1. I am so happy a family member finally spoke out against this bullshit and explains the damage people cause when you share those videos of the deceased. It is the most ignorant thing I see people doing for likes and follows.
    I personally wish death on those who do it. Anyone who sends that to my phone gets deleted immediately. If you see humor and excitement in seeing someone in their last stage and share it without concern for their family then you are not worth sharing air with.
    YUH FI BBC dead with a one shot no miss.

  2. That community in May pen is one of the wickedest garrisons in Clarendon. Everything she said is true. The people in that community are so wicked against each other, they are constantly killing off each other. There is no upliftment in that community. I saw the video and I wondered at the tremendous hopelessness that must have pushed her to commit this act. But at the same time you could hear the glee in voice of the video recorder as she marveled on the wickedness of the deceased. Met there was no sorrow, no grief from this woman as she recorded a young mother that lost her life to suicide. I am just a spectator and I felt the hatred from the camera woman directed towards the deceased. That community is an evil community, very evil and I’m sorry this young mother’s only way out is through her grave.
    My condolences to the family and I mourn for the loved ones she has left behind

  3. My heart is so heavy after watching This, it’s sad to see the lack of empathy we have for one another. I didn’t see the video and do not wish to watch it. It takes a certain type of person to video and curse a dead woman, wicked. We have lost our way as a people, we r lacking morals, values, principal, love and the list goes on ( walking dead). Father God please comfort and strengthen this family especially her children. Really sorry to hear about your sister.

  4. Girl me just hear say a obeah dem obeah u sista. Find the camera omman and mek dem explain why they had to video the dead body. Did the obeah man request a video?
    Girl save u neice and nephew dem. Try tek dem out of that community

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