20 thoughts on “IS WHO FAH HOUSE DIS?

  1. Have to love her. Portia been calling bolt her son as a matter of fact she call all the athletes her children. Look on 04 when Bolt never qualify a mamma P one day good job “My son” next time. So now everybody a run in dutty emily and holness big foot wife too rass nuff.

    And me no do di politricks thing but fair is fair.

  2. Duty labourites! She travel, unu cuss she stay home unu cus
    Nasty met go report pan u con artist leader weh a rob Jamaica blind. Popyshow

    1. U serious B? Some a unu have some unsolved anger in a unu bottled up to air it out on pink wall dont? “Nasty Met”? Unu just cyaa write nothing without anger nuh truu?

  3. This is nothing to write home about its a culture thing, how much people refer to other kids as their daughter and son. I know this is political and it shouldnt be ; this is a celebratory time our atlethes are representing us well. This warrants no bashing #out of many we are one,#it takes a village to raise a child, I see no harm in what she said. Please have a seat Emily and Mrs holness please find something constructive to do while your husband represents our country looking very handsome I might add.

    1. a who dis dem get madddddddd inna the Tuedeh yah,a yuh dat Max


  4. Met, do not let people with negative energy eat away your mental peace today Mums. We know dat yu can defend yuself real good yu know Mums, but if any nasty germsy crablouse do you dirty, just letting you know Mums that we got yu back just like a Chiropractor. Also, @ Max, big up yuself to de Max mi bredda!

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