1. In American politics dem would a seh a win is a win plus weh she do legal. I guess she can be the spoke person for all things sliding.

  2. In track and field it does count MET once your head, hand or feet goes across the finishing line first you’re the winner. I was once a sprinter and was taught such.. She was stumbling but was close hadn’t she known that she would have just stand the fall instead of diving to get her hands across

  3. She won fair and square. Anyhoo Met the Americans started cussing on Twitter and don’t ask if the Bahamians didn’t set them straight! I laughed all night.

  4. Look back @ the slow motion replay. She was leaning hard and it seem her left foot actually hit her right,tripping her. Allyson, like many Americans act too fake and entitled thou. They even changed the olympic schedule for her. Furthermore, if the roles were reversed they would call it the “great heroic/patriotic dive for USA” and sing her praises. Dive legit! USA sore losers!

    1. She deserve her win! Americans want rules fi dem self. That girl was at the finishing line any way you look at it…she just tripped farther into it.

      Look how DUTTTTTY Katlin (damn right 😀 ) did a do dope and yet nobody did a finga wag his ass! Big up the Russian girl too :maho

  5. I was always told that once any part of your body touches the finishing line then that is what matters so in this case, she won.

  6. Yow Met…… :KR “Slip sliding away,slip sliding awaayyy, the MORE YOU REACH YOUR DESTINATION…THE MORE YOU SLIP SLIDING AWAY” :kr :tkp :kiss


  7. I heard an American pulled it off and qualified, dem cya pussyole her now. Plus she look like she fell to me, she can seh dat.

  8. All now this puzzle me Met, because I didn’t know someone could win a run this way. Yes I know about the stretching out of their necks & head to make it past the finish line, but my girl threw herself through before fully going over the line. I really don’t think she should have medalled at all much less gold. They say a win is a win, but this …. smh.

  9. You call that winning by all means.iWhen I saw it .Tanto Blacks came to mind all I could say was thats RICH

  10. Dweet again yah S. Miller. Clear winner. First torso over a finish line win. Not the head, arms but the torso. To go into a dive I would think one lose more seconds.

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