Congratulations on your big step Deneque, since di music business nah work fi yuh I guess yuh haffi spread your wings. Based on what you wrote you seem to be proud of you not speaking to people for no reason for a few days, this competition will definitely give you the growth you need because it will show you its not all about you. Congratulations again



    1. Yea not saying its impossible, but I doubt they will want to send her to the world stage with that type of scandal associated with her name.

  1. She’s the very definition of “goodie 2 shoes”. A downgraded poor man’s version of Yendi.That was some condescending bullshyt she posted!

  2. Good luck young lady and wishing you all the best. I’m like that too i have my moments when I don’t wanna talk to nobody whether its family , friends, co- workers etc. Ppl used to say Mi stuck up or Mi think Mi better than dem .. But oh Hell book that’s just me. I’m trying very hard though to break outta that shitty mood but it’s a work in progressive.

    1. A nuh you alone. Im my favourite company. It never used to be that way and I have no plans on changing it. A GOOD woman gives so much of herself to others so mi love my alone time

      1. A lot can change in 24 hours or even one hour so when someone shuts themselves off them always end up being regretful because something may happen to someone that they could have helped/spoken to or been there for …so its kinda selfish to shut yourself off totally like that…minimizing the people around you is always a good thing but cutting them off..especially family can never be good no matter what

  3. She doing PR, trying to win people over before the contest so them don’t done her, lol.

    But one piece a bangarang a gwaan pan fb between Amari and Tina Chin!! An fb friend been reposting the mix up. Everybody a dash out file. Chin ask Amari for interview in April and was turned down because she post/talk bad about ex Mrs Bop she say. Don’t kno what happen for Amari to throw out Chin arrest report and the emails asking for the interviews. ThenChin come with a text about Amari scamming for rent and sumn that she say is her own clean US record – both very sketchy since the text doesn’t show anything conclusive and the record have even less info.

    Two stark stearin mad people.

    1. Someone sent it to me and mi read and neva si nothing either so we concluded that teef nuh like see a next teef wid a longer bag

      1. Demented vs Deusional.Decadent vs degenerate.decietful vs decrept*.

        basically 2 mad ppl Inna not so clean clothes.Carry on,nutten to see here.

        1. One mad and one evil oo..Mi si di lady seh dem put up record wid har two name dem widout aka ..why would someone make up a fake criminal record>? A nuh madness dat at all

      2. U right. Amari certifiable but her evidence was solid. Don’t know how people follow her & her circus doh. But Chin post plenty things about Amari, so how she get up in arms now that she posted back facts about her? This business not for the thin skinned and if you open up everything to the world – from wha u eat to ur family etc people going to use things to come back at you.

  4. Morning Met and all.

    Deneque I know you here reading *wink wink* why you writing bullshit if you going on the pageant circuit ?
    Your heros?? Bitch stop :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak your heros are Duracell batteries, you back a condom and a camera lens!

    You shall not become the hero of innocent, dreaming little girls.

    1. Wuck shi fi guh look a wuck cuz she seems to be a bright young miss… she been on the scene for awhile now wat more exposure shi want?

    2. Good Nooning PP n all,
      To be fair we ought to give her credit for the courage she showed in coming forward n facing the cyber sex bully.That Douche had a site exposing many Jamaican chicks.

      She took him to court n got the site shut down so kudos to her.Indeed “G” she is quite overexposed cuz she’s tried her hands at every lil thing.fasion,media,model,mek jewellery,music,videovixen,sidechick…Jill of all trades but master of none.i Hope u win a sectional prize though so bestofluck!

      1. Deneque never take a soul to court so she cant get credit for that no oo. The site was closed down because someone reported it to google and many of the girls reported his doing and pressed charges not just deneque . He had girls on there that were sending out skin out pictures with doo-doo ina dem battum, it was something to behold

        1. Ewwww! :ngakak

          A shitty website it was :hammer Met Dwrl

          Yardie she fi hold a job as G suggested or a household wife position.

      2. Yardie administrative duties are calling her, stardom is not her destiny..muchless pageantry kmt good luck anyways miss.

  5. Met I know u know what u a talk bout so kool.All I’m saying she was on smileja,cvm@sunrise,onstage everywhere taking the plauDits n advocating.Heres a press release she did n most ppl formed the view that is she got the site shutdown.

    “I am prepared to be the voice of all the innocent women who are being exploited, I refuse to sit back and be silent! It is clear that the operators of this blog harbour a great hatred for women and the idea of privacy that all consenting adults are entitled to. It needs to be shut down and the operators jailed.”

    “I have accepted that as a person in the public eye, I am held to a higher standard of judgement, but I do not accept that I am not allowed the same privacy and space. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the persons who have offered me their support, compassion, love and well wishes. I feel truly honoured and blessed. Notwithstanding I will continue to be an advocate in defence of the innocent women who have suffered at the hands of this cruel act.”

    Met all poor sweet pepita got caught up Inna it.I’m glad they shut it Down if only to spare us from seeing shytup batty ooman smh!

    1. If u notice nothing too tough came out of it because some said he hacked their computers but others really never know whey him come by dem pictures so on that basis they could not really penalize him to the full extent of the law. And based on what she seh desso that means a smaddy she send the photo and if a so nothing cant come out of it..Google shut it down based on a simple report and because of the nature of the nudity..more dan one a di girl dem a skin out wid doo-doo ina dem battum..It was really filthy..Mi neva know seh denyque did reach pan tv :ngakak chuh ..

    2. wait pepita weh ah big time christian did get caught up!? I need to know the full story of this now

  6. Denyque is actually close to age 30. She n her manager Jade has been lying to the public about her age. Di gal is about 28 and dem a lie say she a 25 lol. Isn’t universe age requirements end at 25? Yes n let’s say she win…those nude pics will be horrible for jamaica. Foreign media will have a field day. ☕

    1. 26 is fine…I’m saying denique is 28..shes way past the age limit. Kadeem can qualify because she meets the requirements duh. Yes kadeem is bounty’s ex lol

      1. Ohhh. These chick’s stay lyin lol. The clean image those two r trying to portray tho…dem nu easy at all. Just a Google search away ☕

  7. I was thinking the same thing but I guess it’s easy to hide ur age in things like these. I even see some girls saying they’re 25 when I am certain they were 25 some years ago cause we r colleagues but mi nuh badda seh nothing under dem pics on insta etc.

  8. @anon I thought u said the age limit was 25, but when I read again u were actually asking a question. Sorry. Well I’m not sure what’s the age limit hun.

  9. She stay working out. She looks good tho. Am I the only one who thought she was a people person? Based on her instagram and TV gigs tho.

  10. I remember watching/reading an interview with Denyque regarding the nude pics.

    She said they were on an SD card which she lost. maybe she lost it willingly I don’t know.

    The things they do for fame.

    Plus a God alone can tell me say a never Milk leak her own sex tape. She good like that.

      1. Lol denyque and jade been trying to do EVERYTHING for her to buss. I heard from her ex best fren that dem believed she sent the pics in herself. (Due to how desperate she is to buss).The nude pics wasn’t hot so they never got the traction they were looking from it…hence the whole innocent act. ☕

      2. She should have just taken some sexier pics and done. She would have at least made it to Mediatakeout, the pics that were released were really lame. Makes you think she did it herself. Plus she went on that press tour talking about standing up for women wasn’t just to uplift women, it was her acting like the goodie two shoes she is. These girls act like angels got sent from up above but if you knew the things they were involved in. I guess a part of it was trying to appease her dad because you know he was not pleased about that.

        Ladies you’re going to release sex tapes or videos please try to make it look as authentic as possible. Don’t just show the top and leave the bottom. Skin out the chunchun mek we see it!!!!

        :matabelo :matabelo :matabelo

  11. Met I was not saying Kadeem is 26, I was answering ur question “Kadeem is Bounty ex?????” that’s y I said “yes Met”. I was reading another post that’s y mi did tek so long to answer.

  12. Then met if kadeem even win she have a dirty image to if u google her name when bounty beat har bad it was all over Jamaica. Like this miss Jamaica thing pick up every jancrow!

  13. No sah mi nuh think Milk leak her vid cuz I neva even know that her career was doing so well in that time, I neva knew she was the producer of “The Party” that dancing show that use to come on CVM that highlighted the dancers. The show was doing well alonh with her hosting, there is nooo way she would fck that up purposely, if it was now then id believe.

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