Them vex tru them never even make it to top 6, them vex because the 18 year old win. First of all tough face Li Anne not because u are a lawyer to be and u mixed and uptown make u feel say u woulda make it to top 6 with your tough self, stick to the body building contest with your hating ass. And u miss Denyque weh a try buss from how long now with your hype self , u can’t even walk good inna di pageant and so full of yourself mi surprise u even make it to top 12. Yo mi vex how the one Lianne she come a call the people them good good pageant patty shop! So wa u enter the patty shop fah?! Take the loss and go siddung one side. Two haters.





  1. That lianne girl face is too hard , not pageant looking…never thought she would have won..nice body but she ain’t even cute!

  2. Classic case of sour grapes rationalization, can’t win the pageant suh it’s a patty shop. go sit losers, a younger, prettier girl has taken the crown, and she has better character than u losers, she will be a better representation of us on the world stage. Congrats and good luck to the New Ms. JA Universe.

  3. LOSERSSSSSS…The girl deserved to WIN. Ms Universe is a beauty contest with strong leanings towards the modelling aspect.
    Denyque toooo shoort and tooo oldddd
    Lian toooo tough and dont fit the criteria. Is how much contest shee a go enter?
    Isabel was surely the prettiest of the lot, like the old school Beauty Queens we had before, she looks like Debbie Campbell and Sandra Foster in one. Girl born pretty and have sexiest, slim little shape with a tiny waist
    Gwey oldddd pagent footssss, yes FOOTS

  4. i totally agree… liane face hard and hard to look pan and denyque just doesnt have the beauty pageant look to me. The first runner up had the best look to me. She should have won in my opinion.

  5. Poor sportsmanship, had one of them win and lost later on the big stage them would probably bruk fight. Good decision by the judges because obviously these dumb wits would not represent well.

  6. These two are very basic & Denyque mi neva know a suh yuh stay smh why you a follow that tuff gal & a throw words pon di ppl dem thing. Denyque plz stop the foolishness & go sidung

  7. DWL ! They look dumb ! Cuz if they won they woudnt be talking shit. Denyque needs to scram cuz nobody gives a fck about her music or her irrelevant lying ass, cant stand the fake bitch.

  8. That is not what she meant. There has been a lot of controversy over MJU and MJW with prizes not being given out as promised as well as insuffiecent food etc. More to it than them not placing 1st.

    1. Miss Jamaica world especially has been run into the ground. The franchise holder needs to hand over the title. I also hear that the franchise holder for MJW rule the girls with an iron fist and none of the cant bare her

  9. I’m sure these are comments that could hav came before they lost! And if they knew it was a patty shop (as the competition has had some controversy) they shouldn’t have entered, and if they felt it was a patty shop while they were in competition I’m sure they as a group who are now classing the peoples pageant could have stood together and spoken out!

    If they had gotten further in the competition they wouldn’t have a thing to say!

    They are classless!

  10. Is not Aneka and her fren alone dem deh wid dem have bae gyal, a pure bun dem gi dem. Denyque is a clown fi a tek bun from a bitch ass looking nigga like that. Mi inna party and watch 2 a dem come wid different gal weh anuh Denyque or the boney pussy one. Pussyole dem upset mi cuz they aint shit, a same ting Footah did do Ishawna, Denyque need to go find a real boss, a real man. Or if u aguh tek bun tek from somebody weh mek sense.

  11. Damn Disgusting set them is, unno go siddung one side!fakeness n bitterness tun up Inna unno esp the Donkeyneque.

  12. patty shop??!! Minister Hannah, you hear de likkle gal?

    Lifunk or whatever (know you present) you dam face long like broom handle, and you damn near looking like yu deform in torso!

    Great to know that “patty shop” discard sour patty as a means of quality control and brand integrity.

    The world no ready fi sour belly.

  13. @ F**ka Dem, you are so correct. I was on vacation recently in Jamaica and Denyque & one fat belly ugly mugly little boy was at Iberostar Grande in July. She hype nuh rass. If somebody never point her out, I wouldn’t know who she was, but OMG the gal hype. She never stay still fi a second. Walk up and down and round the pool in her little pink bikini bout million time for no reason at all l, just a walk a drop the batty. The little ugly boy she dey wid, kiss mi theeth. Fi a hype gal like that, mi think she would a dey wid one real boss man. Can’t believe that dey fat belly piggy ugly bwoy she a tek bun from. Kiss mi teeth. Denyque go siddung, a bay mi did know you never did a go win. Sore looser

  14. First of all, why do all you bitches talk without getting your facts straight. Denyque was of age to enter MUJ. She was in fact the best candidate to win!!! Shes smart, well spoken, talented and exposed. She would have made an excellent ambassador for our wonderful Island in the sun. You all just badmind and jealous cuz all you sorry bitches ugly and shape bad.

  15. I met Denyque several years ago at a corporate event in Jamaica. She is such a breath of fresh air. I read all these comments and wondered if any of these toxic women have ever met her in person. I think if they did they would become an instant fan. Ladies!!! instead of tearing down your fellow sister why not give some inspiration. At least she doing her thing and doing it so well. She deserved to be in top three.

    Denyque keep your head up. You are special!!!!!!

  16. unnu badminf . look inna the mirror and tell mi fi unnu sexy like har, wid unnu pampers belly and dry foot.
    suck unnu moda back way when she a shit too.
    and come off the gir lanme

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