The Constant Spring police have charged one of the suspects involved in last week’s gun attack on dancehall entertainer Mavado.

Anthony Gouldbourne, a resident of Cassava Piece was charged Wednesday afternoon with shooting with intent, illegal possession of a firearm and malicious destruction of property.

Gouldbourne was arrested on Sunday after the entertainer filed a report with police that he was attacked by gunmen in the Cassava Piece community.

The gunmen also sprayed bullets on his vehicle.

The incident has sparked increased tension in the area.

A man was killed and his set ablaze on Monday.

The police have since called on Mavado to come in for questioning in relation to the upsurge in violence.

His 17 year-old son and brother were among five persons taken into custody yesterday following a raid on his Norbrook residence in St. Andrew.

Mavado who is now overseas is expected to be return to the island on the weekend.


  1. Maybe one shot fired at HIM, but the car got sprayed with several..or a grand coverup…dem Police ya u see
    Release the tape of Mavado Bolt sprinting to the Police Station breathless. Him probably can take up athletics now and leave bad man songs alone

  2. Smh I don’t see how it’s funny that someone got shot at. Everybody weh a talk WOULD NOT stand up and take nuh bullet. Mi woulda run to. This shit is not funny! I know several people who are already there and approaching retirement who say them not going back to Jamaica. I don’t know what it will take for this surge of violence to stop.

    1. Nothing new innna Jamaica. Revenge shot fire daily – most onnu nah hear bout.

      Advice to those who thinking of returning – you are better off finding another place where decency and kindness rules. JA can’t return to what it was pre 1970s – UNICORN thing that. Won’t happen.

      Reason is simple – Jamaica is going the route of several Latin American and African countries. Check the stats!

      More poverty simply equals more CRIME. The harder the poverty, the more sickening the crimes you observe. The situations NEVER change, they only get worse (OR WUSSAH-RA).

  3. Suh mavado how comes yuh report di shot dem but yuh neva report di bax sir??? Yuh try mek sure yuh reach back di island… A suh yuh an kartel relationship close dat yuh waah fi go be next to him dung a prison? Talk to mi mavado.

  4. Mavado made it out the ghetto and before him leave that life alone him gone back in the ghetto gone stir up trouble?! Ghetto mentality is a real thing. Mavado has had a better career than Vybz Kartel and has made more money from music than Vybz Kartel. Why he feels the need to prove badness is beyond me.

    1. :shakehand2 I am still trying to understand how him leave the ghetto, even migrate and his Son STILL lives there? How you became this international Jamaican artist, live uptown and your kids is left behind in the said ghetto you don’t even live in? Mavado still engulfed in the Ghetto mentality for real and that is going to be most of these Ghetto artist downfall, when you leave certain lifestyle no one is telling you not to help the community where you come from, but have sense to low out the badness and just do good.

      1. His son doesn’t want to stay in the mansion, he keeps going back to Cassava piece. Him build gang and a keep up a bag a f**kery. Mavado should been box him dung long time instead him always come to him rescue, now look where they are.

  5. The police could not state that mavado filed if he did not. In order for him to get his insurance money for his car a police report is needed. A officer Brooks them call him, him need fi stop wid di badness. And the one who ask why him son live
    Inna di ghetto cause mavado bad mind him nah move
    Out di bby mada

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