0 thoughts on “DERAILED STYLE

  1. Some a u ppl just jealous leave the wonan alone. And me sure who a talk bout don’t have no fashion sense look worst and I don’t see nothing wrong with her style of dressing she always look hot

  2. Wah wrong wid har. She look OK and she booking stages, she ws at LA Roose in the Bronx last night. Now if you did seh Macka. . .

  3. Sender is obviously blind. Spice is an artiste an as an artiste she has her eclectic style. There are fashion rules (hence why you have fashion faux pas, of which she isnt breaking for ex: black belt and brown shoes) but style is all about personality and individuality. More artistes neeeeed to develop that factor. Be different not a follow everything and everybody!

  4. This is an improvement over the past. I like Spice the artist and hope she keep improving on her fashion and style. Look pon Stacious.. She improved a lot too

  5. nothing wrong with none of her looks to me but if u so concern why you nuh become her stylist sender u obviously following her on IG

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