Good evening, A group of us have a problem with this Antiguan lady that owe us our partna money. How do we get her pic posted and our story heard. She needs to be put to shame along with her side kick.



We were in this partna from September 5 2014-December 25th 2015 and we still can’t get our money. She put each of us against each other telling us that the other person borrowed our money. When we contact the other person they tell us that’s a lie because she owes them too. This woman took several trips to Jamaica with people money she and her Guyanese KIP man and she’s a married woman. She also flew to Guyana several times and also built a house for this man and bought him a car as well with ppl hard earn money thinking that she and the man was going to have a future not knowing all along that the man was a married man.


  1. Gm everyboddie, i bet u any money that sender is ur hubby she did a spend pon!Bun a scammer still!

    1. :hammer Goodday good sir!

      All 12 of them should go file a claim against her and get a lean put pon anything she own. The man mix-up irrelevant.

      1. Bless up PP mi sey ur IQ must off the charts!! All Inna mi mind me a say some bright spark a go pick up the irrelevance of the man mix up. Whatever she did wid the proceeds of her crime is a side issue. Fundamentally she scammed the ppl n must make restoration asap.Good advice PP cuz dem really need to call the po-po on her wicked rass

  2. Senda nuh mek it guh dung suh. Dis predd weh nose ooman need fi pay up. Round up di other people dem wid yuh bag ah receipts and see weh cuvil court can do fi unno. If all else fail send fi Sally or Kerryann fi give har bahind ah decent polishing…….

  3. I’ve been chowing pardna with a woman who was my mother’s school mate and who migrated to England with her in the 60’s. This woman is a family friend of 50 years standing. Be careful of who and where you invest your money. This is nothing more than careless foolishness. You would have been better off putting it in a savings account.

  4. I bet she neva teef fi money fi buy a flattering shade a lipstick? Dishonest woman the ppl dem need dem money, yuh too wicked, but karma nah miss yuh.

  5. @yardielovethug, she really did scam ppl over 90,000 US dollars and she needs to go to jail for her PONZI scheme.

  6. One thieving gal a lauderhill try to pull a fast one one mi pay 100 a week for almost a year !! Tek last draw when a time to get me money the bitch gone a Jamaica gone burry hair granny wid me money pon hair job mi go embarrass har rass get mi money three days later!! If you have self control put that cash in your savings account

  7. Lisa go give the ppl dem they money you too wicked this lady walk and chat everybody before she go Tek time out to teach her husband how to read and write she theifing ppl money she’s too wicked let’s see how much the obeah man can help you now. She sleep with all her friends husbands and when she done she turn them against each other she’s Antiguas biggest whore for a big woman u need to go seek God

  8. Yes she call my home with her sidekick on the phone thinking that I didn’t know she have me on 3 Way her sidekick was trying to seduce my husband for years and they thought I was stupid and she come tell me that some boys say that’s some girl said that my husband like some girl. I told her to stop it I’ve been watching her friend the sidekick for years they tried to destroy me. put both of them together I am stronger than them I fix damn ass I put them on blast and they hacked into my Facebook page to stop me from talking and let the world know what kind of dirty people they are and I contact Facebook and I was told what they did to my page to shut me down now I’m back on Facebook I put some videos on their ass they’re still trying to shut me down they went to the precinct with one bag of s*** New York finest is not stupid they are there to Serve and Protect innocent people not Crooks and thieves and robbers… they have 2 retreat I speak the truth they are evil they are wicked my nephew got sick 20 years ago and when that’s obeah woman heard that my nephew was sick she called me one Sunday morning crying and told me she went with a lady that lady was supposed to be my friend and they did something to mess with me. and my nephew got it. her conscience was killing har that’s why she told me what they did she’s a thief she’s an obeah woman she’s evil she’s wicked she have no conscience…… my name is Veronica Richards skeete God bless me from the day I was conceived I have a good heart and I love people but don’t mess with me.

  9. You WICKED GAL,HOW U WICKED SO? You went upstate file a divorce behind your husband back and because he cannot read he DID NOT know he was signing the divorce papers. You SCAM the US government saying that your crazy and have the audacity to collect a monthly DISABILITY check. You a one disgrace to society! Your big daughter in Antigua wants NOTHING to do with you because she said u too wicked and she’s a shame of you and dont talk about your son he’s a shame of you as well. You need to humble yourself and go talk to the ppl dem decently about them money because trust me the type of felony that your facing its really not good. The whole of Antigua is going to hear about you in America jail a suck porky

  10. She is a theif….we work so hard to throw our money every week, and the woman run off with the money. She owes me and a few others from 2014 met. All together the woman owes over $100,000. This is not right what she did to myself and others. We have went to the police, and posted her in the Antiguan newspaper…we hope in due time justice is served.

  11. She’s wicked for true imagine her good friend help her run away from Antigua and come to New York because she thief di ppl money in Antigua and she turn around and sleep with her friend husband and tried to turn the woman husband against her. She got some nerve to be cussing ppl on Facebook and she owe dem they money. Lisa u didn’t think for a min all the wickedness what u did to ppl was gonna catch up on you. I for one want my money and I’m gonna prosecute you until the end I’m not letting u get way so easy pay up!

  12. You all need to get a hold of her and tear her ass out the frame…them thief my friend sister money to. Please don’t let them crooks get away with this wicked act.

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