DI PERSON WAA KNOW A WHO BUY DI CAKE AND MI WAA ASK IF IS A DL MAN BUY DI CAKE WHY HIM DID FRAID FI TELL DI BAKERY YUH NAME FOR EXAMPLE ”HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY HONEY LOVER DEXTER OR HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOODHOLE DEXTER” ETC….MI DUS A ASK BECAUSE DI HUN DUS DRAP BAP SUH LIKE DI PERSON *country vice*………mmhmmm **LIKE DI PERSON HEENA HIDE** ………..BUT DEM CUDDA ASK ONE A DEM OOMAN FREN FI BUY IT………..MAYBE ALL DAT CUDDEN BE DONE HIM DID A HIDE FI TRUE……….. *micey vice* dexter yuh know mi go pan u twittahrah whey day and mi go click one link whey yuh mussy like or favorite and oh God Ms Molly ……….what I saw was not what i waanaid to see……yuh know di twittahrah page whey yuh falla wid di big baddie man dem whey private? Choody page private and di man body big mi go click dem website…..AH DOE GO BACK PAN TWITTAHRAH SINCE :mewek2 …That was raily very nasty is doze tings yuh look at during di day? Maybe yuh have good night vision because dem man deh have some abyss whey some big product truck and machine can get lost in..Im just saying….I dont visit twidder anymore because of you :mewek


  1. __________________________________________________________HAY HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY

    Dis yah diction set a way mi a dead :ngakak

    tight and squeaky far from clean …a tears mi inaa enuh man

  2. no mi read it three more times a fall oba set way..dextoria a search fe condensed milk pipe head size..i am weak nd is not in de knees mi knoze enuh man dwrcllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  3. Good morning wonderful ppls
    Is this Dexter bitter spice stylist?????? Anything mi see man post some picho whey a dem alone a show mi know dem a hide someting r someone Met who buy the cake a who teck the picho n looking on the pic Dexter look like him jest get fuxxed

    1. No Chuetty, him nuh jus get fuxxxed…if you examine closely, he is overly smitten by the romantic jesture his lover has bestowed upon him, so he’s admiring the cake, long side a lil champagne bubbly first…they may or may not proceed to the tub for a bubble bath, but afta dem nyaam piece ah di pretty girly birthday cake that no real man would have their woman to decorate like that…THEN ah daggarin time…cake 1st, then dagga.. :nerd

      1. True! MUSS daggerin’ time after di cake cuz you nuh see seh di cake deh pon di bed!!!! A frostin’ filled birthday BJ!!! :dp

    2. Please take a very closer look at his facial expression…that face screams ” romance with my bromamce”.. Yes UNDEED!! :siul

  4. let me answer ….a him buy di cake him neva wah call back a “male” name to the bakery attendant so him tell dem fi put “hun “pon it so him can go home and celebrate :hoax2

  5. dexter buy him self di cake fi say smaddy buy fi him not man r a woman buy fi him dam idiot him dnt even have smaddy wit him fi pose up ohh please dexter di ole a uno need needs help….

  6. DWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Metty yuh know seh mi cannot badderah wid yuh?? Yuh linguistics tun up inna di mawning yah! lmfaoooo But good observation mama!! Dextoria.. come defen yuh cake and twitterah doings!!

    1. A same ting di I did a wonda too…but any day name day wi did see a who take di picture di place woulda mash up. Poor Dexter…ur a nice guy enuh…but bwoy u left this one wide open lol

  7. Is a pricemart cake, so the person mussi fraid fi tru cah is same time yuh pick up them write on it lol

  8. Because him a try show we say him man a give him cake & Mo√ęt in bed .. But differently just by the way him hold the champagne n the cup in one hand like him a struggle wid d NEx hand fi tek the pic .. Dexter go sit down

  9. Afternoon Met and Metters…

    Di way da bwoy seh suspeck luukin, all inna one JPS Blackout me can see dat him prefer Skittles to a Heineken! And yes is a Pricemart cake dat, but is di first I see a Birthday Cake written with the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN” instead of loving words of endearment followed by the person’s name or a nickname :bingung

    And the word ‘HUN’ makes it look even more suspeck :cool

  10. that face look more dan pleased which ooman nah guh write the man name pon d cake? hun no sah hmmm Ispy u gots it right. Daggerin tun up loud an Ms. Met why u guh dramatize yuhself on the man twitterah page lol

  11. so duh – who never know dexter gay ?

    his man must not want to be as upfront wid it like dexter so dats how the hun drop een

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEXTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Met, behave no man! Yuh see dem lines yah like “Goodhole Dexter” and “twittahrah”- a den a go make yuh no get huh Crismuss present, yuh hear! :sorry :sorry :sorry :sorry

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