8 thoughts on “GQ YUH MEAN YUH STOP SELL

  1. Him nuh sell Gucci or Louis V but wi sure yuh sell batty. Hey bwoy guh siddung and stop look attention. Batty Business yuh inna!!

  2. GQ shut the f**k up. You is a attention seeking battyman that want to be relevant. You don’t sell Gucci and Louie because you give the boys Dem to f**k You. GQ with the face that look like a Casava from St. Ann. You see how you face old and tuff. You too show off. Trump soon clip you wing. I cannot stand this infected Battyman. I cannot stand this shepaula that act like him better than people. Cassava face GQ you batty done.

  3. Mek him move him bloodclaut.. BATTY BOY.. true him seek assylum fi stay inna di country.. him think dat can stop him from being sent home… Yuh get gucci and louis vuitton fi di man dem wah a f**k u though… big rass fish… always a come pon fb a exort himself.. kmt

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