Bwoy ah mi fi tel yuh seh

Wifey and baby madda ah wear di same outfit

Same lipstick even same brand shoe

Ah wah dis competition ??

And ah who wear it first

And ah who bim bim buy guh give first

Dwbcl who wear it betta doe dutty Shantae or f**y Dipex kiara



  1. Blonde hair is not for u at all. All these girls wearing these blonde hair it looks cheap. It makes u look OLD. ITS NOT FOR U

    1. Preach!!!Ive been saying for the longest while now!Maybe platinum blond can pass but all these dancehall blondes is not a good look!

  2. Looool dipex_kay attitude is very stink….what’s the tea on her? Is this the same dude that got locked up last here that she stayed posting?

  3. Yeah him same one him hate the baby mother like ah dose ah posion and love Kay gone to bed abayyy

  4. ha attitude really stink gues a suh it guh wen yu man ah wife yu, daddy spoil, yu an future bright .

  5. Well clearly they have one thing in common, shopping off of that China site, mi friend order this dress fi 12.00 dollars, when it come she nearly drop down cause it all stitch lean

  6. Y dem girl yah resemble so…. nah diss dem… two a dem a try… mi nuh like bone alone.. mi wah meat fi grab on pon n pat dung…put up some Miss kitty n yanique

  7. @rayray yuh wrong up look pon the quality ah the dress not China boo your looking at a 100 – 200 dress from CB #catchup

    1. Lies. The dress is a cheap replica of some ish Kim Kardashian wore 2 years ago (and a LHHNY actress last season). Evwr since, it’s been selling like hotcakes on all the Instagram “Boutiques” who get stock from China, so stop faking.
      Please and thanks.

  8. Black hair look nice but mi hear seh unda all day pretty clothes and shoes is a bad body odor …mi hear seh babymadda a nasty gyal weh nuh bade an clean …everybody done are seh shi nasty …blonde hair Neva ready yet she look sick an hungry ,clothes nuh look good pon are

  9. Goody you sound real mad like who are u one a his bitches that he use to f**k but the way to how u mad yuh Cyah know yuh never get shit like u saying one girl smell n one girl look sick and hungry but I bet u yourself nuh stay good I’m sure neither one of these girls worried bout you step ya pussy up bitter ass bitch

  10. Ain’t none a yal bad enough to state ya real name though cause unu know seh Shantae wi lick unu Inna unu face on site mi nuh like the dutty bitch but she will fight no doubt about it and since we A talk di tings dem why nuh body my wheel out Kiara file yet dwl why unu nuh tell the ppl dem how she nah stop f**k pelpa n clean off him buddy head n how she nuh stop shame har man although him a idiot already and as for u Shantae somebody need fi whole yuh n beat out yuh bloodclaut sorry mi never do it but somebody will real soon

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