Met Oh,,

As You know I am one of Davina Burns biggest Cheerleader. I always saw a brighter future for her even tho she seems to had a ruff patch . From she start mess with that “infant Killer “ Kid Pervert mi did start worry. All when people a warn har she go sidung beside him pan TV a lie fi him. I think she was afraid of him and still is. Imagine she had to leave the Country to get rid of him. Imagine today is her Son’s Birthday and it is taking it’s toll on her.. Why is this Man spiting the child like him want har have a nervous breakdown like she seems to be heading towards.From the looks of it she is blocked from communicating with her son or speak to him. My question is this, Why can’t her family get involve to help her wid her Son? Is it that they do not care or is also afraid of this Monster also. I wish she would hurry up and go get her child ,or have the US government retrieve him because of the possibility of this drancrow endagering him. He seems hell bent on making her suffer because e she doesn’t want him anymore. Him post him gal, him post him food, but him cannot post him improving him life to better him Son. I resent him for all that he put this poor Child thru. I know Rosie and the rest of them are Estatic they escaped this life of nightmare. I think she should fight fire with fire. He has been having relations with her before she was of age, that in itself is a punishable offense. Her Child is proof and it’s her word against his. All the humiliation and threat on social media is another form of evidence. Girl get your child and please don’t even let your child spend another day r with him. He is a scorned Man that doesn’t respect women. He will poisin you Son with that same vengenace towards Women. I notice you are attendting School Kudos to you for that, Singing can be Secondary but that Trade you are learning will have you a steady income. Your voice is capitvating and your personality is Superb. Keep up the good work.


  1. Why she can’t go for her son?? I saw her liking his pics the other day so it seems as if one day dem good and di next dem not.

  2. Wow. This man is sooo bitter, look at how he degrade her every chance her gets.. I am curious to know why haven’t her Parents stepped in to at least be a support system for her at this point? Is it that they are making her face her own problems because she refused to leave him alone? No matter how old my Child is I would not stand aside and watch a grown man take disadvantage of her regardless of any mistake she made. I am starting to think she was a rebellious Child and they are just exhausted and they just washed their hands off of her, because this seems so unreal for a Parent to be silent during and ordeal such as this.. Devina can you please come and tell us what was the breaking point for you? 6 years and you were very loyal. It had to be a 3some gone bad. I see you are very comfortable talking to all his bed mates so we know there were no restrictions in this relationship. Sad, but I hope you keep your head straight and don’t look back. The sight of Kurrupt meck me PusC want to vomit, I want to know how all those girls fall for his baffoonery.. When you are insecure and have Daddy issues it is a hell of a thing, cause that is where this Rapist snuck in these poor Teenagers life. Smaddy tell me seh this creature use to sleep wid Eve to and I can’t say I don’t believe it, cause Women tunn fool afta dark fi true.

  3. 1. Where is her family? Cause he always a post up her family when she was with him!

    2. The baby is an American citizen, she can tell them mek dem come for him

    3. If she can fly, she can come get her pickney.

    There’s a couple a reasons why this whole thing don’t settle right with me. Is not the first time these 2 doing this back and forth and it’s not the first time it reach out in the public. The same thing did happen just after she have the baby!

    Too much a gwaan behind the scenes that we not seeing. Mi certain that something more is there!

  4. Devina base on the statute of limitations you have less than a year to mek ur move n bring a Pedo to justice.Ball is in ur court gf.

  5. Met,

    See it deh just like a thought, Dis Pedophile Kurrupt is trying to estort his Child’s Mother. How do you prevent a Child from speaking to their mother on their Birthday or any day at all .It is sad at the pain this girl is going through. She just posted her plight on Instagram. My biggest fear is he will bring harm to this poor little boy once she gets the Us embassy involve. I hate a Man that prey on little girl. It is obivious he was not mature enough for Women his age so he picked a trail of underage Victims. His family should be arrested for turning a blind eye to all his criminal acts, as they are aware of everything.

  6. Idk why ppl feel sorry fi devina burns @ SAD 3:08 tappi noise

    If devina wanted better she would do better
    If she wanted her kid she would go get him
    Look at the circumstances for how many years now and still
    Nothing done .. Cmon ppl let’s be serious devina burns is quite alright the more she carry on with this circus the more blacklisted she becomes this girl no matter the talent she won’t make it because of the fckry she keep up kmt

  7. Boy Met, it look like it get worse. Last night she post a message with this Scundrel say how him ago smutter the child wid pillow. Me wah know if him have the Jamaican Police ina him back pocket or what. me cah believe this has been prolonging.. He is a a severley hurt and scorned individual. every word out aof him outh to describe was derogatory. Me just a hope and pray him no really hurt the Child to to get back at her.

  8. Devina If you are here and reading. Please do not run to Jamaica because that is what he wants. Him wah to till you and make you another statics cause you leff him. Let the US government solve his problem. I just have the stran gest feelings that is what him want for you to come home so him can kill you off. If is paypas a stalll you, this is the perfect chance fi show them you run way from this abuser. I am ashame of the law enforcenment on the Island. How can this Pedophile just sit and chastise this girl without some consequences.

    Im wandering if Mrs No Chin is not a Mother? Why would you try to prolong this, by by telling him you want to “verify If he is the Father because She said he wasn’t”. You well went under his pic begging for his attention on Instagram.. The girl Child is at Risk and you are dealing with an unstable Pedophile. Not every story should excite you. You are the same one always bawling about people judging you and blaming you..

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