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Time and time again I read your blog and I see where you or visitors to the blog continuously warn females, especially young females about the dangers of running down certain relationships and the dangers of entering into relationships with certain men.
I am really sorry for Devina Burn because she has borne a child with the devil’s advocate. This man will be in her life as long as her child is alive. If you see the things he’s been posting all weekend about Devina your belly would pain you. He’s taken her snaps with this new guy and posted on his page. He’s also posting supposedly nude pics of Devina. I think he is demented and based on his ramblings he’s more hurt that she has moved on with her life. I fear for the safety of the child because I think he will do anything to hurt his child’s mother at this point.
Young ladies I beseech you, stay in school! Enjoy your youth. If you have to date do so within your age group. A lot of these men are looking for young impressionable women who they can control. Save yourself a lifetime of headache and heartache.
Metters please pray for this sweet baby boy who is innocent in all this.


  1. Agreed sender! He is psycho and this Devina young lady need to go and ger her child before it is too late.

  2. I saw this coming and even inquired about her over a year ago. I prayed that someone would have gotten through her head before she got pregnant for this Monster. I hate these ole man that feels like their only ticket to the future is someone’s baby girl in their bed. Why can’ the Police in Jamaica issue him a stern warning and let him feel the consequences of internet bullying. She needs to let her Parents go with the Police and take her child Asap. This is a man severely hurt and is willing to mess up her Career so that she can run back to him for shelter. Girl run and please don’t look back, just get your child first. Don’t even request Child support from him. That is the only way you can rid him out of your system.

  3. I think the police has gone to his house more than once in the past few days. He’s refusing to speak to them and is now seemingly holed up in a hotel based on his IG postings. He is sick.

  4. IS he really on drugs ? he seems to be on hard drugs and cannot sleep. I worry for that child because I fear he will take out his frustration on the child. He posted a new video where the child is asking for Milk, where is Kurrupt mother they need to do an intervention he seems like he is on drugs.

  5. This sick man posted a video with the child saying my mommy is b*tch. I hope the authorities remove the child from him, based on his posts h seems very violent and not right in the head.

    If she really migrated leave the child in his care, that is a great disappointment as he is her belly pain and me would a grab up my pickney long time.

    Not sure how we expected this to end, he sexually groomed a minor and impregnated her, while most of us voiceed our disagreement, society allowed it to happen without any consequences…

  6. i will say this yes the father wrong wrong wrong fi a teach the poor child those things but i dont believe for a min he doesnt love his son his ig is cover with that lil boy mostly him and that lil boy as for his mother now mi nuh care weh nobody waan seh as a mother if i see my son father teaching him to say those things about me i would be so piss and im on the next plane out i wouldnt have no time for studio and promoting myself at that time. i dont know his level of hurt why he did want he did but as a mother that girl to me really dont care much even what she wrote on her ig page just show me she doesn’t care enough

  7. Well said sender..sometime poverty leads to these young girls settling with dutty crusty ole man..I mean tell me now..what di rass woukd a 35 year old man really want to sit n talk to a 15 year old girl bout..she don’t even knw herself at that age..thas how u know dem men dunce n sick n just want control..and the minute the young girl get likkle sense n don’t want dem again…worrys. smh man like him will kill his pickni n himself to spite the mother..he is sick..posting pictures of her n scorning the same stretch mark belly that bring forth his son..oh bwoi unfortunately this will only get worse, cause most young ppl now want to be social media if a big man is gonna show them that life garn dem garn..mek the man violate them in every way..I hope she see the sense that her career will not proper if she don’t tek care of her number 1 priority..her son..

  8. Has the girl been seen from he seh she disappear becar next ting yuh now she dead areddy him kill har an seh she lef

  9. I see yesterday he post of pick of her stomach calling her disgusting because she now have stretch mark from having a baby I feel this girl pain I am going through the exact same thing only about 50 times worst.

    Sender I am not in the blame game and the shame game. Devina Burns was FOURTEEN years old and probably NOT quite fifteen when she was sexually seduced by a
    ” KID KURRUPTED ” PREDATOR . She was groomed and seduced with music and fame and as a CHILD, did not have the capacity to make adult, rational decisions . She may be twenty years old now, but she has been trapped in an emotionally abusive love hate cycle for many years and it takes TIME to escape.

    I have followed her since the beginning of the saga and she seemed to have done a GREAT job with Ethan and Is a good mom. She usually has her child most of the times and travels frequently to Jamaica so understandably, the child can know his father.

    This time it appears she left him there for a longer period to get a ” break ” and focus on her music and herself… It was obviously a bad idea that she could not have predicted.
    KID KURRUPTEDKURRUPTED IS A DIRTY DEMENTED DOG WHO SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SEE THIS CHILD AGAIN. HE IS DANGEROUS AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE to a baby by using the mother as a porn . Sadly, there are many men like this in Jamaica and all over the Caribbean and USA and Africa, Middle East etc, that use women as doormat, despite being given the GIFT of LIFE – a child –

    This KID KURRUPTEDKURRUPTED has the nerve to post Devina’s beautiful figure, with natural stretchmarks that LOVE CREATED to shame her ? Tragic and wicked .

  11. ALL WHO ” SAW THIS COMING ,” instead we should say ” we SUPPORT U DEVINA , GET YOUR SON .” She is barely out her teens … HOW MUCH of unno BIG WOMAN make bad mistakes with men many many times ?
    She posted a sad Instagram post about four hours ago, that was STRONG and RESILIENT … And represented her LOVE as a MOTHER .,, I AM PROUD OF YOU DEVINA, we ALL make mistakes !

    And in case anyone judging WHY she lef d child there for a while, if u live in AMERICA, you know the COST OF CHILDCARE and SCHOOL for a baby that age, is perhaps WAY more than the salary or lack of an upcoming artist like DEVINA making and she probably wanted to upgrade her life, schooling, work, to be in a better position to KEEP Ethan .

    Kid KURRUPTEDKURRUPTED GOD will deal with you… As well as all d REAL men in d ghetto you infuriated / upset with your sick posts… Dat is WHY u remove it … Doh ?

    LOWE DEVINA!!! She has grown into a beautiful, sexy, intelligent young woman and WHAT she does with HER vagina, is NONE of yuh business !

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