1. Too much night dew and pumpum juice pon him face. Dwlll. Plus I’ve never seen a pic of him smiling till now ….. so maybe a di screw-face mek him look extra ugly now. Granted …… him still nay cute. But that is faaaar better looking than now. Dwlll. Some ppl mek up dem face so much … it become a part of dem and they don’t even notice. Lol.

  2. All di wickedness him do mek him ugly up so..

    Side bar:Lauren was at sky dweller Wednesday nite and Roxanne was there lastnight..He do kno how to keep dem in check

    1. Roxanne: (On the phone with Mike) Bye baby, see you later at the lounge.

      Mike: At which lounge? Sky Dweller? Yuh mussi raas mad. Den yuh don’t know that Lauren always there on Wednesdays? (Big kiss teet again)

      Roxanne: I don’t understand why I can’t be there. It’s not like I’m going to bother her.

      Mike: Yuh not bothering her …. yuh gonna bother meeeee. Listen, next ting uno drink an get tipsy an start embarrass mi. I don’t play that shit. I have a reputation to maintain. A wha do yuh man? (One long kiss teet bakka dat)

      Roxanne: So why every time we talk about her is like yuh taking her side. Why yuh can’t tell HER not to come tonight? (Big sigh). You say you are around her out of respect for her being your child’s mother but I know you love her, no matter what you say, I know what I know. You always do this to me…. because you know that I love you and I won’t leave.

      Mike: Listen, stop the rubbish because you know it’s you I love. A wha do u? Just put on something sexy an wait fimi. I’ll stop by to see you before I go to the lounge…..mek yuh do di sumn like a car horn.

      Roxanne: Ok Big Daddy. Love you to the moon and back. Thanks for the bracelet you ordered for me. I picked it up from the jewellers today. Love it. Muahhhh

      Mike: Ok. An stop call call mi phone because Charlene is here. Mi cannot tek the argument.

        1. Charlene not worried about mike and his concubines!! Charlene and mike have a understanding because shi have her young boy fi more than six years now! Charlene thing just private,mike just buy Charlene a brand new house……

  3. @Marie …. a lieeeeee. If this is true ….. kuudos to her. I like Charlene and I think she can do better than Mike. I know they are coming from years back and they are both responsible for the other’s success …..but I think she needs to move on and find herself a nice working young bwoy to keep her company. Not a user …. just a nice young man to adore her and frighten fi har. Love har up and all those tings. Yes man….is full time.

    1. mi nuh know mi just observing…From Mike and Charlene go right down to the children, mi Neva see such confusion and functioning mad people. Mi only rate Chris and Charlene. The rest of kids seem to condone the slackness.

  4. Probably the change is in the last 6yrs are so based on his life force being drained by that blood sucking succubus 10farrid bitch with Rocksand!!It would appear she has the effect to mek ugly even uglier or tek a man who was once ruggedly ok looking into THat u see deh up top!SYM Rocksand!

    1. Exactly six years!! A six years now Charlene have the young boy! Suh when unno stay on the outside it looks very confusing and dis functional with some of the kids on the mom side and some Mike side!! METTERS MI GRANNY ALWAYS SAY A MAN IS A DOG,AND A WOMAN IS A PUSS! DOG COCK UP AND PISS AND EVERYBODY SEE! WHEN A PUSS SHIT HIM COVER IT UP SUH JUST REMEMBER CHARLENE A DUH HER THING,SHI JUST PRIVATE AND LOW KEY! CHARLENE IS VERY UNBOTHERED BY THSES CHICKS!

  5. :thumbup that narrative of Roxanne and Mike pretty much sums her up. A desperate little big forehead gal with a strong stomach and very much bothered. The only reason y she still in the picture is because she is good at her job. She is not the best lawyer mike can get but she does her job well. Plus she wah ppl fi know say she a fxxk a top rich man. 10 years time Roxy I’m giving u 10 years to get the bag and leave cause Lauren and mike deh nearly 10 years now so how much more u willing to go.

    1. So how long now since Roxan and Mugly Mike dey? Dem gyal dey good tho fi dey wid dat gargoyle looking man

  6. Have u people ever thought that they are sister wives. They know about each other and don’t care. They all wear similar rings on the same finger. They hang out at same places. Why we care so much about people who obviously are happy in there situation. Some of us have sister and brother wives and don’t even know it. Smh

    1. And Shellyann Curran a comment bout him clean like Jesas slippas? Where????
      All that was needed with that already confusion of a top was a simple knee length jeans shorts. How those sneakers fit in the scheme of things eeh?
      The commentator up top right, that’s their way of getting back at him by dressing him like a poppyshow.

  7. I don’t mean to be a trouble maker, this is just an innocent observation, so please don’t take offence; but Yardieyoungthug, what exactly do you have against Roxanne?

    I am genuinely curious as today is the second time that I have noticed your comments about her seem to be made with a deep level of venom and hatred.

    You do not have to respond to me, but I just had to ask the question as it is getting a bit much now.

    I come over here quite often, and I’ve never seen you react to anyone else in this manner…

  8. Roxanne and mike deh fi bout 4 or 5 years now Lauren and him deh bout 8 years now. Not to mention the countless other females tht he is with that ya’ll don’t know about cause they not into the hype and nuff up themselves like Roxy and Lauren. 1 thing I know all of them have a set of Johncrow stomach deh neva know people stomach could a suh strong. Mike a nearly 60 years old that a if him nuh reach it already and a tell lie pon him age. All fi him gray hairy nut sack dem gal yah a devour in a like dem nuh have no home training and brought up see. Bottom feeders dem yah.

  9. Like I said unno need fi stop sorry fi Charlene shi nuh want nuh body pity her. The lady living her best life with her young boy,when mi sey young maybe Charlene about 17 years older than him! People mike and Charlene have a understanding for sure he’s not going to divorce her. Mike knows Charlene have her man,that’s why him suh bright and not hiding with his sisters wives Roxanne & Lauren.

    1. I agree with you. People naturally assume that Mike is the big cheater, but maybe the wife throw the first punch.

      I know a Jamaican couple and the husband is a ex-druggist. The wife nuh stop give him bun and even sleep with the husband brother. The husband has caught the wife red handed and she doesn’t give a shit. She might have a long history of cheating herself and that is why you cannot feel sorry for no one. Do one knows what goes on in people’s personal life.

      She has been enjoying the spoils of his illicit income for many years, so her hands are not clean.

    2. I find it hard to believe that Mike is okay with Charlene having another man. No way is that egotistical man going to be okay with that.

  10. Charlene tell Mike shi nuh wah live at the house they share as a family! And yes him buy her a next big house fi almost a billion dollars if unno nuh believe mi go check it out……Charlene happier than when she was with Mike! Yu si when the next side of the story bus out remember mi did tell unno!

  11. That pic is from last wkend when him and @msindependent went to party in country..Charlene a stand still like Rita Marley so she will get everything, plus him still a profess his love for her.

    @Cassie if u was a regular u wudda kno why YLT despise 10farrid Rocksand lol

  12. Roxann may be there to watch Mike and the staff. Mike has some attractive women working for him. Mike need to put her to work because all a night like tonight the club is going to be packed and hectic. Give her an apron Mike and let her start helping out! Gal down there with no friends at all! Not one likkle girlfriend? Roxann sad bad.

    1. I can imagine him sonud like the old croaking lizard him look like. I sure wouldnt want to hear him open him mouth. Look like him dont have nice teeth too why him dont smile much.
      Look like the type of man that dont even groom or get rid of the bad rolly-rolly hair dem pon him front and balls…..mi imagination here. Lets hope him smell halfway decent cause him don’t have that “clean” look about him.
      MIMI where is this half billion house in Jamaica? Hope its in her name alone…married or not, him have lawyer gyal fi “messado” it away from har

      1. ….. lawyer gyal fi “messado” it away from har

        Hahahahahaaaaaa….I like that…“messado” it away!

        Yuh a the first to coined that phrase, now everyone will be using the term to message the stealing of properties BY lawyers or otherwise.. GOOD ONE!!!!

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