1. I wonderIf she ago press the rape charge/ sleeping with a minor charges against him finally why he so quiet and gone missing?? She did announce that she was going a week before she went all me know she very brave fi announce it cause the way how dem man ya love kill off woman and no care.i just wish she would get her life and career in full order as she is very multi talented, but she over sexualize herself too much which make me curious to know if a family member might of molested her why she keep using sex as a crutch throughout her whole life? The baby was handed over with ease and I like that.. Watching to see how Kurupt resurface after she leave. Dyam pervert.

  2. Congratulations Devina!
    I am glad you finally link up with your son.
    I know that you love him and a mother ‘s pain from being away from him.
    You are young and finding yourself.
    You still hustle and mind him.
    Whether you choose to bring him back to America or leave him in his comfortable school and excellent education in Jamaica, is nobody’s business but yours .

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