Dis lean body one Mika gu spen up di money her second baby father walk and rob up pon her body an den run guh take Mello husband an breed an a war wid Mello over her husband gi di mon beh threesome an thing she di want in a competition wid Mello thats why she carried di belly now di mon sorry him breed her him wa guh home to him wife an dem newborn Mika dem keep baby shower Kenmare gu when everything over Mika nuh get no picture wid Kenmare no cake cutting nothing because Kenmare was with Mello a dat happen when yuh run guh tak people Mon Mika di mon don’t want you an yuh never look good a di baby shower yuh stay real bad an yuh look really unhappy……


  1. The man doesn’t want Mika yet he had unprotected sex with her, breed her and now a baby is on the way. Does that make sense to you, sender? Can a woman take away a man from another woman who doesn’t want to be taken? Sender, were you one of the participants in these threesomes to know about their existence or there is a website with a listing of upcoming/past threesomes?

    This world is indeed over run with stupid people like the sender.

  2. Gm everyone,First time for everything dem sey.This is the 1st time I’m reading such a post n don’t have a clue as to the relevance or what the actual fcuk is being said.

    I don’t even want it to be good yuck!

  3. Basically the fool, fool man breed the side chick him lef him good, good woman for and now since the side pregnant he done playing outside of home and he wants to make it up to him wife and go back home… Well Mr. Fool, fool man why didn’t you think bout going home before you breed har, now there’s a baby coming into this world because of his/her parents careless behavior… Some of this side chicks need to recognize just because his with you doesn’t mean he will be with you for a long period of time, him soon get bored and want to return home where it’s more secure and he has history and build a foundation… These men are stupid on top of the women they deal with on the side…

  4. Ocean Breeze, I have to agree with you. Don’t know what is wrong with these nasty f–cky f–cky men and these low esteem sidechicks.

  5. Side chicks never win! Point blank and the period…they’re just waisting their youthful years away!

  6. Meka true him never at the shower u gone have the baby before time that y u must stop take people man because u now u don’t have no luck with man we have if ask the lord if bless this baby father. Now because she don’t have no luck with man meka a time if lock yo pussy now and yo mouth because non off them not working.

  7. The man is 100 percent to blame in this… No one else but the man. He left and dissed his wider her whole f**n pregnancy… And now decided to go back to her. These men are disgusting, they will definitely get what they are looking for. We don’t know what he told meka, and knowing mello she is the one who started the drama with young lady. So everyone shut the f**k up and stop blame the girl…. Innocent babies are being brought into the situation and mello looks like a old ass bitch. She 30 something and she looks 40 plus.

  8. Man meets woman.

    Man marries woman.

    Man cheats on woman with “other woman.”

    Man impregnates “other woman.”

    Wife’s supporter stalks “other woman’s” life.

    “Wife’ssupporter” bashes “other woman” for her pregnancy.

    Man allegedly wants to reunite with Wife.

    In summary, sender is saying MAN is innocent, “other woman” is to be credited with all the blame and Wife is an angel??? KMT

    ***sips mint tea and gives SENDER the side eye**

    1. Thank you! Mello & her supporters need to simmer down….it’s not the first nor will it be the last time Kemar fully tek on new relationship while him deh wid har….,from start to finish Mello get bun

  9. But I her that is because him don’t come to the shower that is y she gone have baby before time and she not seeing him like that and him sleep out and Meka but Meka tell r friend them Kmar don’t see out and him sleep pon r ever night Meka stop put on a show because yo show is over now first of all him come a the shower late that is a big Dis and them tell u him in traffic him never want to come no were Meka me understand u looking for a father for your other kids but u should take a big man a listing to wat your friend them tell u a long time because u now u don’t have no luck with man.

  10. Meka y u never make your mother give u the money she use for the shower and buy the bed because u forget u don’t have a bed that don’t look good and u say u take Mello yo tell everybody say yo have everything so y u keep a shower to show off when the man never dare a long time u a do this to your self yo mother have fi go back now to the reader woman back because this one not work fi u again try a big man not a 27 year old little boy !!!

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