Hey there!!!

So I’ve been going to this guy’s parties and I must say I have a hugeeeeee crush on him.

I find him to be extremely sexy but when I watched his DVD video on YOUTUBE, I realized there were

a lot (Edited) men in the party which made me disappointed :(. Is there something I am missing here? or is support just support

in Jamaican dancehall? BTW i am Yankee and i love your website .. I LOVE JAMAICANS 🙂


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  1. a ppl like a yuh mek melissa cover girl deh oba 19-19 Hazen St, New York 11370

    bcuz unno wont let her baby daddy be…nd yuh in no damn yankee de way unno dry yeye wen it cums tuh man nuh input nuh needed more dan walk up nd does wat unno does best breath deep on bending knees….yuh too rass bad

  2. wan tuku tuku qwestian deh admin de edited out pawt a de wurd “gay” or “bottom-man” dis yankee gurl did use perhaps down- low :nerd

    awaits your reply 😀

    1. I just can’t Fyah.. As if people nuh smart enough fe read between the lines…morning Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk

        1. Fyah, sometimes mi haffe read ah laugh tuh baxside. My girl, you should consider hiring a private dectective to help answer your questions..for the right price they’ll provide pics n’ all..hope that helps

  3. Unno know seh one night me deh a goose killer dance him grab mike and start sing. Mi wonder if a dat mek sender heart melt

    1. Mi resurrect ah dead again___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. I guess it’s that same party then cuz he def was singing on that link Lmfaoooo
    Low d sender she may really be Yankee n have a crush
    Goose Killa attract nuff MALE FEMALE SHEMALE SEAMALE … The whole works
    I think he can pass for bisexual cuz he got a rough sweet look to him

    Idk GOOSE KILLA with the shenneil necklace can you come answer???

  5. Hey soon come… Back inna di days goose killer when he used to go by pay lesha Lexus used to keep him plastic surgery dance. Tell ppl come show up them false parts u nuh think a day start attract them?

  6. Mr. Derange they are calling out u name., run come ova yah, yuh or yuh big mouth sister inlaw weh always run enyn like theTrojon horse to defend yuh, like u str8888888 :alay

  7. A little birdy told a friend of a friend of a friend seh Melissa cover girl last child is 100% NOT PAUL RANGE own. Dem gal f**k to much and don’t know dem baby fadda sick stomach.

  8. Hey Boo!!! Lol

    Mi see d baby & I think it looks like BIG HEAD PAULESHA !!!

    Every time mi
    Think bout the name PAULESHA .. Mi just haffi wonder
    Why anyone would think this guy isn’t gay

  9. That girl must love problems and must be a new comer in parties cause any gyal who go to psrties know Paul have nuff gyal.

  10. So because he got nuff gal makes him not gay?
    & because Yankee a ask a VERY GOOD QUESTION
    she love problems????!

    Sexy .. Please answer

  11. MI know one girl weh work inna Macy’s shoe department who used to deh wid im, she deh wid Richie rich now. She show mi pics of range and tell mi how im want har back and blah blah blah. I was like gurl aint he the one dem always a done pon the pink wall fi im breath, spelling and suspect sexuality, but mi just act like im neba know im.

      1. She work inna the women’s department, so unless u see him inna some sky high L.A.M.B, then we know from whence it came. lol, u fi easy enuh

  12. It just makes the women look like idiots and if you have to ask, then you should know. Just looking at the three kenye in the middle of that dance should also tell you. which straight man would have those three in the middle like it’s they party.

  13. @ TRUTH #fact!!!! Especially the one in the glasses
    the dutty fag bag prim n proper & mi just want him bruck
    Him foot bout him a rock bitch ass!

    Moses it’s time now u come outtttt it’s raillly time I see you
    Next to GQ Dwight … Paul I NEED ANSWERSSS
    From time a pare bottom man in ur dance n mi do the list already & mi na write it out again
    Paul I know you are reading & u a see RED right now DWLLLL
    poor you a bayyyy!!!

  14. @fashionpassion so what you telling me they not openly gay? kmft look at the one in the tights and the hair flick back like the one from Americas top model , the one that teaches them to walk cant remember the man name but that guy took a page from his book. kmdt

  15. Not sure if they are out there but I know Paul range lay Melissa n Mek certain
    Say she nuh reach inna d party one year
    So what’s so special about these batty men ???? :siul :maho

  16. ok i’m going to use my little brain i was born with, melissa is he/she? he must had to work real hard I don’t know how these women stomach take these men but then look at some of the women that tke them

    sender would you care if he was or not? confuse as always

  17. unna a call di man a batty man cause him nah want unna wit u mark-up mark-up leg and bleach out face…unna vex cause the good good man nah want yu…bay dat!

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