1. I always thought Likkle Miss was a Boss..look like she just get lucky with dating a real BadMan who get rich and dead lef

    Why is she subjecting herself to this type of life warring over and sharing man when she have soo much money even waaay more money than the man she fighting over ?

    1. You too impress with money. Money cannot buy class, it caw buy love worse it cannot buy life. Low the woman, it look like yuh obscess with her.

        1. I did not say the woman had no class, I don’t know her. I was referring to money and some of its limitations. Money is not everything, it’s one of the main reasons so many people are dying in Jamaica. Red eye people watches what you have, they don’t know what you had to go through to acquire it and then they want to kill you to take it from you..
          This person speaking about little miss don’t really like her, she is using sykes that is why at the end she chat bout” dead lef)
          Low the woman yes. And you move yuh mix up and blend a self, I am not the one. Peace out.

    2. I understand what you’re saying to an extent, but we have to remember that money doesn’t diminish someone’s desire for love…

      1. how is it LOVE when u a share man who clearly like or love other women over U ?

        she more inlove with the idea of a DON/ BADMAN who Poochie is supposed to be

        1. Not sure if you’re replying to me, but whether or not their particular situation is love is not my business or concern, I’m simply saying her money will not remove her desire for love. Whether she gets that or not is a different story…

    1. Him mussi inherit it. His father was a dadz fi orange villa. There’s a big mural on the wall over there dedicated to him, maybe when he died Poochie inherit the donship?

  2. That shit looks so forced and stupid. Where is she going with that dress and flip flops? He looks uncomfortable lol she’s holding his hand and not the opposite. These bitches boy

    1. He was with a girl from Queens, originally from Kirk name Kay. He loved that girl, she is humble and nice. They have a kid together. He usually don’t like hype and video light. Watch him lawyer send met a cease and desist letter fi Tek him dung. The way him quiet neva know a him run orange villa.

  3. Him and she no look good. Tanya you fava one fool. Is force you force the man to walk with you. Him look uncomfortable no bloodcloth. Poo you look bloodcloth miserable

      1. Best a Tanya days Bogle use to handle her like dawg tel her anything come a him mouth. .all dem gal ya a high risk pussy pure man wa fck all bout . Without Condom

    1. If he didn’t want to be there he wouldn’t. Obviously is something he wanted to do and a place he wanted to be.

        1. Gladys small, have you ever see when some artist attend places like Grammy awards how they are dressed? Look how Mark Zukuleberge dress? In these times I would never believe that people still get impress over clothes. I am sure if he wanted he could have worn a suite but to him, it might seems as a regular affair.

  4. They’re sad like my cousin Corey Porter and his dirty baby mother Sabella Thompson. They recycle pu&&y and Wood like dog. Savage toxic waste they are

    1. I see there’s a story there…. you really wanna tell it huh?…… go on tell me about your cousin n his baby mama.

  5. Suck pussy Tanya. You fuck gal and suck Pusey like dog. Poo you ano don you a donovan. Me no rate you a bloodcloth. Duty boy where you come from whit you knock knee. How you a don and make someone like Harbourview take mic. Every man have 2 gal and no pussy can’t get involved. Poo you a fool move you bloodcloth

  6. Me hear say a bear freaky thing gwan. Cat a eat Pussy and Tanya lic gal when she walk in. Them just nasty like wa. Tanya and her freaky friends and man. Poo and him friend the duty just like Tanya

  7. Me na lie Poo eat pussy 2. Him chat in front a habieview make him coulda gwan so. Him ano real man. Suck Pussy don that.

  8. Little a lesbian and Tanya a lesbian so I guess they both fit him, all of them big woman deh a man clown, poo have him gal dem and them two here a go crazy over him, little come on you need to do better

    1. them not leaving him bcuz them poor and need the help..sameway how Poochie a Use Likkle fi money a sameway them a Use Poochie fi money

  9. But Bogle and Willie was best friend so how come their widows fighting over the same dingaling?
    Tanya a man clown ( just like her mumma) from she was just a big fat red gal who used to come Jamaica with her father( Bobby Reds )money.
    She rent car and Bogle leave her on. Roses corner and took this other girl name Des to beach party in the car she Tanya rented.
    Man clown Tanya your twin have more class than you
    Little Miss classless from she drop out of her sadamite muma crotches.
    Thank God Willie rob his sister boss and left her holding the bag

  10. so is this LITTLE MISS OR TANYA in the video ?????????????the comments are all over the place . some say a little . some say a tanya
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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