Goodmorning to all,
Met this look like it has been the week of the young and ambition less young ladies Weh a use man fi prosper anyways deh met this young lady and I went to school 2nd form at Queens but can you imagine back in a school days she never Suh brown but she start rub from them time deh and encourage everybody fi try it and Eva try prostitute we classmates out to her older brothers dem from dem time deh she did love hype and hypeness ar family a some decent people dem doe her mother and father nuh in a all a wha she inna but met uuh woulda never know di girl have a son she give him off to her mom Suh she can keep up with hype life all she do is tek trips, shop, buy hair and use ar fake business about making wigs as if a there Suh she get the money when she a sell p**y Hardddddd, young girl hype life is not fun in the long run stay home wid yuh son and get a real job work hard for everything uuh own n stop try find money man you’re only 20 or 21 and look how yuh look older and bleached out its not worth it we form teacher teach we better than that..You will become New York next Robbas and Apple kmt too much Dollies and Jay icons and not enough real hard workers but yuh caay seh yuh never get warn

7 thoughts on “WHEY DI PIC?

  1. She was the one who was beautiful when she dark and now bleach out. All of this was already said under the comment section. Apparently she drop outta UTECH an run off.

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