Man ina ooman drag a seh dem and P.J Wright did ina tings..Yuh know uptown people nuh nice!

0 thoughts on “DESE UP TOWN PEOPLE

  1. You know how many homosexuals uptown PJ wouldn’t have a problem landing? A nuh these uptown people nuh easy, a dese dunce bat hoodrats that make batty man look wuserer. Uptown batty man have class and nuh carry themself suh and choose not to affiliate wid dem dregs ya. Disgusting!!!

  2. Metty, I just have one singular question tuh ask you…who is this shaggy dog looking batty boy?..ah di likkle furnitures money him ah gwaan suh ova?

  3. dem seh wen a black man successful a couple rumour dem spread pan yuh. dat u a fish, yuh dead, or yuh inna luminati or yuh suck pussy. with dat said however, if fish go a water bottom and seh it deep, there is a great chance the fish mite be right, thats their worl.

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