*Mi nuh tink Killa engaged to Claudia so how him pose up wid dis yah gyal yah suh? no sahhhhh*
Everybody knows bounty killer new girlfriend who lives in Florida, she make it known on her IG which is I_am_the_sukii… They’ve been seen out and about together in jamaica. Bounty killer new girlfriend and Matterhorn are known to be good friends for years. But since bounty came in the picture she had to cut off her friendship with Matterhorn.The past few months bounty and Matterhorn been going at it and according to Matterhorn bounty have it out fi him bcus of Sukii who is bounty new girlfriend… Few weeks ago Matterhorn call bounty out on his IG by posting a video which he later removed after Sukii contacted him and ask him to remove the video she want no part of him and Bounty killer fued. According to Matterhorn Sukii is too good of a woman for Killer… She’s a career woman and come from good background… Killer walk and f**k anything lol see the pictures attach to this email


  1. Killeeeeeeeeeer oooooo…lol. u nuh gagement? mine u lose u last chance fi get back der viserr…killeeeer ooo. dem seh no career woman shouldn’t want u, but some a di career woman dem love di bad bwoy personah and di small legs…killeerr oooo walk good yahn and don’t mek Ms Sukkii hab reason fi guh look a next “bad boy” caz most a unu a fren, mi tiad a di fighting innah dancehall ooo.

      1. Mi realize that Met. Him seh im a longah time dan most gallis ma’am. Mi notice di browning/pretty girl thing a tun up wid im more dan evah. All dese young young women know wah dem a get demselves into, suh mek im and dem gwan… an mi wi stay rite here a wait fi hear part 2,3 and however more episode leff. Gwan do some work and listen to Bob :kr,innah di mean toime.

          1. U know u right right, lol. Suh killah a “strategist” right yah now, ahem, ahem :siul. Di day still nyung

          2. Tinan Killa neva did a read out mattey rights so yet till whey day di way him walk out wid mattey book I was forced to hold several seats and hold on to di chair bottom because it beat mi bad

          3. Wah u seh Met..Killah mek u haffi hold several seats and all hold pan di bottome dem… :hammer :ngakak :ngakak..nuh mek mi drop a floor nuh more tideh Met oooo…lol

    1. Killa still searching so all who waa play stuckie and neva know dem deh pan dem own…maybe in another 20 years dem will wise up

  2. @Met, me say, killa peppa maggy whe day. Me affi say to meself a whe rodney mouth come from wid dem story deh?? Me say killa know every bill and raas receipt bout matteron life…waieee, i laff to tears…

  3. mi she a killa lutan fire sing bout……killa lover ready done and him jus nah sekkle dung …mi nuh know whey killa nuh go live a Africa weh him can have him 15 wife dem freely widout hassle

  4. met wap wap wapp waaapppppppppppppp.. met killa do wha? engaged? met killa nuh see weh him want inna no woman yet… him no find the woman weh fi mek him behave im old body yet, met none a dem na nuttin fi offer killa.. it is going to be frustrating on a man weh a him always hafie a provide.. and right now me nuh thing no career woman a go look deh so cause killa portray himself in a bad way, so a just the fool fool man clown dem a go run down killa nuh decent respectable woman naa sit down inna dem f**kery.. this is what happen when dem lobe likes.. killa nuh wan nobody him nuh find who him want.. if him did find who him want trst me him wouldn’t a gwaan so.. Angel did wan the ring and she see say even if she get the engagement ring she woulda haffie work harder triple hard fi get the band.. and she see the light at the window and she just jump through it dwl and jump rite inna one frying pot weh give her severe burns 3 degree burns.. all now the scar still a show pan har! a man clown and woman weh confuse pick up killa.. me wan know how u fi be queen and a bleach off the black off a u skin love and light? black woman with confidence nuh bleach!!

    1. Agreed…mi peep killa multiple time inna party wid more dan one ooman weh anno Claudia…an they are always, slim and leggy so from u fit dat bill chances are him aggo draw affa u regardless of “engagement”

    2. @ anonymous you said a mouth full, killa seems like a good giy but portrayed himself in a bad light.i dont think any career woman would put up with this non sense.maybe even groupies and side chik may even try to come at i k k ow for me as a career woman that would not be cool.

  5. killa did dun warn dem already with the stucky song
    killa say him is a ungreatful chucky… aww sah.. matterhorn a real pussyole doe

  6. killa nuh easy me just a say to myself if a everywoman killa sleep with him carry dem go stage show? dwl men clowns in full effect

  7. So is who dis new girl now? She live a Jamaica? Whe onoo sey she is executive or professional type? Den whe shi do wid Killa odda dan fi sample d baby leg inna him pants
    Poor Claudia, nuh mussi cause u faava Miss Ivy so mek u a stick around fi modda Killa whn him run back to u. My girl u patient bad, I hope it worth it n u get d prize (Killa) in d end, hopefully before u old n gray n in onoo rocking chair. Hush ya Ruth, gwaan wait pon u Boaz

  8. Soh a me alone see that this girl Sukii just had a baby for killa… On her IG and her frenz commenting On Ms Lyric Price picture… No sah killa get Indian baby

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