza Kym as she known back then came on national television and said she received a phone call from VYBZ KARTEL informing her of a meeting at the studio, some wee hours of the morning only for her to show up and see him leaving in his car after which she was set upon by FOUR men who beat her until she URINATED on herself. Thats not a smart person thats a MANIAC.

    1. U know when mi si people seh him intelligent Im wondering what him eva do fi dem believe dat and I actually find it insulting

      1. Morning Met…beyond insulting. You notice sey cows walk one path and never branch out? dats cause dem “intelligence” or lack of is left up to the lead cow.

        If Kartel was anybody him would shut the hell up while incarcerated and stop fling stone inna him owna pen although me a wait pon one fi done him.

        1. Phantom all mi waa know is how him detective work do behind bars before police and him a wonder how police reach him and him reach crime scene and back? :travel
          when mi hear dem seh intelligence it get mi so damn mad because all him do a manipulate smh

          1. We done know sey we people have a complex and regard people wid likkle money and the gift of gab to be intelligent. Me sure know sey him nu smarta dan JCF officers who are true to dem job on de daily.

            Kartel fi stay right whey him deh cause since him gone de bleaching, tight pants and out right gay epidemic slow dung a road.

          2. wat I am trying to effin find out is if he is the WORLD BOSS .y his ass still stuck in a Jamaican prison ….I just cawnt

          3. dem waa jail him intelligence…di way jamaican police lickey lickey and grabby grabby dem wudda love him deha road fi tax him pocket so him being in deh doe have nothing fi do wid di likkle nyammy nyammy police dem

          1. mi undastan and appreciate seh jamaica police corrupt but ppl always a seh dis a nd dat and look weh dis man do and no one want to say yes he did ti ….and he is so cocky it makes me so sick …he would have all right to kill someone while in prison because thats the easiest way to do a hit….everybody saying he could not have doctors go to med school to perfect their art ..criminals go to prison him meet ppl like him in deh only that the can pay them 150000 to take another mans life and his character says no different ..

    1. Fi him investigative team quicker dan di police and waa tell di police how fi do dem work..what does distance have to do with anything?

  4. morning met ..and unu seh roach love chat ……dah yute yah love chat and tek out him self while putting in himself ..mi nuh know weh him hafi offer Jamaica police why dem aftta him…mi nuh know a who sen him pon radio go seh if him dead a laing kill him….da yute yah need fi tek off th braces offa di teeth and put it pon di mouth :bedug jus a chat a go weh so and a wander why him cah lef island prison

      1. Hey morning met I was downtown today and hear a man telling a lady how he and his husband and the chinese lady be like:::::::::::::::::husband U man >>>>mi seh di liad man tell di oman how a two a him husband dead and how dem dead of a broken heart……………………………………….mi seh I cant wait to tell met this lmao

  5. wait HIM STILL HAFFI AUTH FATTY FI TEK OUT MONEY……….no man him deh a prison and a write note …so she cah jus go a di bank and tek di money …no sah da part deh hold mi

  6. But Met this is same person who posted a video on youtube telling the entire world that he has FRIENDS in the narcotics division of the police force who were informing him that he’s being investigated for drug hustling, so why all of sudden the police is “crosses”???

  7. People talk and kartel can stay a prison and hear anything. Just like how we stay a foreign and hear all type a stuff. I dont think he’s that stupid and y kartel would have wait so much years fi kill roach and him already inna so hot water?! To me it just nuh Mek noooo sense at all.

    1. Most crimes doesn’t make sense at first glance. I myself at no time never stated that he’s involved but the police seems to think otherwise, remember now we’re living in an advanced technological world. But the fact that most of the person, associated with this dude, have at some point, after parting ways with him, experienced thuggery or “badmanism” makes me wonder if its far fetched.

          1. You are wasting “logics” by responding to some of these Groupies. They do not reason very well. You are thinking on a far different level than them. Kartel is the personification of evil and it will catch up with him in due course….mark my words!!!

  8. Karel think him smart, that is the devil we a deal wid, and the devil is a known liar, uno can stay deh mek this devil ina this man trick uno, Karel know what him doing, him is preying on people’s sympathy and using it to his own advantage, pple don’t buy into his lies, he’s a cunning devil, him aim is to, kill, lie, steal and destroy.

    1. Him a mek declaration of innocents long before anybody ask him anything. Dah long speech yah is nothing but a declaration of GUILT and a hope the right people read beyond it and deal wid de matta as an ‘eye for an eye’.

  9. every baddi can believe wha dem want believe there is only one truth and nuh baddi nuh know das why di whole a unu a chat off uno mouth the truth will come out one way or another only one ting mi van sey is dat if some people hear sey kartel kill 1000 man a true but if dem hear sey bounty suck 1 pussy a lie..any way jackass sey di whorl nuh level and dem tan up pon 4 foot so wha mi fi SEY..

    1. You sound ignorant and dark making that analogy; Apples and oranges here. I’m sure you also believe that Kartel’s contribution to jamaica’s society and our cultural development is wonderful and exemplary. Im sure you believe its wonderful that some youth lookup to him and admire him regardless that there is evidence he is involved in criminal activities that could include murder. Last time I check pussy sucking was not a crime..just a sexual taboo. Have several lawn chairs please \____

  10. Mi neva believe dis whole ting from mawnin cuz mi cyaa si no motive fi addi waa kill roach it jus nuh make any sense to me…@hoghead….bwoy mi a scratch mi head a try figure out how yuh find comparison between killing a thousand ppl and suckin pussy loll

  11. The level of stupidity among us is quite obvious…………how bounty and suck pussy come into this? What i know is that i saw gaza kym come on television and said she was beaten by four men after responding to a call from her “boss” kartel. What i know is that notnice came on television and said that men, acting on the orders of vybz kartel, invaded his home and removed equipment, jewelry etc then told him that the general said they should leave only the bed in his room. What i know is corey todd came on television and stated that vybz kartel personally threaten to have him killed because they had a business dispute. What i know is black ryno almost had his house burnt down because he refused to be apart of a “yes man” group. Mi not even ago mention how merital family come on television and claimed that they were not paid/underpaid by their “boss” for shows on which they performed. People pull the veil from your eyes and look at the real picture. Good begets good as does bad!!! Or as one person put it “UNFAIR GAME PLAY TWICE”.

  12. I never know say dat in Jamaican prisons you can have permits for various gadgets like cell phones, DVD Player, MP3, etc. ? A wey dem dey, prison or the Comfort Inn Hotel ?

    1. Exactly. No wonder some poor yout nuh more go deh feh get 3 meals ah day; cable, cell, DVD. Seriously Jamaica authorities??

  13. MET a little side track

    any news or update son the X6 killer

    dat man is a very dark and wicked person

    i really hope this is one that will not go away and that he will be made to suffer

  14. Lol I said don’t THINK I didn’t swear fi a soul !!!! Kmft
    But to each his own .. Kartel is a wicked wretch but I just don’t think he has anything to do with this one & that’s my opinion. I understand him evil which makes it easy for people to point fingers but I think the truth soon come out KGN streets talk n d ppl know what’s up .. Just don’t think a Kartel this time .. Him did diss Donia & Don Corleone too.. We don’t know wtf him n ppl have! Roach is a chatty mouth kmt .. Unu really a say how him know what happen? JAMAICAN PPL LOVE CHAT N I DONT THINK ITS ROCKET SCIENCE FI SOMEONE AS LARGE AS KARTEL TO FIND OUT WHATEVER HE WANTS IN JA.. Anyone can find out any damn thing.

  15. Hail Met and boy mi a tell u yute you know say met fi mek you be JMG cyber attorney lol this is why most of the time Met me just read and smile because when people caught up in celebrities they tend to hold them much higher standards than themselves. Now if they show a video of kartel sending out the orders you know they would say his phone was hack. Now as .com say we are not the one saying he had anything to do with the roach killing we just saying the police their reason to believe he does and we simply following the lead. You know I watch that documentary on Jim Jones when he brain wash the people in Guyana to commit suicide for a greater cause lol but not everyone committed it at free will somewhere forced by people who believed in Jim Jones more than their fellow members. The power of manipulation is great hence the TERM MASTER MIND…kartel don’t have to say kill him he may just make it seem like he so disappointed by you and his cronies carry out the action…have bless one metters.

  16. When man deh a prison dem still have dem links out a road so anything go down dem kno sometime dem kno before it happen who a go get put out a so the prison thing go 12 lane man dem unnu too wicked

  17. The best place to hide something is in plain sight, so why not put out an order while in prison, what better alibi?? not saying he is guilty, but this is one of the things that makes you go mmmmmmm! no one knows the mind of man!

  18. Met me naw go lie to you. Me love kartel me love kartel so till me know me fi shame fi say so but me no know me just love him so! The way me love him me would and just sex him and if him say no me would and fight him. Me love him mon cha!

  19. mi seh miss met, bre bre need fi cum a mi yard so mi can carry har go bellvue in order fi collect mi milo.

    bre bre, can u please tell met what makes kartel so attractive to u? she wants to know very badly :angel

      1. met, i was gonna ask bre bre if she find ugly croaken lizard looking guys attractive, but i decided not to. is like u reading my mind lol.

          1. met, it might be dat time of the month, towards the end of her period or just afta, when u feel fi sex all di while. she probably si kartel pic uppa top an juss instantly di feeling exist fi him.

            dat a di only way mi can explain bre bre, cuz mi no tink is a feelig she always had. a mussi myall a tek har ova lol. kartel myall

  20. Me no know if a him song them but something just special bout him mon him know how fi turn me on and off. Him just different but me would and affi hide and take him cause me family would and never approve a it.

  21. Heh, haaaaay, yuh si mi dyin trial, Lord if u nuh busy stop a JMG real quick! :medicine: :medicine: :medicine: :medicine: :medicine: :medicine: cuz sum body need these.

  22. Met i accept your opinion that you dont believe or find him intelligent and you even find it insulting ….. For me in my opinion i believe he has a certain level of education/understanding that is above the typical “ghetto youth” which would make him intelligent on some level to some people. However he abuses his ability to be even classify has intelligent by all without getting a repulsive reaction. In truth his image proclaim him to be very ugly inside and outside. Aside from that we all know that he has a phone to communicate with the world and continue manipulating the world (has this is his marketing strategy whether we approve of it or not or even like it) and being that he use to associate with Roach then it would be really easily for him to get information on the murder before the police whether or not he is involve in the murder. (Remember news spread fast fast”

    1. Ghetto is a frame of mind and it cannot be used to determine someone’s intellect or intelligence. Kartel’s mind set cannot be used to compare more than 50% of Jamaicans because as you know Jamaica is more than 50% poor. It is repulsive because as Jamaicans who have access to the www which enables us to know and see so much more, this man who mocks people like you who look up to him, you find intelligent. I am repulsed by a human being who is deemed intelligent yet abuses women and has no respect for life or for people. One of the characteristics of intelligence is discernment, and in his intelligent mind I wonder if he discerned the ramifications of his actions and how detrimental they would be ? Would you consider Hitler an intellect? I consider a man such as Bob Marley who may have never finished High School but had the intellectual capacity to see life way beyond his years..had the discernment to see that his music would live on many years after him…and why? It was just not his talent..his words were intelligent..they had teachings that we as human being will always need..What has Kartel taught or given you as an individual for you to perceive him as an intellect?

        1. My girl no need for corrections…you were spot on and intelligent (lol) in comparing and contrasting the benefits of good over evil.

          Kartel and many like him are manipulators of their own peers and yet they refuse to see that. Thank god him never “intelligent” enough fi go into politics cause Jamaica would have had an Idi Amin fi deal wid and he was just a damn army cook.

          1. Thats exactly what he is but I find that only people with a certain mind set fall prey to people like him..People who are looking to be led

          2. You know I started some writing on Marley I need to finish it this weekend. Mi have one little old Jewish lady friend whey when we ready we sidung n talk bout him. All who ina di business bout what dem do fi music mi a wonder if dem know how much lines a people him used to gi money day after day a hope road…imagine dem do up di man statue and it was like nothing to Jamaicans..but Kartel dem sing praises to it sad man

          3. He also neva intelligent fi know seh di bleach out skin and braces and di rent house would not give him any statue and class…him did start par uptown and di ppl dem neva want him up de cause him wah seed off di whole a di likkle gyal dem ……dis bs bout him intelligent is shittery ….when a man show mi him iwife mi can tell yu who him bi…and fi somebody thats been around and is pointing to that girl as his wife and has not given her a read of any of the books he read really tells a tale….

  23. you know what they say about ‘he that protested too much’…. also he seems to be emphasising the ‘zebra phone, zebra sim card’ argument too much as well.

  24. While i certainly am not applauding or approving of his actions that are deemed to be repulsive. Ghetto is a frame of mind and further to say the individual that are not of broad scope will find Kartel intelligent has i implied earlier. However may i ask you to put aside his repulsive action and tell me how you would view him?. One thing i have learnt over the years is not to compare people has while each person are indigenous, they are also unique and in their unique ability does do things differently. Kartel is just not comparable to Bob. I just want your fair and true view how would you characterize him actual as an individual barring all that you have learnt in the media that adversely or negatively affects his reputation. Would you say that his repulsive actions overcast the fair judgment of his ability?

    1. One question.. Are you able to put a serial killer’s actions aside and make a fair judgement of him as a person?
      You cannot judge a person on one action but you have to judge an individual based on their ACTIONS because when something is done consistently it becomes a part of the person and their persona ..You will not be able to make a fair judgement if you separate the two.

      1. If you want me to make a fair judgement on a specific characteristic of the person I can and would be able to . So let me know what you want me to answer

    2. His ability to write and create lyrics is dynamic and because of this he would can be called mi ansa desso.. I did not read your comment completely so this is my answer

    3. Also I kinda feeling that you are blaming the media for his negatives…….. were any of the claims made in the media prior to his incarceration refuted by him?

      1. kartel have blackberry inna prison dats why him coulda sen out letter don’t? i wonda if a him u a chat to an no know lol.

        kartel how can anybody judge or analyse sumone without taking their actions into consideration?

        met and many of us don’t know u personally, so we know u through ur lyrics and ur actions. barring all this, there is nothing to judge or analyse.

    1. I believe all human beings possess some level of intelligence in certain aspects/area of life. To classify an overall individual as intelligent their pros would have to outweigh their cons.

  25. I just want you to answer if his actions overcast you voicing any positivity of his character based on his claim by some to be intelligent

  26. @met awhe Spanish gal did deh when kym get dat wiked beaten? Dat was public knowledge. Most times me avoid shirley topic dem cause I know he’s a demon and capable of all kinds of evil.

  27. I say the media because by right you nor I cannot substantiate any thing that he is alleged to have done. We can however read into things , gather our own understanding and voice our opinion of what we believe is feasible but that still isn’t hard evidence to proof that it has ocurred

    1. What do you mean by what he has done cannot be substantiated? Have you been following up Kartel and his actions? God of Jacob

  28. Thank you i respect your answer at 8:50pm. So it is suffice to say that he is intelligent however that word shouldn’t be aligned to him because of his alleged repulsive action any positivity of is character is eroded

  29. Met @ 8:35 Bob was altruistic in many sense of the word. He gave not to receive in return. Anything he expected in return were outlined in his lyrics…PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, HARMONY, HUMANISM, INTEGRATION and so on…sure you little ole lady friend touch on these topics *wink*. I love intelligent ole folks…they pass on knowledge.

  30. I have to some extent been following up on the case and the word “LACKING” has been playing a major part of that tribulation if i can call it that. Substantiate in the sense of proof it so that we can lay it all to rest and move as i don’t condone any of the alleged actions of Kartel. Media again controversy sells and if we write the truth the story wont get an eye opener hence media has to continuously put things that will draw attention (I know you can attest to this).

  31. the man duh a book along with other individual and he is not worthy of being called intelligent? c’mon on people at least give him credit in that regard and remember that a nuh everybody can write a book.

    1. lol…mindspeaker…this book writing angle was played last month. To sum it up…hitler wrote mein kampf, spent time in prison, manipulated the people of Germany when they were down on their economic luck and unstable as a nation, he also had an issue wid skin color, murdered countless people and all implement uniform fi de young males with insignias…..was he intelligent or just DAMN EVIL AND MANIPULATIVE? hmmm…read like kartel on the flip side of negro sabotaging nation and the young minds.

        1. lolol…him never did man enough either fi stand up to de chaos him create…mofo lock whey like a true rat and kill him self wid him likkle jezebel…wonda how kartel will go out if de bleach, hood, pums or blackberry nu catch him fuss.. :hammer

  32. @answering met may i ask you a question what intrest u in kartel what do you find fascinating about him? if you where a part of a jury would you be able to come to a fair and just verdict?

  33. @Mindspeaker Anybody can write a book….Macka diamond write book does dat mean shi intelligent? Loll macka dunce like wah lmaooo

      1. mi wi neva si weh inna dah book deh …..and di fact seh him dress up like malcom x and fi got fi read malcolm x speech pon bleach really mek mi feel seh him a bat……….a roun up him mouth and a talk like him a di all that ends all and him Oman cah even seh hmmmm properly

  34. all who a mek reference to bob marley fi member she is not everyone in Jamaica did like bob in his early days… I wonder if the same thing can be true for kartel? lol

    1. NO Philly! De Kartel dislike is on a different level. Those who didn’t like Bob were of the elite class, religious class and subordinate class who didn’t want to ‘shake de tree’ because it will upset the balance of their norm. Bob was at the time when peasantry, classism and racism was rampant.

      Kartel is at a time when we should be excelling instead he is a just a damn upsetter of all norms of our society and is manipulative for PURE INTEREST OF SELF.

      1. phantom doe seh a worddddddddddddddd
        this is what I wrote about bob in my article

        How much does the average Jamaican really know about Bob Marley, the one name that put Jamaica on the map? The man we never fully educated, but had so much wisdom world leaders were scared as their people flocked to listen to one man singing about love, life and that wonderful herb Marijuana . It is funny, that even while the world loved him when he was alive, he was a smoking Rastaman.In his own country, the land of his birth and for that, those who were too poor to show appreciation for his music had to remain in the horizon while the rich kept their noses towards heaven, because he was still low class for them. He was a smoking Rastaman. Unappreciated by his blood, Jamaicans.


  36. This is my last post concerning this kartel saga…………………..where is his mother? How odd it is that when his name was mentioned in the nunu puss murder both he and his mom appeared on television proclaiming his innocence and now he’s languished in prison and she is silent……..if a lie mi tell almighty god will know what to do with me but a long rassclaat time kartel and him vagabonds dem a kill people pickney.

  37. Kartel is like Jim Jones for some of these people. His followers and defenders would “drink his koolaid”.. The only difference is they would be dead.. But not him. Sad

  38. Word in the street is Kartel ordered the hit of Roach and his girlfriend because Roach voiced Mavado on one a riddim that he made for Kartel.

  39. smaddie mention sinting bout,mr man fe get credit fe intelligence,cause him wrote book, not write.but heff a so be the case dat mean macka fe get ratings to cause she intelligent.the four ppl who roach had public fallen out wid,dem four phone deh record should a get check fe see who get call,inna the time frame way roach get kill,and how long was the call.cause when hit carry out ppl affie get confirmation.

  40. @.Com, u hit the nail pon di head puppa!!. Same raasclaate suh it guh..Anuh tideh Shirley a gwaan wid wickedness and him swear him smart but i hope him will reap the fruit of his deeds. Anywhere he is today, THAT IS WHERE HE BELONGS. Mr. Palmer deserve fi rot a prison.

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