Despite the recall on corned beef, some street vendors and wholesales in downtown Kingston continue to sell the product.

A Gleaner team had no trouble buying corned beef on a visit to the business district today.

While acknowledging that a ban is in place, sellers told the news team that they would not stop selling corned beef saying they could not absorb the financial loss.

They say it is up to consumers to determine if they want to buy the product.

Meanwhile, it was a different case in the Cross Roads area of the city where the news team observed that corned beef was removed from store shelves.

The Commerce Ministry has cautioned customers not to eat corned beef until further notice.

READ: Gov’t bans corned beef imports from Brazil, people urged not to consume product

The import ban was imposed after news came that several major Brazilian meat processors have been selling rotten beef and poultry and had allegedly bribed auditors to look the other way.

The ministry said the implicated Brazilian companies supply 99.5 per cent of the corned beef being sold in Jamaica.

It said the National Food Recall Committee will meet to determine next steps and inform when it will be safe to consume corned beef.


  1. Disgusting!!! Darn mystery meat! I vowed last year to never eat corn beef or hot dogs again and deli meat is next to go. I feel so queasy reading this. Most children refuse meat but we force them to eat it. Human beings were not designed to eat flesh but we adapted. First animal extinction, human extinction just around the bend thanks to our darn selves…ugh so gross

  2. The double standard is crazy yo..we pressure African countries especially Nigeria as systematically corrupt but no one ever talk about the brown ppl countries like Brazil.

    The last two presidents and even the incoming one for Brazil have all been mired in corruption scandals. The state owned oil company Petrobas is famous for bribes.The football administration embedded in corruption scandals for decades! No wonder the health inspectors took bribes n tun blind eye to the rotten beef n a yardies a guh feel it!!

  3. Mi cyah understand why Jamaica affi go a brazil fi meat fi mek likkle cornbeef put inna tin when so much cow a nyam grass dung deh.

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