This never gets old ma dead 🤣🤣🤣 bun did a dish out long time bun did a dish out long time then boom the wicked gal gi mi fren jacket 🙄🙄🙄 like none a her frenz them couldn’t fix her or tell her how much of a mess she was in Jamaica? Yow the b stayed real bad n them wigs ready to go in the bin bruh


  1. Da gal yah nuh have notten name shame all me woulda a move to wisconsin and left the name Charlene Dun NY right there, and come off a di radar no morals whatsoever.

  2. Charlene u r a lowlife worse than wormshit bacteria germs infectious disease all u shoulda walk with a brown paper bag on u head fi di rest a ur life not to mention when u hear Ma u fi just start runnnnnnnnnnnnnnn like u hear say trubble deh bout, how can u face ur Chile knowing the injustice u did to this child CARELESS WORTHLESS NASTY CHARLENE

  3. Yes Charlene look like shit bout she name Charlene GreataHole.
    If I was a man I wouldn’t even touch you with a pole..the way you carry yourself,you look like you have poor hygiene and stink.

  4. i saw her at milk and honey and god knows she look like one a dem mad woman a walk down twn the hair did really wah sort out face look like shit. Stayed reaaaalllll BAAAAAAD. Better she stayed home with her child

  5. I see this gal a jamaica what a gal stay BADDDDDDDDDDDDD she no have no friends bcuz them wudda tell her fi fix up herself


  7. Di whole a unnu wicked bad fi a chat Charlene suh. Unnu nuh see say a one mentally disabled gyal a walk round and a try fit in with us normal people unnu take time with har mon. Di gyal touched. A only retarded people behave the way she does. Di gyal slow bad. A only mad people walk round looking like she does eg. hair eva wan do, big and fat and always inna di most tightest and most ex-rated clothes $10 outfits. Furthermore a only mad ppl me see walk round di party and get stared at and chat like Charlene does every night when she goes out especially in Jamaica parties. I just watch and laugh cause its either she doesn’t realize its happening or true har shame tree dead she nuh business. Mi hear some ppl a chat say someone ago poison har cause all she do is walk round and beg liquor, weed and food from people. Charlene yuh betta stop live careless and stop go out with yuh bruk self. Cz the people ago poison yuh. If yuh nuh have money for all the trips your trying to pretend like you can afford just stay home.

  8. Am I wrong or is that purpz girl the baby mum of the man they recently killed? If so, what is the connection here? Why did she post this charlene girl? Metters, I am lost

    1. You know I had to read you comment a few times….and Miss Rose@ 12:57 said that Charlene man Ratty dead, how she salt suh……..maybe it was her mate?

  9. @sender, you asked if none of Charlene friend dem couldn’t fix her and tell har say she nuh look good. I guess yuh neva notice say Charlene naw no friends. Yuh nuh see di gyal a walk up and dung inna di party dem by herself and a beg liqour from whoever will feel sorry fi har. Everyone with shame nuh wan Charlene side a dem. Gyal sick stomach.

  10. @confused who cares why purpz put this up. Charlene a one big eediot waste gyal. I just hope Lincoln3dot stop fuck har cause his girlfriend star nice baad. And does not deserve to get cheated on with Charlene

  11. Really and truly you guys need to be fair. If Charlene pussy was salt enough to kill a man then half of New york especially bronx and Kingston, Jamaica man woulda a drop like fly. Memba say Charlene walk and fuck like wild animal. So nuff more man woulda dead. Unnu tek time wit di handicap

  12. Charlene please stay home with your kids n try to find who breathe you ….KIDS need to know their father you nuh tired for fuck retire now nuh matteron refuse you n the list go on Matterhorn for thank God for his muma prayers you nuh give him AIDS

    1. :malu2 Who breathe* her WTF :bingung !!??Just thank God you know who breathe/breed* YOU!!

      Signed..Sarge in Charge
      Grammar police
      To correct and serve.

  13. The reason I asked why purpz post is because I would have thought she had bigger things to deal with right now. I don’t know If it’s an old post or a new post, but u send things in for people see and comment and then when we ask a question, not knowing the full hundred, u don’t want us to ask? I lost my baby father and I didn’t even come near social media, much less come post up video about other females. So I just waned to know what charlene and purple have to make purple post this at what should seemingly be a time of mourning. U ah give wi half a story…

  14. That is exactly Charlene problem. She don’t care, it’s clear as day she don’t care. That’s why she nuh stop carry herself like a garbage bin. Since you are her friend maybe you can help her to care. Tell her start caring about herself and those poor kids shes leaving every month to fuck dung di place and make her mom raise.

  15. Charlene you come in yah come right bout yuh skin clean??? Yuh skin clean bout your insides dem dirty from all a di man dem wey a buss juice inna yuh. Furthermore if you having clean skin is your only accomplishment yuh betta kill yourself.

  16. Yyyy yalll so mad??!! She begg uno??? So watttttttttttt y’all need hobby like Charlene lol get busy bitches !! I kno it cold cold guh cuddle unda a man lik mi Fren unno ah tired fi see mi Fren Tahoe nah stop smile and laugh at u wrinkle bitches .. and Pinckney dem all right , nuh she and dem allll ova da place and Jamaica

  17. @confused here is alittle info on purpz n Charlene well it goes like this stay bad squeeze up batty Charlene fuck purpz baby fada which is ratti an from ever since dem nuh gree suh the 2 a dem always post dem one another anyways r.i.p mi fren ratti yuh name still big a road mi miss yuh bad mi g..hope dem can start live good now ratti gawn wid him buddy no more pain no more drama

  18. Charlene you beg everybody. That’s facts. And Charlene fuckin people’s man is not a hobby. Get a clue bitch. We know it’s you coming in here to write. Please take all your kids out of America on a trip. Not just the baby.

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