CBS cancelled Rihanna’s performance last week for the Baltimore pre game show because they didn’t want to add any fuel to the fire surrounding the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. Since Rihanna is a known domestic violence victim they felt it would be inappropriate. Rihanna says CBS tried to pull her song back in this Thursday but her response was, “No, F*ck You!”

28 thoughts on “RIHANNA WAP WAP WAP PAN CBS …

  1. Tell dem yahn Riri, dem should have asked you di “victim” if dat was dem concern or was dat concerned about di whole ting and let u decide. Dem dyum broite and fassy fi tru. Tell dem seh u not mekking dem use u innah dem politrix yahn..

  2. dat long pus-c bitch from “the talk” di china mix breed wan weh married tuh wan a de cbs owner all she did a run har mouth a suda suck out unno muma she tell unno phuck you jus too gud.

  3. rihanna riding fi a fall. u caah diss media like dat. all a dem in alliance. words of the great jay z. “know how to move in a room full of vultures.”

    1. But dem can dis she though? No one had to know why they pulled the thing dem too much a try mek an example a di girl fi nothing

      1. was clearly a wrong move by cbs, but rihanna comming out like that is too blunt for dem big wigs. end a di day they run things, can make or break. she could do as u said. “no one had to know why she will not be performing. we cud assume though

        1. Yea Metty, is true…dog might nyaam ar suppa now *let’s hope not*…those media houses at the very top of the food chain don’t take lightly to blatant insults like that…immediate apology in order *my opinion*

    2. a who tell yu??….u know di jew dem nuh tek nuh form a disrespect sometime mi wander if nobody nah advise Rihanna…but u soon si shi pull dat and come apologise but dem a go penalize ar fi sure …a dem run di music business and di media

      1. Exactly Real…dem run everyting…all she gotta do is have a sit down and come up wid some bullshit excuse like ” I flew off the deep end”, some shit like dat with a sincere apology….we all have our fuhck you days, no biggie…

  4. @Judas she a show dem vultures that she nuh dead and not dying anything soon, suh deh can stay deh..nuh wrong har, put dem innah dem place. CBS might big but dem nuh biggah dan di voice of di people. A di “voice” of the people mek dem..suh dem luddy..tell dem ass off yahn Riri.

  5. So what if she gets cancel in AMERICA. AMERICANS don’t buy records. There’s still the ASIA market and the rest of EUROPE.

  6. It’s not a performance ppl. It’s a song.. The opening song for the Thursday night games. Every yr they choose a different song.
    For the person up top that said CBS run things. They run things but obviously not ri. They could never influence rihanna’s career for the worst. Some artist just have that much power; alongside jay and B, ri is amongst those powerful who’s career will be hard to ruin.. She no fraid

    1. Philly, she might nuh fraid *true enough*, but there is a time and a place for everything. We all know Rhi’s personality to be rebel like and we love her for that, but sometimes it’s good to just bite the bullet and humble yuhself and don’t give anyone a reason fe try sheg up yuh career *personal or otherwise*…mi understand how Rhi feel, but she coulda jus chill on that comment and mek karma do what it do *see dem put ar song back in* and they would’ve been the one apologizing to her for the misunderstanding/screw-up…dat is just summen that I personally, would not’ve done cause mi want all checks$$$$ clear *foreign and internationally, nutten fe wreck nor hinder my money train*, so all she gotta do is make good and apologize and save the fuhck you’s for Chris, Kakroach, the bill collectors, haters…dem sawta people deh…*never mix business with your personal feelings*

  7. this da reason y nuff a them artist fraid to sspeak dem mmind dem a worry bout da almighty dollar me rate rhirhi ppl forget dat she is not a Yankee n can continue making money out of da US

  8. While I agree that the could have done it in a different way. Mi still seh good fi har, just me. Mek we har fans know bout dem nastiness. If she want to apologise is fi har biniz. Comes wat may mi still nahn stop buy/listen to har music.
    CBS is a powerhouse yes, but as mi seh without di people dem nuh hab nuttn just di same. Is CBS sports fuss buss it to the public why dem not doing it and she come out aftah and respond. Dem dyam brite fi true, giants get fallen just like a small man, and sometimes is di man wah dem deh look dung pan and tink dem too big fah mek dem fall, see it ovah and ovah again. If u think it was wrong in the beginning(chupid reasoning), it still wrong this week, caz the fact still remain dat di bwoii KO im wife, why should she have to pay for dah cruff’s actions. She already pay fi fi har KO. Bet dem nevah seh nuttn to har b4 dem drop it pan di air to, dem just want to hap on pan di “hot topic” a di month and fi seh dem a mek example to, which is not fair. Di whole a dem a ole crosses and will step pan people like dem a nuh nuttn.. :marah. Me seh U go Riri, sometimes when u play by di rules u get shafted, show it to dem, dyum brite.

  9. it really easy fi seh dem a nuh nutten ..because we did not sign any contract with them …..so u you riri will cash no cheque and a dem put ar inna di 100 million dollar club…dem give ar di tour trading bonds the airplay fi get di royalty ..so we have to think like a musician ……u as a musician can only sing not speak your mind ..

  10. just to let everybody know rih is managed by roc nation who is owned by jay z and jay z is actually on the song run this town and if jay z was worried about cbs he wouldn’t of let rih make that statement rih I not losing cause remember all the tv shows use artist music in their ads , tv shows, news and etc if she wants she can ban all her music from cbs so b/c ray rice hit his wife he was the abuser but in rih case she was the abused so how do you punish the abused I could see if she was the abuser so cbs basically punished the abused not the abuser with pulling her song. why does she need to be punished for it?

  11. Night Met, JMGers.
    @Real,me nevah seh dem a nuh nuttn oo..mi seh dem wahn step pan people like dem a nuh nuttn and is tru..U go Riri, collect u cheque and put dem innah dem place same time..Wi innah new era, if u nuh stand fi someting u fall fi ebry flipping and anything..just becaz she not doing wah everybody else do nuh mek har wrang..must admit seh sometimes mi nuh agree wid some a har choices(like wid dah lizard CB), as a fan, but dis a one toime mi agree wid har. I wouldah do di same ting.. Riri nuh fraid fi fall caz she know she can git up back, gal talented innah ebry area u can tink of, and know wah she a do. Mi, like har, nuh believe innah falling and lying dung and teking waheveh mi a get dung deh..mi git up and brush miself off and start again and guh hardah to. Nuttn innah dis life nuh eezy, especially trying to mek it innah dis world as a talented black woman,still innah di minority. It nuh eezy a boxcovah and if everybody lay back and always tek di crop innah dem face,just fold dem hand and deh wait for someting to happn, wah unu tink going to happn? Gwan tru yahn Riri..show dem seh u a nuh n body doormat, or “example makarer”..mek CBS pull all dem want to pull dem luddy,far as mi see a dem a lose. Dem fi guh larn how fi treat people innah di right way…broite..dyum broite..mi seh it bun mi eesi.

    1. It is always good for people to stand up for themselves. However, in her case she is being led on by the same people who are supposed to back her. Ray Rice has nothing to do with her cancellation. They are just trying to cancel her period. They have found a replacement. Rihanna or her mentor cannot pull her music from cbs. Her mentor can have her music pulled to appease cbs people because he is corporate oriented and does not want to affect his companies status.

  12. Rihanna inna an elite group. CBS is totally at fault and that response was warranted. Artiste nowadays make them money touring and entrepreneurial ventures (tv shows, clothing lines, fragrances etc all of which RiRi has). So F**k you Cbs again. She is music entertainment staple dem need fi kiss her ass! Is a mutualistic relationship. Anywhere she go views are guaranteed CBS knows that too.

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