In 2010, The STAR broke a story that Canadian rapper Drake had donated US$25,000 (J$2.15 million) towards the building of a library in Cassava Piece. The donation was allegedly made after the rapper filmed the music video for Find Our Love in Jamaica, a video which also starred dancehall artiste Mavado.

Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones Griffiths, later told The STAR that the creation of the library was Mavado’s decision, however, Drake’s donation was merely providing assistance to his music associate.

“Mavado had plans so Drake decided to assist the project,” he said. Drake also confirmed his donation telling THE STAR. “I just wanted to show back some love by helping out with Mavado’s project on the Gullyside. It’s a very positive move and something I am very happy to be a part of. Education is the key to life, so to be able to assist in that process is very fulfilling.”

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It has been three years since the donation was made and nothing has been said about the library. At least not until now, when a song surfaced called Mavado’s Diss released by former Gullyside artiste Flexxx, in which he questions the whereabouts of Drake’s donation.

“Yu fake, sell out fi guh link wid Drake, tek di man money bout library yu a make pon di Gullyside. A suh long library take? Inna my war, mi nah mek nuh mistake,” Flexxx sings.

The STAR contacted Mavado for comment on the issue which has raised questions on some websites, and he says he was not building a library, but rather a community centre. He also says Flexxx’s song is old news.

“That is an old song which Flexxx did in the heat of the moment, and that is not even true. Everybody in Cassava Piece knows that the learning centre is built; it is more like a community centre and not a library, but the building is there. The learning centre was built from the ground up by members of the same community, it was a community project and the first week’s paybill for the building was $300,000, so the building itself cost way more than US$25,000, so we give thanks to Drake for his kind gesture. Some Europeans built a library up by the all-age school so there was no need to build another library,” he explained.

Flexxx’s song only began to raise eyebrows since Mavado and Bounty Killer’s feud took a sour turn recently.


  1. Vado yuh lie yuh build up the barber shop that yuh use to work inna thenyuh start to
    build a next stucture on it that yuh sey you ago turn inna Studio for you
    to record artiste. Then war start a gully everyday smaddy dead and
    curfew up a Cassava peice suh yuh mind change. After that
    an opportunity came along for you to work with Drake, then
    yuh start tell the man bout yuh want to help the people of your
    community quick con you and Julian did on drake.
    And use the money for your purpose. That building that talk
    bout 300,000 him pay man fi build it was there before
    him and Drake started to link. Gully theif dnt make
    him fool you guys.

  2. Which famous person say “Three things you can’t hide from the sun, the moon & the truth. Talk up!!!

  3. hey met u must be crazy cause check the basic school up cassava piece half a dat a vado build that fact! maxfield childrens home, playground donated, and every month they get food and supplies, go check dat and post those stories.

    1. Dem deh wonderful accomplishments deh nuh unda scrutiny. Di question remains..weh Movado duh wid di US$25K weh Drake gi him towards di construction of di library?

    2. You are referring to three things and movado a defend one thing…which is it? The 300k jamaican dollars paybill (for what exactly) doesn’t answer for the remainder of the money.

      I’m certain drake accountant didn’t write the check out to movado directly. Where are the documents to free him of this accusation of pulling a “wycliff” pon him people?

  4. Mavado did buy the books ……………but when he got all the books and he realized that he could not understand any of the books………….he said anyway………………………and fling all a dem pon him house top ………………because he is so special

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