0 thoughts on “HECTOR DIS IS A MESSAGE

  1. Hector just a f**k off all a dem INA dance and when him nuh give them what he promise them they take it to social media smh hector dem soon give you aids

  2. Lawd shaka every man you f**k ina dance run you smfh put your pussy on time out chow bloodclat suh a hector you did a bring the food for when you got arrested

  3. Am i the only one who see the grammar, thats no mistake because its more than one. wear (where) and it should be know not (no). not even a pre school child. all they do is make people laugh after them on social network. then again the people them on her page goodly this as bad as she because birds of a feather flock together.

  4. They need to call him Heckler cause he’s a big joke. Ladies plssss stay away from this lady (no error I meant lady) he’s a big bitch who talk about everyone he’s very mixupp and carries news just to fren ppl he wants or tries to fuc everybody in DH but still claims he don’t want DH girls he pretend to be nice but the minute you don’t want him he will scandal you like ah big pussy bitter bitch. Heckler you lookn a buss and you lookn corny as he’ll go back to never land where you came wit ur big fat ninja turtle looking ass lookn like ur head swell ten times looking like ten pk hot dog in the back of ur neck looking like ur neck got stuck in ur sholders looking like they need to plunge ur neck out lmfao

  5. Shaka no lie di time yuh did have Shangle a pimp yuh out yes Shaka facts. You, big breast Lisa and so on so yea unno papa bear shudda school unno. Yuh grammar nuh normal man cho.

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