Yanique been lef Ellis fi Kranium
Suck p**y Andrew Ellis is a next Marlon. Yanique straight mad him cause from di gyal seh she single pan Kranium live from early June him nuh stop chat bare nastiness and lie bout the gyal a road. Him need fi guh worry bout the light weh him a tief a him Dukaharan Avenue Apt and low the gyal. A dutty bwoy in a clean clothes that’s why him baby mada Olivia f**k pan him and when the Sandz man dem tell him and a laugh him start par wid LA boss and keep party and a gwan like him nuh have dem up. A him bruk ,Chu di gyal Mada dead lef money and house a Red Hills fi ar and she never help him fix him car weh him tek 1 year fi fix and it still a mek bare noise wid him bruk self. Him need fi move wid him hairy back and patch out hairline and low di gyal. Yanique good ole is a blessing and curse, cause Ellis and Kranium have the same birthday suh mek wi si who she gone post. Now the truth aguh come out

56 thoughts on “YANIQUE AND ELLIS

  1. Suh nuh Kranium sing the song SOME MAN A PHUCK SOME REAL WASTE GYAL BOUT YAH” why would he clown himself like that with a gurl so many man name call pon “PHUCK YUH GYAL INNA THE KITCHEN THEN ME CUMM INNA THE SINK” Kranium let that SINK in

  2. Yanique a the gyal you mother tell you from early a nuttin but Crosses…every man she deh wid no have not one good thing fi seh bout har…..RED FLAG……she spend har time inna war wid other people over nutting but fuckery….RED FLAG….. she soon touch 40 and not one sign seh she mature pass 19…RED FLAG……Kranium better just fuck Yanique and left har to one idiot fi deh wid

  3. Yanique a the gyal you mother tell you from early a nuttin but Crosses…every man she deh wid no have not one good thing fi seh bout har…..RED FLAG……she spend har time inna war wid other people over nutting but fuckery….RED FLAG….. she soon touch 40 and not one sign seh she mature pass 19…RED FLAG……Kranium better just fuck Yanique and left har to one idiot fi deh wid

  4. Saw him last night at Ravas & La boss Sunday Chill Him Gwaan Like him Too Nice Every Likkle Boy Under Him Cos Them Feel Like Him Have Nuff BBC MONEY CHO

    1. the boy come from good familly, him work and have him education, the boy just made a mistake and fuk you yanique, just like how Marlon Samuels, Zum, Scatta Burrell, Usain and the rest fuck u then deny it and nuh want people know say dem fuck you. you chat too damm much das y man fraid fi fuck u slut.

        1. But honestly me always think Ellis have more sense than fi go deh suh with Yanique. Why I thought he was different from the rest.
          Ellis yuh disappoint me. Think you liked class, me like Yanique but never knew he would go there.

      1. his mother is a rich rass clath woman a dat mi want u know the boy come out a very good educated family, now mi realise who his mom is . look yah carless pussy leave the boy alone, the boy come out a very good family, now them talk mi know his mom

    1. Dat don’t mean shit. Him coulda all have doctorate. If him naw use him degree to hustle who cares. Degrees don’t mean yuh rich. It just mean yuh go school and graduate.

  5. Is dirty Yanique send in this….. she vex because she couldn’t turn up at him party because him lef her. Abaay! The man lef u and a that a kill u…. her life sad and tacky

      1. It seems like all Sandz men are broke then, just fronting for the gram I guess. Forbes & Ellis are cute though.

      2. the fact u say he is broke is a fucking lie his mom owns one of the best pharmacy in kingston 20 area, bitch u need to get ur facts. this boy come from a rass rich family lol, bout bruk a suh uno nasty bitch love chat, the boy nuh want yanique mek she fuk off gwan go duh a research and u see say this boy mother full a rass money fool.

  6. sender the man a brand manager at Lasco das where yanique got the deal, if he is a brand manager it means him a get a nice little pay. sender you too rass lie and wicked, a suh we as women bitter when man nuh want us. i am a woman and if man leave us all we do it take the high way why we as women have to be so fucking bitter das y more time man avoid carless gal and common gal. Like seriously ladies uno cant stop a man from fucking or leaving when him want, yanique is not the settle down type so what if him fuck har and leave har, and why uno a brign the man baby mother in it, did the baby mother tell uno these things, uno gal a som bitter manless dirty bitches. Mi glad mi nuh have no son because i would never want him dey wid no woman like sender and yanique. bitter lonely sad life bitches.

    1. Sounds like you & dutty Ellis there gyal bye all when u have a job you can still love sweets fool, tell Ellis to move bbc around

      1. nuff a uno a cuss the youth don’t even have a good job, if uno want cuss nasty yanique das on her but why uno a draw the man baby mother in a uno nastiness. uno is a set of sick low life dirty manless gals. nuff a uno gal bitter because no man nuh want uno, uno and yanique is just alike. sorry to say but the average jamaican gal a slut and whore no a days no wonder nuff a uno manless. das y some man fi stop fuck wid carless gal like you and yanique. men need to hold it now or use them hands rather than fuck some a uno carless dirty salt gals.

    2. Aahm I am pretty sure a Brand Managers earning capacity at Lasco don’t pass $300k and that would be high. As a BM however he has the capacity to earn more depending on his values as there are many opportunities for you to make money off of managing that brand’s budget.

      1. I agree but he also has additional income. He works with his mom who has a pharmacy in Duhaney Park over 30 years now. Plus the party money. Him not lazy though, boy get up and go to work everyday.

        1. Rhatid is Mrs. Ellis that owns that pharmacy son, uno kir out, it means the boy come out a hard working family, no man uno f off and leave the youth, mi know his mother that lady is very very very hard working, the boy come off a good table and good family. it sad when them go mix up wid jezebel gal like yanique. people this is a boy from good table cloth uno leave the f uking boy alone, him may galis but a good good family him come from.

          1. Oh pls just cos him come a good family mi wah? Him ah the bad apple run up and down with nuff women know one new who him was before pinkwall

  7. Ellis and him boyz move bbc around sandz man dem nuh look nuh friends from Ellis or la boss cho uno gwaan like sumbody Yanique done tell me how Ellis love bbc sweets

    1. whoring gal yanique maybe can spell classy which part a stinking dirty whoring slut yanique classy. damm bitch go fuck zum the producer because she want go in a music business see it dey she flop now. WHere is Zum now ? fuck yanique and gone back to him wife and baby mothers. chut u fuck bout classy, yanique a dirty nasty slut that men in the entertainment industry fuck out and whore out. man see har because she have big butt and nuh look bad and just want a fuck off a har, marlon samuels, zum, scatta alla dem fuk har out and leave har so a nuh nutten if ellis tek a fuck and duck har too.

    1. then if them a batty man why would they be upset over yanique whey every man fuck in dancehall??? that nuh mek sense yam head gal. yanique a burger king drive tru which means no man want her and none will make her them bonified woman, uno notice a nuff man fuck yanique and dem downplay even knowing her more over fucking her. Yanique is a walking slut and no man want her.

  8. pinkwall i know this youth mother personally, when people say him broke that is the biggest joke for 2020 , u see this boy mother is a no nonse lady she wuk hard fi har pharmacy is one of the fast selling pharmacy in kingston 20 area, the woman have western union and bill payment place in her pharmacy, she have lotto section, when them a talk bout broke, the boy muma rich and mi sure she nuh spoil him das why he had to go look his own. the typical jamaican man a dirty cheater, however the boy ambitious. i hate sluts who want to think they can use their pussy to con men, now this youth did not take up gun, have a solid education and a good job, but yet still these sluts a cuss the guy hwo hi worthless. I am sure nuff a these bitches in here dem rass man a ole pick pocket and dont even work nuff a uno manless and uno goodly a work and mine uno stinking low life man, but as uno hear say the youth nuh want a walking dirty bitch like whoring yanique uno a try style the youth. uno fi move uno nasty blood clath and go away, this youth a good youth even if him boasty at least him nah theif and rape, some a uno dirty john crow dont knwo what uno realy want in a man. yanuique love walk and give away her pussy and the avergae man will fuck har but deny it because dem know she fuck up to dog. uno low the rass youth a good up boy this. damm fucking scmubags uno.

  9. Yanique is no good gal. She an Ellis was standing behind me at one Dream Weekend don’t know either of them and she friend me and a tell me how she wah fuck me and from the vibe I could tell she was recruiting me for her & her man. She did a smoke cigarettes and carry on bad I was so embarrassed for her

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