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  1. Mi Wuda shame fi show my man front being that tiny… Gal guh cuss over supm worthwhile dat Caah stop stale bread cart kmft. Unuh now a days gal sad like Delphena funeral home.

  2. Woieeee my girl and u think u winning eeeh …u dumb mad crazy #1 baby daddy have no respect fi u because at the end of the day he’s still holding on to a video he made with another woman sucking him down.#2 he gave you his phone knowing damn well you would see it lol #3 the same thing u a feel/taste that girl feeling and tasting it too…bottom line u is a clown.com no winnings fi u.

  3. Mappy is such a waste man …mi feel sorry fi the 5 baby mother that he has.STEPH thank god u were never foolish enough fi breed too.I use to talk to Vaughn and him hungry and Bruk .Mi use to give him money until mi realize that his main goal was to live off woman and floss a night as if he had it. Trust my,Mappy is a dead end road,nothing to argue or fight ova … Cocky Likkle but mouth make up for the short stop and all that nuh worth fight ova .

  4. A long time Teisha find this video in Mappie phone is not while the topic hot, she just Neva put it out there. A lie shi a tell bout bae leave her with phone yesterday. I remember her friend was laughing about how Teisha find a video with a gyal a suck Mappie hood. She just get the right time now because steph call her out on the internet.
    Teisha done cause this don’t look good. And met I heard that the baby was on the floor on a comforter while steph a suck Mappie hood cause a just one room, and that’s the reason they say she didn’t post the video.
    Teisha remember you have kids so if her son was there, plz do not post the video JUST LET THIS GO. Even tho they say you’re not gonna post it cause of the child.

  5. teisha yuh need fi move and gweh a mappie gi yuh di pic why you nuh put up the pic when him a suck steph pussy him did a mad over steph and him still a mad thats why him hold on to the pic yuh nuh see yah man ding dong ediot gal leave the little girl look how long she leave mappie wid him little panga the girl been move on wid har life you and nasty alien looking mappie need fi lowe di gal

  6. But this a get SEERUS YANOWWWWWWWWWW Steph a good fi u look how u wicked to u self watch how u haffi a suck hard n deep just fi ketch the lilly piece a koki Mappy a whey length n strength do u Mappy meck u stay from it so???????? A really dat Teisha a bite up har self so fa

  7. I can just imagine, like the idiot this girl is, when she saw the video how she was saying to herself she would put it out there on the internet to disgrace and downgrade this female who sucking her man, did she actually sit and think how people would look at her real dumb to know that the man cheated on you with a next woman? Lady? maybe if your head game and your punny was good this man would not be out there looking at any other females more over YOU IS A MATEY cause him not leaving the next Baby mother. YOU LOOK DUMB AND STUPID, FEMALES LIKE YOU PUT OTHER FEMALES TO SHAME BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY, Before you gwan go find a man that will love you, look who you fighting over? Him don’t even have the tendency of a KING moreover a REAL MAN. KMT.

  8. Aah bwoy look wah suck hood come to. Kmft wah mek unnu love tek pic so memory nuh work again? N if u forget dweet again. But mi wudda hire ar she av the right attitude towards the work. N u can call it a promotion cuz mi got more wuk fi u :siul

  9. Steph NOW LET THE LAW FIGHT THIS BATTLE FOR U. SCREENSHOT WHAT SHE POST OR TAKE IT OFF HERE AND BRING IT TO A PRECINCT LET THEM KNOW U NEED TO SPEAK TO A DETECTIVE THAT YOUR BEING CYBER BULLIED. CRY LIKE A NEWBORN BABY TO THEM LET THEM KNOW U FEEL LIKE ENDING YOUR LIFE U CANT SLEEP EAT ETC. Don’t even argue with this waste Gyal and mamaman via social media make a example out of her. This Gyal a gwaan like she NUH suck him cheese trixs cocky to sucking dick is common assault also it was Steph private activity Nyam belly Tesha had no right to do this and her big waste man put her up to it everybody know the BITCH/MAMAMAN he is

    1. But a lot of dick post on internet with hood in your mouth and you have yet file a report . I’m confused. Unu love police too much

        1. No don’t laugh at all . Why keisha come over her . Keisha a you bring in suck hood online remember there was a PUC with Mappie hood in yuh mouth the same hood yaa call little. You and steph have few things in common, unu mek Dutty Mappie f**k unu, him diss unu on IG, and have pics of unu a suck him hood. Bloodclawt now you’re here telling steph what to do. Wait I thought you and steph hate each other? . so when two enemies get the sane treatment they became friends and try to done the baby mother? Ooohhhh . Boy what a triangle cause steph and kiki sweetness was fu***g and sucking Mappie same time

  10. How many kids and baby mothers this man have. The ones the don’t mess with him no more should feel embarrassed at the little penis they let tickle them raw :tkp

      1. And the Teisha Girl a gwan like she catch a Gold Fish with this man? raw dogging every female with so much Baby Momma :siul I am convince some of these females just love men for the hype of being in dancehall, cause what is this man bringing to her table but maybe Aids in the future? Sickening.

          1. But look at Mappy bout him a run in and a shame woman though :ngakak..We women give these critters so much talk and they are not worth a thing.

  11. #1 Why dem block out di cheese trix cocky? #2 Teisha ur dumb as f**k cause this only prove that Steph really was ur mate cause dirty eenie weenie teenie weenie shrivle little short short Mappie spend time to video di chile. Teisha, Mappie is a wicked, he forgot to tell u how him use to stalk Steph day n night. Randomly pop up at her house even worst if she’s at her friends house him blatantly demand her to leave now cause he’s outside n him ready. Teisha di whole Tri- state knows that Mappie n Lady Steph were an item, Mappie n Steph usually promote together on a nightly basis, a regular him give her, her own personal bottle dem. Mappie we been knew that u a Lil dick nigga, but u use to suck Steph pussy to make up for it cause she luvs big hood, so u couldn’t satisfy her so u had to make up for ur overly short comings. A Mappie pay Steph rent Teisha, so if she wasn’t ur mate, I guess u were her mate cause Steph did have wife position. When Mappie keep him colors affair him give Steph the money to make her outfit, buy shoes n accessories plus do her hair. Teisha its so obvious that ur hurt, so hurt that u trying real hard to disgrace Steph but u only disgracing urself. A longtime u know seh Steph n Mappie deh, n truth be told Mappie did want Steph n still want Steph but due to how Steph not looking at him, him hurt so him conspire with u to degrade the girl, but unbeknownst to both of y’all this is called #Cyberbullying n its a punishable crime. Teisha stop tell lie bout Steph baby was on the floor pon blanket, the way how Steph loves her son she never resort to that, n if the baby was really there Man-Paula Mappie is a real piece a shit house, him don’t respect himself, u, Steph or the lil baby. Some a unuh dancehall people a some real band wagonist, just living for the next drama to occur so unuh can labrish. Unuh sickening

      1. Hayyyyyyyyyyyy personal bakkle gal u hole good eee (rolls eyes) no sahhhhhh unnu parents Neva use to hug unnu doh?

  12. I would never want to see another women sucking my man much less to post it and laugh about it cause clearly it just tells me he don’t respect our relationship. And why after all this time it’s still in his phone obviously she was that good so he views it time to time again (you never thought about that)

  13. No man unnu just study how the dawta nose suck in is like she a pull pon a straw smh rub out headtop knock eye n knee Mappy really loose n nasty
    One a di woman dem caaaa just tell we the things him tell unnu fi unnu tun fool so, tell we man no judgement I promise

    1. like when you get a milkshake and the shake still thick so its not coming out. she looks like she was tryin to make it swell likkle so she could really feel it

  14. I tell you she has now turned pornography promoter for ‘Mr everybody’s man’. Distributing ‘Mr everybody’s’ man’s pornography!

    The fact that he still kept it in his phone tells me he loves to look at it and reminisce about the good old times. How many of you keep videos of people you do not like in your phone??

    Where is your PRIDE woman?

  15. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    Mi wuda read a comment or two right now from Luvtrace,a dis a the feather hood she did a talk bout the tickle me adult dancehall slums production. A suda sum salt Steph throw pon him mek him melt weh like the slug him his. Go ahead wid yuh proud self Teisha cuz yuh pus-c is him reverse size condom yuh opening fit but whole heap a length and width round a back nah get hit

  16. This message if for Keisha sweetness up top talking about steph should go to police, yes Teisha is wrong to post her up, but a steph first come on internet and style her and call her names. Once yaa f**k ppl man you have to prepare for all a this, we Jamaican love to send out pics when we see them like this, especially if a yuh mat . Keisha remember a NUFF pussy and hood surf around on the internet in your mouth? Yuh no remember? Yuh get disrespect from man and woman so how yuh never go to police? Oooh I forget you have NO I’d in America
    Keisha get off pink wall and go n file for your son in Jamaica go sort out yuh self in America. Teisha get papers and file for her big daughter in Jamaica and they both have a 10 yr green card. Keisha go and take up your son from Jamaica before its too late. Both you and steph walk around illegal and just a suck every dancehall man hood on camera. I do t sorry fi none a un . Telling the girl bout police. Unu do this shit the old fashion way, end it or just defend it. Steph and all her friend talking about police and NOT ONE OF THEN immigration know. Unu go get sort out Inna farin and out down the careless living.

  17. Teisha you a Bloodclaaat idiot bout baby daddy send. I would be ashamed to see that shit in a my man ohone as everyone else said!!

    Any ways Dick fi get suck n pussy fi get f**k n sucked n licked n I’m sure a regular that girl Steph ride map pie face n him kiss u n kiss up u Pickney!! U can tan deh!

    But Bwoy steph a wah kind a Likkle dick dat u a draw up u jaw bone fah?! Lol mi would a run the Bwoy!!

    Mi like when Dick big n strong n u see the vain dem stand up in a it n u just feel palm it n go right ahead gag reflex n all. Dutty mappie a act like him a smaddy fi fight ova!! Run him steph run him!! Teisha keep u Dutty baby father. More like steph out deh a f**k him n ride him face! Gweh

  18. But Tesha, by putting out this pic and showing ppl this video, what are you proving. Because if Mappie has a hurricane tongue and he loves to eat punnash then obviously he ate Steph front. So are you putting it out there for the world to see that the man you adore was once having dinner between Steph’s legs?? Oh….it’s OK right….cause him own yuh up for the World to see. So everything else doesn’t matter…right? SMH

  19. Exactly di man outta road a duh di nammingz an come home come kiss up kiss up u lol u frigging idiot learn fi love u mate y’all swapping spits, an pussc juice.

  20. Steph I’m not sorry for you, yuh have your son and live in a one room and taking all different man come f**k n suck. Where was your son while sucking this man dick?.
    When a man can put me in proper apartment for me n my child, that’s when I’m coming out in public to own him up. You’re coming on IG to flop this girl by tagging her saying she’s your mate and end up got flop NOT once but twice. Just bill and let this go cause you’re hurting yourself, having your friends talking about this man pay your rent while this man is NOT giving u shit more than f**k. Y’all bitches swear a man want you because he want to f**k u. Now u have your child in a corner while a man in the bed, you have NO living room to put your son. Respect your son. Respect yourself. No matter what ppl write up, him ago defend him baby mother cause that’s who she is, why your coming on internet to tag a girl calling her a bitch, then you and your crew wanna go to the cops? Who does that? When you start something you finish it.

  21. Teisah anyone a dem call police on you just link me, we can show ACS the video of the baby in the same room while she a suck Mappie hood .so mek she and her friends dem push it. I know where steoh live Inna the one room. Nobody like her so the information can reach you . she use to work a 161 and Jamaica. Steph remember you KIM and Jodi have a lot of enemies, remember unu have nuff mate who hate un . Teisha I’m gonna DM you some information. Just reply if a cop call yuh phone. ACS on yuh rass. Careless piece a shit unu. Bout man want unu up and unu can’t get a better place to live.

    1. Dont come here and talk ina di third person like anyone a defend you and your actions. If Steph careless fi do as yuh seh what do you call dat frame of a man that is making you feel like a woman?

  22. Police????? What police going to do? Maybe the police a go want him cocky shine up too..don’t waste time go to police, they just gonna laugh at y’all when u walk out, I should know, I use to work at one. But on the real all u young girls should save some of your bedroom skills for when u have a real man or a husband. Look at this shame and embarrassment u have to face now, all I know is that this steph person friends dem love her, I hope they telling her don’t be catch out there like this again..smh. One more pon the wall of shame with a cocky in her mouth. Oh well u life goes on ya girl.

  23. Met Teisha have no respect for herself n her baby father. NONE!!! How can u go on social media and post such a derogatory pic of ur man to embarrass him, to disrespect him?? If i was Mappy i wud beat the shit out of the bitch. Tiesha need to stop now, coming on pink wall to say the sammee thing over and over, we get it now man!! Stop worrying about her child, he is well taken care of and was not on the floor wen they were f***g. Her son has a father n grandparents who love him too enuh. She will never do sumtin like dat, i can attest to it. Stop worrying about her pussy, its hers she can do watever she wants with it. Stop worrying about her rent, i know u dont want to believe it Tiesha but he WAS paying it. YES, she can call u a Bitch bcuz u are for posting something like this. It’s called freedom of speech she can say watever the f**k she wants. After u aint the f***g first lady, dont even hav a wife’s title whore go worry about putting a ring on ur finger before thinking u should get respect. I wudnt even claim a man if there is no ring. Lastly, Steph didn’t start this bullshit, u did Tiesha!! Dont try to twist shit around! At the end of the day, u still dumb as F**k!! Get sum class BIH!! Nobody wants eenie weenie teenie Mappy so he can defend ur bitch ass all he wants smfh!! I wud be ashamed if i were u!! Steph send on Mappy screenshot deh! Mi know u have it boo! Lmfao. Then again mi nuh waan u stoop to this classless fool’s level!

    1. Lawd steph yuh come back again lol. So this time is a big family war then cause pure team a join up n ready fi war, I hope all a who a talk n a ready fi war have them paper work ready up cause it wouldn’t look good to get deport over f**y. Teisha good thing yuh did married and get sort out cause this sounds serious.steph yuh owner friend JODI said all Mappie did was f**k u and every time you ask him for money him tell u bout his kids. Jodi and Kim always chat u Inna the shop say yaa f**k the worst man . So all a unu story do not connect. Just saw Teisha and Mappie hand in hand at the mall so I guess he ain’t mad about the video. I remember Kim saying steph little one room full a roach yes kim chat u but then again you chat Kim too and talk bout her panty stiff and how kum need to take care if her two boys that need help in Jamaica. So all a unu a di same. Then all a unu a talk fi each other . I can’t deal with this yaa

      1. Uno so fool. Who gives a damn If dem waa hold hand? Gwaan mek silent deport threat a tell uno fi tell di likkle man mascot seh she shudden upload the girl picture on her page. Out of order bout di girl call har bitch. At least steph have sense fi beg mappy money which wherein we nuh haffi ask christ if a di right ting dat..ooman supposed to ask.After she a nuh man mascot like donna fi a mine mappy and a gwaan like she a wife . Maybe she bring Mappy ina di one room fi run di roach dem

  24. And DM Teisha all the information u want boo cuz Steph have friends not even friends but family who will defend her too. So anytime yuh ready hun

  25. Mi tiad fi tell dem say I AM NOT STEPH Lol!!! Anyway Met tell d crosses dem again Lol dem just fool suh!! Tiesha and her friends need to just STOP WITH THE LIES!!! No one believes ur lying ass acting like Tiesha is happy smh. She knows damn well Steph still ah mad har haha!! Anyway Tiesha just remember Karma is a Bitch!! Don’t let these ppl boost u up boo cuz an American born citizen like myself cannot get deported ;). Be careful of the decisions u make, u have a family that loves u :-*

  26. The girl teisha wrong to put up the pic who does that shit like that’s ur man with woman a suck him dick u damn fool..but the whole a dem dancehall gal here too nasty walk and suck and f**k off them one another.. Steph too wutliss u know mappie dick small but u still did a suck it off thou and look how u a work hard to please him too that mean u did want him.. u Kim, Jodi,bodygood well she a breed now so she a kool whole crew a unu nasty!!!!!

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