Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington has commended members of the St Elizabeth Police Division and the Mobile Reserve for their action in the aftermath of the murder of 18-year-old Kimberly Simpson in the parish last Friday.

According to Ellington, the killing of Simpson and the particularly gruesome manner in which it was done, allegedly by someone well known to her, was a terrible tragedy which would outrage any community.

However, the Commissioner argued that the assembly of a mob expressing a common desire to harm and possibly kill the suspect was just as wrong, unlawful and equally outrageous.

“It is for this reason that I applaud the courageous and determined response of Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Salmon and his team from the St Elizabeth Police Division, who, at great personal risk, held the mob a bay for over eight hours and in doing so, saved the life of a citizen, albeit one accused of a crime,” said Ellington.

“Not only did DSP Salmon and his team prevent the mob from killing this suspect, they also spared our country another blow to its international reputation, which is a function of the police service that is too often ignored,” added Ellington.

Help from Kingston

The police commissioner also congratulated members of the Mobile Reserve Tactical Team who journeyed from Kingston to Nain and “skilfully extracted the suspect from the house and took him to safety without injury to anyone”.

“A special word of thanks, too, to our partners the Jamaica Defence Force, who provided air support and lift. You have all demonstrated a high degree of courage, professionalism and service to country, of which all Jamaicans can be proud,” declared Ellington.

Up to late yesterday, the police had not charged the father of Simpson’s two-and-a-half-year-old son, who is accused of chopping her to death.

Angered by the killing, residents attempted to set fire to the house where he had barricaded himself, as they demanded that the police allow them to dispense their form of justice.


  1. I read where the teenage who was killed lived in New York for ten years before been sent to Jamaica to live with her Grandmother. Why was she sent to Jamaica? Is it that the mother/father was unable to “control” her when she was living in New York? It seems the grandmother had little control over her when she was in a relationship with a 27-year old man (a Barber) when she was only 15.

    A sad situation, but some of these teenagers just want to grow up too quick and get themselves into situations which they cannot handle. This thug seem to have been obsessed with this girl and we see what happens in the end.

  2. Where was this mob when said 27 year old got this young girl pregnant. RIP same way baby girl but this should have ended with an incarcerated 27 year old when he raped you and got you pregnant.

  3. Uhmuch tax payer money dem waste yah suh?!? Air support…. Back up come all di way from Kingston? The question here is, who this killer know or related to? Who him call mek di police save him?? That is the real question. Police nuh usually save no killa from jungle justice, dat me know.

  4. Dem shoulda beat him &%@#&%$#@##. Why dem never beat and arrest him @#$%$#@##$$ when him fvck off de likkle girl at age 15 ?? That is statutory rape. Today a Sunday, and mi really caan say wey mi really want to say, because mi know say my comments will be waiting for moderation all day. I am ticked off at de police for protecting dis $#@#$#@$$ murdera, who killedde girl in front of her 2 year old. It is a friggin waste a taxpayers money feeding dis #$#@@%$. A hope de prisoners dem deal wid him claat inna prison

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