Details have emerged on the attack which led to the death of Peter Abrahams, journalist and former Radio Jamaica Chairman.

Norman Tomlinson, 61, also known as Burchell Tomlinson was charged on Monday night with the January 18 murder of Mr. Abrahams who was 97 years-old.

RJR News understands that Mr. Tomlinson has confessed to the murder and cooperated with the police in their probe.

He reportedly told investigators that he went to Mr. Abrahams’ St. Andrew residence to ask for money.

Mr. Abrahams reportedly refused his request and was attacked.

Investigators say Mr. Abrahams was thrown from his wheelchair in a violent manner. His head was then struck repeatedly on the floor.

An autopsy revealed that Mr. Abrahams died from multiple injuries to the back of the head.

Investigators added that Mr. Tomlinson, who is the husband of Mr. Abrahams’ helper, was a regular visitor to the house.

Superintendent Derrick Champagnie, head of Crime for Area Five headquarters, told RJR News that the wife is not a suspect and has cooperated with investigators.

Mr. Tomlinson is to appear in the St. Andrew Parish Court on Friday.


  1. Sick rass! That’s why mi tell pp all di while fi careful ho dem a gi hand out, cause di one t u nuh hav it and dem get it inna dem head seh dem fi get di money a hell!

  2. the helper husband?? smaddy near to him, smh dem should lock up she to. people employ u and u man tek set pon u employer weh she did deh, f**kin craven set a criminals, thought it was someone young, big old tuff back sh…house

  3. Yuh can tell what kind of life this old thug been a live fi commit such a brutal act on a defenceless old man, and I can bet is not the first he’s asking the man for money. Sometimes when yuh si people a advertise household helper jobs and a ask fi all kind a credentials a fi prevent things like this. Yuh hire poor and depraved people and either dem rob yuh or set up them friend fi do it. That woman must know something. she should be investigated as an accessory to murder.

    1. You nuh read seh dem investigate her. She may very well know dat her man was going up dere to beg, but how would she have known he would have gotten into a rage and kill di man. Why she should responsible for his crime?

  4. @Maddaready, “Lock up she to”, FI WAH????? Mi d’even know di ooman and mi can already surmise, seh she is one simple minded, humble likkle ooman, weh got caught up outta desperation and TRAPPED with that HEARTLESS, BUMBOHOLE! Dat lady BAWL day een; day out and cyaan sleep over that shit, trust mi! Well, see God FINALLY TEK him outta har way deh; it’s just very sad that she lost one of the few people inna har likkle DARK cawna inna di process! Sad, smh

  5. Vicious! !!

    The fact that the police says the wife is cooperating n is not a Suspect will make me give her the benefit of the doubt that she isn’t involved for now.

  6. Nutten I hate more than somebody who think you have enough, don’t need all what you have, and should share. Your house so big you must can spare a room, your pantry full of food you must can give me some, your closet full a clothes and shoes you must can give me couple, you have two or three cars you must can lend me one. NO! No matter the amount of what ppl have nuh mean they have to give you shit, go get your own and stop redyeye fi ppl ting. Dis man kill a defenseless man in a wheelchair because he refused to share his money, which is his right. Wtf were you doing with your life that you need to beg an almost 100yr old man fi money when you 40yrs younger? Waste unno fckng time in school and youthful working years and want from those who took their life serious and prepared for their old age. Unno fckrs prey pon old ppl and tink dem owe unno summen, like dem nuh have bills to pay, property tax, health insurance and the works. Unno love siddung wuck out ppl money and think unno entitled to a cut. I want the law to make sure him die in jail. Bashing a wheelchair bound almost 100 yr old man head in cause him never wanted to be treated like an ATM. Better you did frigging kill yourself cause there would be more dignity and forgiveness in dat than bashing this helpless man head in.

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