It is being said by one of the students that during a religious class, the teacher had gave everyone permission to sing what they felt comfortable singing and a group of students started playing kumina drums. The Myal which is a very common spirit to St. Thomas, overtook the children in the class and quickly spread throughout the school. As reported, a pastor was called and was unable to quell the Myall. The school then sent for a man known in the area for his spiritual practices to help and he was able to calm some of the students. The school closed shortly after and some students were said to have went home ”in the spirit of the Myall”.


  1. dis sweet me ei si!!!…das right children dance with the ancestors,….whenever drums are being played especially in a spiritual setting and there are people who are OPEN AND RECEPTIVE to spirit possession whether they know it or not,… non physical beings will pass through. These are raw energy some earthbound and some from different realms,some beings may be dark while some may be of light, it depends on the weaver of the drums and his or her knowledge on how to manipulate the energies (through drumming and songs) from the realms who will be certainly showing up. The stronger a person is spiritually the less likely he or she is to be possessed. only LIGHT BEINGS should be the focus of any spiritual festivity as the darker ones are not easy to control and can create havoc and are not as easy to dispatch, (unless I am there, lol), such may have been the case when HAITI had that huge earthquake, dark forces will go under the earth when not dispatched properly and erupt or create devastation whenever…this however is Kumina which is still celebrated in Jamaica coming from out of the Congos of West Africa….galang Tata Benjamin mi si yuh!!!

    1. kumina and myal are very common to st thomas…it look strange to we but not strange to just got out of control because of the environment it was in..usually it is done at a wake

    2. kumina and myal are very common to st thomas…it look strange to we but not strange to just got out of control because of the environment it was in..usually it is done at a wake

  2. Pare blasted obeah up a st.thomas.. Idc how normal this looks for them some of those people look possessed! .. Hell naw

      1. not tru babes not all u can sleep off this shit happen to my aunt at a nine nite and a sum serious prayer affi tek place to get rid of it

  3. Morning Met, and Obara, one thing me know, that would be the last day my child attend that school, there is a time and place for every, and that certainly was not the place, the children got them selves into some thing that could even kill them, because they did not even understood what they were doing. This is not a joke.

  4. Good Morning Sketel bam, you are so correct, if this thing is not handled correctly it can caws even death, it is a GREAT THING, TRUST ME, doe mind evil that is attached to it, IT IN ITSELF IS NOT EVIL, NO NOT AT ALL, whenever anything spiritual is evil it is the actions of the HUMAN HANDS BEHIND IT!!… all people are not all good….BUT this should be done with an experienced SPIRITUALIST there to control the gates (invisible spiritual gates), also each hour of the day has a specific (ANGELIC BEING) and spirit and their family that rule that time, and that SPIRITUALIST has to know or be able to discern this in order to KEEP ORDER, this that I saw was a bunch of confusion, throwing the RUM WAS GOOD, BUT IF THEY ARE TO BE DISPATCHED, THEN THE RUM OUGHT NOT TO BE THROWN WHEN THE GATES ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE!!

    1. I heard that things are going on in the school with students and teachers mi a wait likle later fi some details and pictures

  5. unless it was organized at the school and done, then it would be no problem, also whenever these thing are kept, NO ONE SHOULD LEAVE BEFORE IT IS FINISHED AND CALMED DOWN, NO ONE SHOULD LEAVE BEFORE TIME, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!!

  6. I can’t help being skeptical, because of my upbringing… But, I find it intriguing, to say the least. I read Obara’s comments and I so want to accept that something supernatural or ‘otherworldly’ occurred there… It would be awesome, really, but I just can’t get there and I find that I just keep trying to find a rational explanation… I am a little sad about that because I would REALLY like to be able to understand and relate to that part of my heritage…sad…

  7. I am from Kingston, so really don’t understand much about this, but the little that I hear from my Mother, I heard about one woman who was at a kumina, who got led away by a sprite, when she wake up, she find herself in the bushes with cum all over legs. She can’t explain how it happen all now.

    1. I dont know about the cum part but I know with kumina most times the myall makes the person is strange that these children in their trance are being paired up

    2. ok mi hear mi granny seh nuff oman young girls weh hide and give it weh blame it pon duppy wid dem wicked self ….inna Jamaica …and seh spirit draw dem way ….because dem find out seh dem a breed or dem parents find out seh dem a tek man

  8. i understand the kumina is a ancestral thing but geesh dis look very foreign to me..sigh i had to stop the video and read because i could not understand wat was wrong with them…it might seem to be our roots but it scared me…no amount of education on this could make me feel comfortable..i would want the teacher fired for scaring me…and if the students is un aware

  9. me nuh like dem duppy bangarang yah enuh met… weird things happen to me so im paranoid and easily on edge! i like horror movies nd all but wen a time fi me fraid n hear things, is a hell of a thing
    ! most times i wont sleep until im ok or i go sleep with my parents! nd im a grown person lol

  10. Thanks for the explanation because mi never see nor hear bout dis before. I am from Kingston too, so this is all new to me.

  11. no sah father God protect me from evil spirits seen an unseen. Thing video never made a bit of sense. I could hear someone saying something about dancing not whinning. I am not saying spirits dont exist but that look more like a follow fashion thing. The man in the white shirt look like he was doing the log on and step pan chi chi man dance! I would love to believe that was real but I can’t!

  12. I too am from Kingston and have been in America from a very young age, I knew nothing of these thing as I also was brought up protestant, but right here in America at a very early age, my ancestors found me and the elders in heaven came and taught me, my story is long and interesting, becoming AWAKE IS NO EASY TASK!!!… but to FEAR the unknown and is very normal. I operate off logic, (I am an Aries), but there are things that defies what WE know as logical, the human mind has limitations, but what is interesting is that GOD is a spirit and we believe in him…so then why is it so hard to believe that spiritual things just as this is possible, all this is just energy, and transference of energy…. I will explain more soon

    1. @Obara Meji

      ‘ my ancestors found me and the elders in heaven came and taught me’. You are right evil spirits found a way into your home (vessel) and have ruled u til now.

      ‘but what is interesting is that GOD is a spirit and we believe in him…so then why is it so hard to believe that spiritual things just as this is possible’ Come on, that is not wisdom. Jah says that Satan is a liar & murderer from the beginning. Why do u think it is impossible for the Devil to cause what u see to appear as something else i.e your ancestors? Satan is after all the god of this earth.

      You making mentioning GOD and not believing his words?? That is confusion in the highest form.

      ‘I am aries’? One more thing weh Jah bun out was astrological worship. Do you think the things Jah bun out are because they are not real or because like he said: All these things did the Canaanites and all the other ‘ites’ did and the land is defiled. You Israel, nuh fi follow what others did so that you Israel don’t become defiled like them.

      As for this being a St. Thomas. St. Thomas is a portal for evil spirits to descend & ascend back. These people have turned their back on Jah, but yet think what they are doing is righteous, this is the result. Clearly there is no God in this equation. All if you watch the video with the volume turned down you can see the demonic ness of this account.

        1. Haile Selassie I formally Ras Tafari was predicted by astronomy to be born on the beginning of the Leo Constellation. This will help to attest that the empire is the rightful ruler. Hence him claiming his rule as the 111th emperor with the affirmation of astrology.


  13. I just saw the last sentence of the article, where it says some children went home in the spirit of myal, and look what I commented @9:51…this is why it ah transfer all bout, nobody was suppose to leave until the energies had been properly dispatched, den ah who ah de spiritual smaddy whey deh deh ah help??? him nuh know nutten….dem fi call BERNICEY…MI NUH SURE BUT SHE SUPPOSE TO KNOW SOME TINGS ACCORDING TO WAT MI HEAR!!

  14. Nope I don’t believe this foolery lol I’m sorry but they look very sexual dancing look how the boy dem a hol on pon d girl dem & a wine up pon dem & the girls look weak n in pain!!!! Nah this right here has more to it why di teacher obeah d pikny dem ??? MI FRAID A ST MARY & ST THOMAS PPL IS JUST A DIFFERENT WORLD UP DEH SUH… Pare obeah n mi kno a true cuz everybody a Jamaica kno say a st Thomas d obeah wukkas deh

    1. it look like foolery it look like sexy dancing and u nuh believe but u a se di teacher obeah di students? u a confuse urself so relax and read , then u can pick sense out of nonsense

      1. The teacher is trying out something and it may have worked. However, some of those children’s parents or family member deal in obeah and it has come out in this form.

          1. dem a wuk it and cah manage …dah ting deh a boomerang and di problems weh it cause fi u generation it nuh worth it .

  15. I am a medium, diviner, spiritualist, traditionalist, initiated priestess of Osun and thensome and I have NEVER IN MY LIFE done EVIL or even considered it !!!!,….. it is sad that as people mention spirits or spiritualism, the name OBEAH (which is not a bad name, people only take it out of context) the becomes attached to the circumstance….knowledge is BLISS!!..FEAR IS EVIL!!

  16. Thanks for the education @Obara Meji I never heard of Kumina before. This is very interesting and I do think that some kind of spirit took over these kids.


  18. Kumyna is a part o Jamaics’s culture. ……golden grove where the sch is Nuff duppy round deh……the pickney dem raised them……. but something nuh right. …

    1. one more ting..the reason why it is only common mostly to people of maroon heritage is also when slaves died other slaves were ordered not to sing or dance which is a part of their ritural..they were beaten or killed if they did not follow orders

  19. From the moment i saw this i knew it was ancestral spirits taking over the children. My spirit within me automatically sensed that it was not of the devil(evil). I didnt read the caption until afterwards. Obara I would really like to speak with you of the air one of these days. @soldier of Jah be careful of the words you let leave your lips. Sighs too many of us as human beings do not try to reach beyond or flesh to find out things

  20. @met and @obara as i said no amount of education on this could make me feel comfortable or accepting …ive been to dead yards where drums were played nd ive seen at another chicken ed cut off n ketch duppy ina bottle foolishness! what im saying is i understand the teacher said telling them to do wat comes natural to them but y dem choose drumming? when i was in sch kids played the drums but nothing happened

  21. @gf anytime, every time, I am game!!..@Kay I understand what you say, but there are things once explained and experienced will make you understand these things better, it would seem like ah whole heap ah mumbo jumbo and HOLLYWOOD has done a good Job in letting us Africans DENY OURSELVES AND WHO WE ARE, BUT PEOPLE IF YOU ONLY KNEW AND COULD APPRECIATE THIS LIFE WOULD BE BETTER ABD THE EARTHS VIBRATION WOULD SPPED UP AND WE WOULD NOT BE IN SUCH AH SHAMBLE HERE ON THIS REALM…!!

  22. Growing up as a child in eastern st Thomas when certain Kumyna start play ppl av to get out them bed myal tek dem in a dem sleep…… dem av to fine rum cream soda n white foul blood fi pull dem. ….. that’s y mi nuh drink cream soda. …….
    There was this one woman mi always feel sorry fi are as drum knock she ketch in a myal n all the duppy want was broke bottle and she had to eat it the entire time until the drum start knock a particular way……..
    We fear what we don’t know but I believe that’s how our ancestors speak to us

  23. nutten nuh wrong wid cream soda, it is not the soda or the name of the soda, it is the clear liquid of the soda…mek mi teach oonuh….the clear liquid is indicative of LIGHT, CLEAN SPIRIT!!..this is why white rum is used as opposed to dark rum, it is called MESSAGE..Crème soda is used for CUT AND CLEAR…..DRINK DE CREME SODA MAN,,ANUH NUTTEN!!! TRUST ME I KNOWW!

    1. Transparency is what is sought because from what I was told that many people that the spirit torment are sometimes the ones that they called out on others. The Kumina demands the truth. The liquid will pose as nothing being hidden.

  24. Not to be bad or anything but my belief is that God became the medium for us so that we would not need any here on earth to communicate welcome n mediate with no spirit he also says when the flesh of this earth dies the spirit returns to him n the devil can’t touch that spirit so he plays with an image of the flesh (duppy) so I’m really not believing of these things but we all have to know God for ourselves so mayb it’s not my calling to b knowledgable of these things
    It’s interesting to hear Obara knowledge still

    1. I am of this believe too Chuet but I’m always fascinated to learn about the African heritage and love to go watch the kumina. One thing im sure of some of these people invoke the death spirits to use for their own purposes on earth. Whenever they keep kumina in our community, my parents always tell us not to partake of the food as the organizer/spiritualist offer the food to spirits

  25. Tawkchuet I respect your beliefs and others who have not gone up the scale or the heights of metaphysics as I have. There is NONE, NO ONE IS ABOVE OUR LORD GOD!! WE ARE ALL FRAGMENTS OF THIS MAGNIFICENT CREATOR!!!…but God does use intermediaries, emissaries, such as in Christianity JESUS/YESHUA was one, of course called the SON of God HE was indeed God’s emissary, an enlightened being, A VERY BENEVOLENT ONE!!! the Muslims will say Mohammed was the emissary for Islam, and Buddha for the Buddhist, Shiva or Krishna for the Hindus and Orunmila for us in my tradition of IFA/ORISHA…in no religion or tradition is there a pictorial image of GOD!!!..there are however pictures of his emissaries…The Christians will stand by their beliefs and so will the Muslim, BUT ONE THING IS FOR CERTAIN WE ALL SERVE ONE GOD, IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW YOU ARRIVE AT HIS FEET, JUST AS LONG AS WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HE IS THERE AND HE EXISTS!!!…it matters not who agrees with me after all I am not here to indoctrinate, but to share WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE….GOD BLESS

  26. This been happen at this school from in the 90s I heard that ghost knock out spoon out of student hand and pulling chair this a majorslavery historic plantation area which cane and banana use to export a lot of slave dead and beat the school ground always have ghost appear in drama and religious class as for obeah it is more history of the ancestors than obeah

  27. @obara meji can we speak off air please cuz u seem u will be able to tell me some things i need answers for. SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. ive been having spiritual experiences all my life and ive been to my “pastor” and he wont even give me the time of day everybody else either ignores me or tell me its all in my head and i know im not crazy

  28. de you tube video is of Queenie, who has made her transition, The thing that Jamaicans have yet to learn is how to live long while serving these spirits, and by serving I mean entertaining them and honoring them, a lot of them die from the same ailment that took away their head spirit, the one who heads their Ile ( prounounced elay), spiritual house, this also happens in Haitian Voudoun,.IT IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE, the spirit needs the body in order to be able to operate on this plane, often times the spiritualist do mot know the signatures of whom they are dealing with and so these problems occur!!! they need teaching!

  29. I’m a skeptic in every sense. If can’t see it I don’t believe it. But are these weird things possible? I believe so. I’m scared to even watch the video. Im out.

  30. Met you asked about astrology from what I know it began in kemet (ancient Egypt) andd Alexander do GREEK learnt/teef it and it spread to greece and to rome and asia. I think it was referred to as the face of decan.

  31. @ Obara Meji since you say spirits are amongst us. how do we deal with a spirit that’s not of our ancestors. For instance my cuz swear there are a few spirits in my house…. last night I had an experience while sleeping. I feel asleep in my daughter’s room. then I was trying to get up and I could not move. immediately I panicked then managed to calm myself and say a prayer(Our father)…. was that a spirit in the room holding me down? Prayer was my reaction because my mother told me of her experience like the one I.

  32. @curry some spirits who we call ancestors do not have to be blood relatives, some are just people who have crossed over and still connect with us from a higher plane teaching us through visions and dreams things of old or what we ought to know, they are ancestors because at one time they belonged to the HUMAN RACE!! the world of spirits THERE ARE NO ETHNICITIES, however there are what is called EARTHBOUND spirits, these are the ones who have not CROSSED over or gone into the light, for lack of a better sentence, these are the presence we will feel or see in our homes most often or at different places, if you saw the movie ghost, for a while Patrick Swayze was EARTHBOUND and also the fellow he met on the train, remember?…ok lets get to the feeling of being held down, there are MANY explanations to this, as each circumstance may be different, I will try to condense my answer as it could be a BOOK of explanations.
    It could have been a spiritual entity that held you down, and if so it may not have to be someone who came to harm you in way of JUJU, but merely some mischievous passer by. If this happens again, whatever religion you practice or whomever you believe in within your religious thoughts CALL UPON THAT PERSON, when tis happens oftentimes you cannot move or talk, but call through your mind or do what you did and pray, if you are brave and relax IT WOULD PASS, BUT THE EXPERIENCE IS FRIGHTENING, so people panic, I know it has happened to me from I was a little girl. The REAL reason this happens most times it this…..when we go to sleep our spirits walk the earth, it is attached to the body by what is known as SILVER CORD, (when this cord breaks the person dies)as we sleep our brain is still active and sometimes our brain will alert us to WAKE, but the spirit has not come back as yet, when this happens we are consciously AWAKE, but because the spirit has not come back as yet (it is there in the room trying to align it self with our bodies) so as we panic (brain function) the spirit tries to get in so we can PROPERLY wake up. There are certain portals in which the spirit can come in or leave the body, it is very difficult for them to re-enter when our bodies are on the bed panicking… more explanations on this but it is too much to type.

    hi Curry this has happened to me from I was a little girl, most often it is you own spirit, the one which your body host, when we sleep our spirit leaves our bodies (attached to it by what is called a silver cord, when this cord breaks the person dies) to roam the spiritual earth, visits friends and families, enemies even, however often times we wake before our spirits return to us, so our bodies cannot move, but we can think and so we panic, the brain is sharp so we can hear people in the house talking and the birds outside singing, but WE CANNOT MOVE, not until the spirit who is in the room with us, (it comes back as soon as it realizes the body wants to wake, but again as we panic the process for its return is slow. This is one explanation and the main one, other times, mischievous earthbound spirits may pass through and decide to bother you while sleeping or it may be witchcraft plaguing the person, I have just condensed my explanation to you Curry, but there is more to tell, it is just too much to write!! be blessed.

  33. Thanks for your explanation Obara. I think I need to have a religious person come and bless the house out advise me on what to do. I got into further discussion with my cousin and she mentioned that she has seen the spirits particularly in the basement. .. this lady I worked with encouraged me to speak with a spiritualist from JA last year and the spiritualist told me that someone set something against me. The way I was raised I was taught that if I don’t believe in it (Obeah as us Jamaican call it)nothing will happen to me. and mi cannot think if why someone would want to”obeah” me. another thing I noticed is that when I’m at home majority of the times I’m “cross and angry” for absolutely no reason… last but not least. after I submitted my question on Sunday. my daughter woke up in the night on Monday at approximately 11:30 and she said “4:36” and walked into the living room(I assume because that’s the only room where the light was on) it appears as if she was sleep walking….. mi fraid outta my mind cause mi nuhmind if dem(spirits) trouble mi but it seems like they are messing with my child as well. May I please contact you off air? I believe in God but I don’t have a particular religion and I need some advice on next steps. Thx again

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