1. him a cuss an can’t spell too good, on the plus side him nah bleach, which is excellent. he won’t respect women cuz his mother is nonexistent and seem like she never showed him love, so it a go hard fi him treat women with respect

  2. He is truly hurt he must of loved this young lady, well if she did have an abortion it seem to have been a good thing because look how the relationship ended… He needs to move on and leave it be it doesn’t make no damn sense to cuss bout it and put her down, the problem with us men and woman we don’t know how to move on and with that sometimes leads to men hurting woman most time and that cycle has to break… As long as you have life you can find another there’s lot’s of woman who seeking love, give them the energy you still putting into your ex… smdh

  3. Ppl seem to not know when others want good for them…. she wanted nothing but good for him all he wanted to do was to sit and idle wait on toya $50 a month time, smoke go over her house and brag on his friends about the treatment he got from her That “BITCH” treated him very good, that BITCH never made you short of a meal, but the thing with young men these days is they go for “hear seh” you wanted it so eat your cake…. hear seh mash up the only 1 good girl u ever had.

  4. Any man whe can siddung and chat dem madda ano good smaddy, the way me hear you chat,class & style yuh madda wid mi fren u shouldn’t come yasuh wid dis yaa one likkle attention seeker because she ansa pan yuh owna comment n yuh delete yuh chaa style my nice clean fren gwehhhhhhhhhh dutty boii

  5. But toya deserve chattings
    They dont have her as a mother
    And rasheedy no one needs to know what is going onn between you and jheanelle but a hope she learns
    Jheanelle need to give happy boulevard a break now and stop move from friend to friend

    1. Sanny & Sheedy weren’t friends to begin with…. when she met Sheedy he told her he came from portmore. It done happen already and she’s not worried or bothered about anything anyone has to say.

  6. He’s an attention seeking and will do anything to get it, him upset because the girl decide fi betta r life and by doing that she had to avoid him because him nuh wha work and one hand can’t clap

  7. Kellymay live a seaview donkey years now to know that rasheedy dont live in port more
    She knew he wasnt working either
    Silly excuse baby killer
    You did all this to get back to sanny(rich Ross) but it never work out
    All a happy boulevard know about you kelly
    Everybody know this was for hype and fame
    But who next thou

  8. Yuh tek yuh mouth tell r seh a portmore u live i was there waste man sheedy,a 4 year now she come back a Seaview she nuh know u from nowhere, Rich Rass dis r she diss him back come outa ppl life n guh look a work guh liff 2 bag of cement Rasheed and come offa mi sista name now dutty germs it bun u because she stop f**k u bout 4 month now and no matta how u falla r up she nah use u.

  9. If yuh fren dem a look r ano fi r fault, which one a ur waste man fren dem can f**k r??? NONE cause dem nuh ina r league she was a fool fi tek up u, neva see she deal wid a likkle boii yet idk whe she dida think when she tek up u

    P.S (we bad so we write we name)

  10. @dandan @sash the point remain jheanelle is a baby killer and a f***t that is why sheedy dump her
    Admit the fact
    Its not the first or the last baby because she did a try dash weh one fi (unknown) and it nearly kill her

  11. The fact still remain all of what you’re doing Rasheed isn’t breaking her, u real angry @ignorant u need to get ur night rest and done now 2:34 am and u nah sleep do better

  12. @pat sounds hurt though
    That is how it goes nobody likes to hear the truth but rasheedy must get it because we warned him
    Cant sleep in a party girl

    1. We nuh hungry & we nuh touch ppl to move over pan bed at night time so we nuh hurt @ignorant ur user name says it all…..rasheed real hurt his FB says it all while Jheanell book ina Riu (saw it on her snap) long and short hope they both learn .This a get stale.

    2. Pat nuh hurt @ignorant your the one having sleepless night over this small matter. Jheanell not even a pay uno mind muchless… yet still u deh pan the gyal case, sad sad I pray for u tho rasheed u want Facebook fame so badly smh gwan wid d road tho papa nuh buck ur toe tho

  13. Who the hell is jheanelle?
    My nephew is quite alrite
    He has been to Rio and going other places you cant think of going so welcome to the club
    Battyman use to f*** jheanelle
    She is a nobody
    She took both nephew and uncle
    Bye now sad bitches

    1. Him a mad….the bitch a mad him, the bitch mek him loose weight can’t eat can’t sleep him neva been nowhere so F**k Outta Here With Yuh Lying Ass. Uno a just a set of bloodclaat hypocrites gwehhhhhh I see the family a uno caa spell.

  14. When him big pussy mumma and aunty use to F**k down Seaview (front scheme, black sea, trainline) it surely wasn’t a problem every farrin man come she and r fren dem dash the pussy suh nothing nuh wrong if Jheanell a dash r bloodclaat pussy why it bother uno tho

  15. There are levels of dashing pussy @poochie incase you don’t know
    (1) dash and collect
    (2)dash and mind
    (3)dash for fun
    (4)dash and bruk n hungry next day
    Glad you mention “farin guys” so you know its no play play dash
    We need clarification thou……..which friends are you mentioning?
    Are you bad enough to name a few @poochie

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