1. After Chris anuh fool, some gal fi go weh, them nuh have nuh pussy principles, I use to check fi Rhi just because of CB, my loyalty is with Mr. Brown. Lol.

      1. Met Chris is a BIpolar lunatic who secretly craves the attention cause he wants Rihanna to look bad when a man no over a woman dem try everything fi d oman look bad – Met u fi follow him pon twitter n Instagram u would a see d amount a shinanigans him n d kockroach gyal keep up but Rihanna na pay dem 1 mind – He was the 1 that hated Drake way before he started dating Rihanna, u remember year before last when she keep her halloween party n Chris order d DJ not to play any Drake song??? me na look pon Chris cause him go find himself in a gang if him continue a straight a prison him a go

        1. Long time mi nuh look pan twitter mi more a look pan instagram..I know Rihanna nah look and kakaroach very sneaking but she mus know she cannot do better dan chris so she need fi go sit down

        2. Also if a gang a nuh now him join…maybe him did use it nuff ina prison fi get by so him a lift dem high now…whole heep a dem industry people deh gang affiliated

    1. Not that i’m calling Rhi a hoe, but when men get played by females that is usually what they call women out of anger and despair. They will forever be two men in love with the same girl…

  2. Mek dem guh weh dem bitter like. Look how woman a say this and dat about Ri when man mash up woman head nuttin. She never tell dem fi fight.. Cho!! How that medicine taste suckers???

  3. CB just can’t help imself wid im stupid comments..bwoi im hard fi larn tho sah. Look how many times wah im tweet and chat b4 tinking backlash. Poor ting, guess im nuh hit rock bottom yet. Such a pity that wid such talent comes such inner/outah anguish, im still nyung suh a guess there is some hope. Drake?smh

      1. Hard yes Met, but nuh impossible,especially wid fi im talent. Even fi di regular blackman, it nuh impossible, it all up to dem wah dem want to mek outah dem life/lives, nuff get out and mek it, suh it all up to dem.

        1. Yes but from u get lock up one time it follow u as a black man it hard fi escape it…not impossible though

  4. I’m not understanding this Chris being a “bipolar lunatic” because nuff mad, sick, psychotic, homicidal, suicidal serial killa, maniac white niggah out there but trouble don’t follow them right? we aint label them right? Chris aint crazy one rawse, just need damn beating and guidance.
    btw I don’t think none of them is “in-love” w/ riri…………… men are typically like this, they will have this “bros over hoes” mentality while we the idiot women a cuss and malice each other……….. women need to bond together like men do.

    1. not bros ..boes..di two a dem a man whore oo…dem maybe fren tinking dat rihanna a guh feel a way because a long time dem neva chat so is what now all of a sudden…

      1. we women make it bad sometimes………… hear weh ugly lil wayne seh? “why give a bitch yuh heart when she rather have a purse,” men will go back to be friends or cool……… but we will scorn the next woman.

  5. Di man dem bin grill up back b4 Chris guh prison….matta of fact dem a did fren b4 rihanna an dis a show seh dem still fren after her……if a did any odda girl f**k two fren she wud have deemed all type a whore but it’s cool from is RIRI lol

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