1. That’s is children mother she’s a lady not a vagabond and slut like peach . Peach sleep with all a ninja friends thank god he finally open his eyes and dump the rotten peach .by the way leave town and out of season we no miss that Jezebel .

  2. It’s years him and peach left. After the gastric bypass when she start the urban modeling. Did ninja finally lef his mama basement?

  3. So peach did run left NY? I remember when she use to cuss off everybody for her man Ninja and how them naaaah leff so what happened? Peach was a big disgrace in our dancehall community and she wasn’t even Jamaican, She cause a lot of mix up and TRY to bully people. Nothing wrong with this lady, she no look too bad except for the ghetto attire.

  4. Never see smoke widdout fire. Dats why SOWA PEACH disappear off social media. realtalk she did too hype .like her shit dont stink .and she wasnt all a dat .glad ninja move har up .bumbo man .go hold back page now and gu wey. .

  5. How you f***ck Rohan your man close friend then wanted to fight a next woman over Rohan while with ninja yu man . A longtime poor ninja a get bun with mud up front wey him friend share with him . No lie peach sleep with most dancehall man and bully them not to talk .

  6. A guess the last tie that Marlene Diva did for peach never hold ninja ‘ Marlene work the voodoo hard for peach back in the days . No obeah or voodoo or witchcraft can’t stop real love or by love bullshit peach you swear ninja was going to married you after the last work Marlene done for you instead she pull mikey and Kendell & go married the stripper husband . That’s a next none Jamaica voodoo queen from Haiti Marlene diva ‘

  7. I so remember when peach in mixup over Rohan & Kat Diamond it reach Pink Wall just like when Peach did her “Urban Modeling” for Backpage and her clients ask for refund for her services… Her IG Page went in on Her Ex she never mention no names but it’s fair to say she chat Ninja like him use her him f**k bwoy how him give her jacket etc but I remember how she use to post all on her MySpace how Pitney won’t keep her man & call herself a proud stepmom

  8. Anyomous 2.47 peach is like Stevie Gal josilyn a evil bitch you now how much wickedness peach do to dancehall ppl man and woman . Trudy mother fixed her ass for good Ms Anita bout ice now look who’s ion ice run out down peach . She also was a informer to Louis dancehall ppl know who me talking you think peach easy with Anyomous phone calls and lock off ppl party she must get har pay back now she flop like a nappy ‘ she’s one old gal whore out a days and have nothing to show just a old evil gal . Peach if you reading your not a good whore .

  9. Ninja is a good youth and happy with his children mother that pestilence gone out of his life forever ‘ she think Jamaican man did frighten for red skin porridge.

  10. Mi nuh know wah gwan yasso but dat lady clothes clyding. Mi only look once an nuh look no more. Why she dweet.

  11. Why wouldn’t peach f*** on ninja all of “heng dem” was with someone besides their woman. He looked happy while he was with her. When she was taking pics and have ppl in videos no one was complaining. All i saw was smiles and heard mamma peach. Don’t know her personally, but for not being jamaican she sure did cover dancehall better than CBS cover the news.

  12. Pussy talk about peach behind her back that was a good girl for ninja he was in love and need her u all some face book pussy

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