something yuh too bright the man a hug up him woman n u come with yuh nuff self a wet up a shoulda my man n yuh si wey me do to yuh smh yuh don’t have no shame bout u a wet up with this cheap ass moscato go one side MOSCOT gyal yuh look ole n tuff like piece a ply board look how the man woman nice n clean uncle lef yuh n u mad is not nobody fault u left u Babydaddy fi a man wey don’t want yuh lol



  1. Something a man mascot Dwl….is not she left the man…di boy find woman and find apartment and move out pon her….Pure dutty ways she have…and f**y f**y in a america. It grieve me how she a live dutty lifestyle and every minute a talk bout god and church. Something nuh matter how much you call him name…it still nuh clean out you dutty ways and dutty body. Look at you…everybody can see say your life sadddd badd.. That’s why you jealous tashine bad bad…true di Gyal younger than you and she have up her good good job..and the girl smart and have ambition. Poor you..u soon push 40 and you don’t have dry shit fi yourself.smhhhhh

  2. She not the only one. Uncle is a dog n f**ks everybody and dint want anybody to leave him. He likes to stalk also. Uncle f**k everybody inna dance hall. Stacy, Simone, Keisha, Nyoka, Something and the list goes on.

  3. A pure madness in a dancehall all lock mi wey have anger issue.cause that mascot bottle would be in r head.a so they call right from Playland

  4. he’s fckng Maria-dash Nyoka Stacy Simone Keisha Kiki lol Keisha Cherrylipsbell N INNA BOUT 60 GAL INSTA DM NOW

  5. This is so sad. His gf need to be careful. Lots of passing around. None of them happy no matter who he claim. If I was his woman I would be leave his ass. So mMy names can’t be calling on your man. All Nyoka wid ar empty nuff self did a wet him up. While PR stand up inna a corner a watch. Mix up to bc!

  6. Keisha Walk A F**k EveryBody No Sah Dutty Pussy Kiki me did know uncle and the hoe did a f**k Gyal Weh trap in a man body

  7. This is soooo messy! All I can think about is the amount of diseases and bacteria passing around ina dancehall… Wow! It come like everybody is fu$king each other and they all know it… Ewell in fact just Yuck!!! NEXT :tkp :cool

  8. poor thing these bitches need to get some SELF-ESTEEM
    Di both of these Prick weh a hold on pon Uncle just fi catch a hype or to be seen….GIRLS UR SO DUMB bcuz him style you right round the clock ^KMRT^
    Uncle don’t want nobody only to get his cocky cool….SIGH STUPID BITCHES

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